Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rudolph Day and Pixie's Snippet Challenge

I've been trying to get my act together for a few months.  My goal was a Christmas card a week.  Shall I say, I'm about 15 cards behind.  I started with the best of intentions and planned on playing along with Rudolph Day....well, I've fallen behind, so today I decided that I'd at least get a card done for May.  When I read the rules, I thought it said you need 3 projects....So, stressing a bit, I ran to my craft room and decided to use my Poppy Stamps Die - small Madison Window.  I am also using one of my favorite Graphics.  I've used it often and it works great behind the window.  Santa is making a list....are you naughty or nice?  I'm nice and don't listen to anyone who says otherwise!  :-)  After finishing these three cards...I reread the rules and it said....UP to THREE!    Well look at me, I now have 3 more Christmas cards! 

These cards will work well as snippets too.  Everything is from snippet pieces, except the red base on two of the cards.  (ok, so that's kind of a lot - the white one is all snippet)  I started with the green window....then the tan window and finally the red window.  I think I like the red one best.  Cuddlebug embossing folder gave the front a good  bit of texture. 

If you follow me at all you know I'm getting ready for a vacation with my best buddy Dee Dee (she's been my friend since pre-school...I'll tell you the whole story sometime).  We are traveling to my daughter's wedding.  Well, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed, but as I check things off my must do list, I'm feeling more and more comfortable.  Below is one of the checked off items.  I've been making dog cookies for my dogs for years.  My husband has been sharing them with all the neighbor dogs, who now automatically turn into your yard.  So, now, I'm making more cookies than I used to.  I'll have to make one more batch before going, but here's the fruits of my labor....
and here's the finished project.  If anyone would like the recipe, it's easy, and pretty healthy (at least we know what's in them) and you can cut them any size you want.  I prefer small ones as they are a treat, not a meal!
Email me if you want the recipe, or leave a comment with your email address.  Be sure to use the word "dot" rather than the "."  Example:  JudySmith@sampledotcom I think this will fool the spammers and pfishers.  If not....I'll always think it should have!

Here's where I'm linking my cards:

May Rudolph Challenge:  check it out here.  There's not a lot of time left to join in, but if you have a card you haven't's the time to join in. 

And....Check out Pixie's Crafty Workshop and make a card or two from snippets.  I love this weekly challenge.  Di gets us inspired, which is something I think we all least I do.  So, check out Di's great challenge here.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Chico.  I"m taking Karen's card class.  She is one talented gal and we not only love her cards, we love being able to get together with everyone while we put our kits together.  Check out the cards and if you'd like to purchase a kit....give Karen a call or email her to see if she has any kits available.  Check out the cards here.

Have a great week! 
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Third Anniversary to Julia and Stamping Ground!

Though it may not look like I've been busy...I have been, however, I can't show most of what I've been doing.  I'm working on Amy and Linn's Wedding Card.  I've made my ATC exchange cards for What's On Your Workdesk Third Anniversary Challenge.  If you haven't been following Julia...check it out.  This week, it's the ATC exchange and I'm looking forward to playing along.  I hope you join in too.  It's easy and I know it will be fun, fun, fun.  Congrats Julia on this your Third Anniversary.  It's been fun following Julia and I wish her many, many more great blogging years!
I don't normally bring flowers inside.  I love looking at them in the garden.  The rain we've had hasn't been kind to the peony bushes, I saved a few of each so, I thought I would share. 

Here's my animal for the week.  For the past 3 days, this squirrel  has been visiting the same spot on our deck.  For unknown reasons, he or she is gnawing on the bottom rail.  Any ideas what might be on this piece of wood? 
Every day we fill the squirrel feeder with peanuts and sunflower seeds.  There is no reason why this little one should be eating our deck!

Off I go for today.  I'm hoping to get a few more cards made before I leave for Colorado and then, until next time.....Have a craft filled week.

Mary AKA:  GlitterGrammy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk....I'll tell you...No, I'll show you!

Happy Wednesday and for a change, I'm actually posting on Wednesday....Will wonders never cease?   Here's one of the items I'm working on:

.....and here is the desk:

If you want to see what all the creative folks are working on, pop on over to Julia's blog page and have a peek into all the craft areas. 

A little bit about the snow title.  My friend Virginia was looking for a paper she had been using on an Easter page.  Karen no longer had the paper (that's what we get for taking a class and then not doing the project immediately....that's something we are working on!)  Well, long story short, she found the paper, but on the way to finding it, she found this wonderful site that sells downloads for cutting machines.  I have the BossKut Gazelle and my machine will work for these, we decided to purchase one, just to give it a go and see how much of a problem we would have.  Guess what....there were no problems at all, so I am going to recommend this site and also link to it so you can find it easily.  The name of the site is:  Scrapping Bug Designs and it's loaded with lovely pieces at fantastic prices.  There are a few rules, but very fair ones.  You can sell what you make.  However, they have to be completed projects made by you.  You can't sell kits.  Fair enough....And, you must give the site mention....also fair enough.  When you purchase a download it comes to you immediately.  The file I chose was a very basic one.....there are many for you over-achievers... you know who you are!  :-) 

You'll notice I'm not working on my normal work area.  I am working on my daughter and son-in-law's wedding card and I don't want them to see it.....I'll post it after the wedding. 

I'm also linking this to Pixie's Crafty Workshop Snippet Challenge.  The snowman title was made completely of snippets.  My snippet bin may get a workout now that I know about Scrapping Bug Designs....

