Sunday, February 28, 2010

Am I Looking Forward to Summer....or......

Hello - Happy Sunday,

I don't know if I'm looking forward to summer and wishing for the warmth of July, or if the Olympics and Operation Write Home have me in an exceptionally patriotic mood. Whatever it is....I've a new card and 6 additional kits ready for Operation Write Home on March 22nd. The kits will be slightly different, I won't be using micro beads and I cut the red-white-blue strips with the angle going the opposite direction. Other than that...exactly the same. I will start on Father's Day cards next. I want to have some cards made, but also some kits assembled. Having the kits sure made the last one easier to get lots of cards made in one day. I'm not sure micro beads will b accepted by OWH...that's why I won't use them in the kits. Try them for personal adds a lot to the card.

So....the graphic is from Print Shop 23 - I printed it on glossy card stock, cut around the graphic using a deckle scissors, and then used pop-dots to raise the image, just a bit. The red-white-blue strips were made using 1 inch miracle tape, which was affixed to 1 inch by 5.5 inch colored card stock. I love the Miracle Tape, the micro beads really stick to it. Then I used the Miracle tape to stick the individual strips to a piece of white card stock that was cut to 6 x 5.5 inches. I cut on a diagonal and adhered the two pieces to the card as shown.

The stars were made by hammering out stars on white card stock that had Miracle Tape adhered to it. I pop-dotted the stars to the front of the card, after I rolled the sticky side into the micro beads. When I said hammering out...I wasn't kidding. Years ago I bought a Sizzix Paddle's one of those...what the heck were you thinking type tools. I've used it twice, this time included in that count. It worked well...loud, but well. I'm glad I hung on to the tool, even though it will probably be a long time before I need it again.

Off I go, the US - Canada Hockey Game is on. I'm off to watch it. I'll miss the Olympics. I've enjoyed watching them. The Canadians have been wonderful hosts. They should be very very proud!

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  1. Oh yes, come on warmer weather! I'm eager to be rid of the remaining (dirty) snow and on to Spring flowers, both in the garden and on our cards. Beautiful job on this patriotic card!


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