Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WOYWW 231 - Spending the evening with Santa

This past week has been one I really don't want to re-live.  My brother had back surgery in Wisconsin (about 2000 miles away).  The surgery went well, the recovery not so much.  After two very scary days, it was discovered he had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia.  Not something any of us worried about as he went to surgery.  We were all praying that the back pain he's suffered for 30 years would finally come to an end.  Long story short, several days on the critical list, he is slowly recovering.  FYI:  the medical term is Anesthesia Malignant Hypothermia.  It's a very interesting read on WebMd.  I want to thank my  friends for letting me vent during this stressful time.

Ok....that said, my buddy Virginia purchased a new stamp.  Yesterday she was playing with the stamp and I asked if she would stamp Santa for me.  As you can see she did.  My honey and the two four legged angels are tucked snugly in their beds.  I'm not sure sugar plums are dancing in their heads.  I suspect Sydney is dreaming that she actually caught the pesky neighbor cat that taunts her daily.  So it is now quiet time for me, so I am coloring.  Nothing is more relaxing. This Santa is a Stampendous Rubber Stamp, Jolly Santa # R156.  He is colored with my Spectrum Noir Pens.  I did purchase the new set and I am liking them.  Easier to hold, much more wet, so blending is easier. 

I apologize for the photo....I'm sitting at a small desk in the family room, watching late night TV, with my task light shining on my desk in a room lit only by that light, and the colored flickers coming from the television. 
So lets see what's on my desk.  A cloths pin...hmmmm, it's what I use to hold the pretzel bag closed.  Under it is the prescription advisor I received when I went for my flu shot, and a pretzel.  Of course the Spectrum Noir pens, and Santa.  Then there's the watch and a covered cup, which I am now using to hold hot and cold items.  I had a bit of an accident coloring and decided that coffee stains don't add a thing to my coloring.  There's a calendar I made for 2013, and I'm using it to think about what I shall make for 2014.  So, that's it.  Not overly exciting.

I'm off to bed.  I'll link this to Julia's fun place to meet in the morning.  Night night all, I hope your Wednesday is happy, safe, and crafty.  How about hopping over to Stamping Ground and giving Julia a shout out. It is fun to play along, so how about it.....want to come and play?  It's a busy day tomorrow.  I have 4 birthday cards to think about making, I hope something comes to me while I am sleeping!

Hugs from a quiet night in Northern California,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Hope your brother continues his recovery! Great Santa.... good luck with your cards. Helen 7

  2. Great Santa colouring Mary. Happy WOYWW.

    Hoping your brother continues to make a speedy recovery from the Anesthesia AND the back troubles.

    Sarn xxx

  3. Happy WOYWW! I love the Santa. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Great colouring, the stamp is so jolly. Hop0e your brother continues to improve and that the surgery worked. Hugs. Pam#37

  5. So sorry to hear about your brother's back pain and slow recovery. Glad he is coming along now. My late hubby suffered from back pain and it was the only thing I heard him complain about in 20+ years even was he was sick, he didn't complain. Hope he gets some relief. Your santa is amazing! Nice of your friend to stamp for you and your coloring is lovely! Winnie#66

  6. I'll have to ask Santa for some of those pens! Really like the blending.

    From the other side of the Sierra,
    Joel (aka Barf Snoodlefart #115)

  7. Sometimes it´s great to do two things at the same time. I take my laptop in with me when I sit on the sofa watching TV so I can work myself through all WOYWW this week.

    Great Santa stamp! :)

    Have a really nice weekend!
    Susan nr 101 WOYWW


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