I just looked out the window and look what I saw.....I guess it must be nap time. 
I also found another nest.  It's too high in the tree for me to see into it.  I do know they are Robins and we'll just have to wait to see how many there will be. 

Well, I guess I should get working on the wedding card.  Have a most wonderful week. 
 See you soon!

Hugs to all,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pixie's Snippet Challenge -21

Di favorite color is pink....mine is yellow.  When I use it, I tend to like it in a monochromatic way.  My buddy Brenda was here today and while she worked on 3 cards (a record for us...normally it's talk a lot and craft a little....Today we were on fire!  I finished the Thank You cards for my daughter's wedding and made this: 
I saw a cupcake box on Paper Planet's blog page, but was having a problem figuring out the dimensions, so after I realized the box was 3x3 inches, I made up my own box using my Allene's Box Maker. An old tool, but one I have always loved.  I like the little cupcake in the bow....

....and, I like the border punched top.  A snippet started this project, but for the base of the box, I had to cut into a full, it's sort of a snippet...the ribbon is, the plastic opening on the box top and the box top.  It's all BoBunny paper.  The inside of the box is the same paper, however it looks like a totally different color.  I guess I need a photo class....Amy, where are you when I need you?

As I was making the box, I was thinking about my daughter's wedding and the cupcakes she'll be serving....Do I want to 90 more boxes...noooooo, but it is kind of cute.  Maybe I could make two boxes to hold the cupcake they will have on their 1st. that's doable. 

So tomorrow is Cathy's Birthday.... This one is a total snippet card.  I really like the card stock I used. 
I think Di would approve of the colors....I had to try out my new Memory Box Die....Pretty isn't it.  I took the photo and then I thought....maybe the corners should be rounded....I did that, but forgot to take another photo.  It's in an envelope now....too late!

I guess I should shake my tail feathers and head off to bed.  Tomorrow is another day of play with my gal pals. 

If you have snippets, and I know you do, how about putting a card together and linking your blog to Di's.... And then take a spin on the merry-go-round, or a dip in the duck pond...from what I understand maybe that's not the best place to dip....So, grab your Hula-Hoop and I'll meet you Here 

Have a wonderful week....See you soon,
Glitter Grammy  AKA:  Mary Mac.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

WOYWW - 154

Well, here it is.  A total mess.  Really, how can one person make such a mess? 
As you can see, it isn't Wednesday anymore.  I don't know where the week went, but it went.  I'm working on a birthday party for my husband and also a get together with my buddy Brenda and a birthday card for my friend Cathy, which will be given at our girls crafting day... And that is what the mess is all about.  I did finish her card, and I'll share it next week. Cathy may check out my blog and I don't want her to see the card until her party.  Check out the other desks at WOYWW - Julia from Stamping Ground hosts us each week.  There are some amazing folks there.  You can check it out here

I have some new dies.  I haven't had much of a chance to play with them, but I did want to try adding silver to the tea pot and cup.  Not perfect yet, but I'll keep working on it.  This is what I have so far...
The doilies are new too.  I keep saying I have enough doilies and then....well, I find another one or two.  I am addicted.  Is there a cure?  I hope not. 

I am hoping to begin working on my daughter and son-in-law's wedding card.  I want it to be extra special and I've been gathering embellishments for a few months.  I'll share it after her wedding.  If I tell her not to look at my blog page, I'm sure she'll grab a sneak peek...

For those who don't know, our birds have flown away.  I was able to get a photo of one of them after 3 days of freedom.  Isn't he beautiful?'s a digital page I put together,  keep in mind....I'm not so good at digital, but I'm learning...
One more photo.....I took this today... I absolutely love these flowers.  This year the Rhododendron is beautiful.....
and more......

For's off I go. Have a wonderful week.
Glitter Grammy.....AKA:  Mary

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sympathy-Pixie Challenge-Birds and Things

I too often am starting with this.....
My friend Mary Jane lost her brother this week.  Sadly, for her, this has happened twice in as many months.  Life just isn't fair sometimes and this is definitely one of those times.  To Mary Jane and her family, I express my deepest sympathy. 

I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments about our Blue Jays.  May 11th, they decided it was time to leave the nest.  Not without a bit of sadness.  Jay 1, the oldest, decided to give flying a go on May 10th.  I must say, with great sadness, he has not survived.  We aren't sure what happened, we do know that a great deal of squawking was heard .  We believe the owl that lives a short distance away saw Jay 1 attempting to fly.  We think maybe he swooped down and picked up Jay 1.  What was interesting not only the Jays, but several other birds joined in the fight to get the baby back.  We believe the owl dropped Jay 1 and he did not survive. 

The commotion of May 10th, upset the remaining babies and they and their parents all were very unsettled throughout the night.  With all the excitement from the night before, I thought it just might be wise to video the babies, maybe for the last time.  As it turns was. 

I apologize for the poor quality.  I didn't want to be very visible as they were still excited about the happenings from the day before.    I'd like to say, I'm so happy that Momma Jay decided to come back this year.  Watching the babies has been such fun. 

So, now on to what our day was like.  About 2 hours after I'd taken the video, I heard my husband yelling, come quick.  Of course I thought the worse and then saw that all 4 birds were now on the ground and he was trying to keep  an eye on all of them.  It was kind of like herding cats.... 
This is the last shot of them in the nest.
It was amazing that the mom and dad were not yelling at either of us, I think they may have been enjoying our human effort to keep their babies together.  I thought to grab my camera as I was leaving to see what all the commotion was about.  This is what I saw.....
Of course, in a moment of panic..... I only saw 2 of them.  Richard told me to go in the garage, he'd seen one in a mad rush in that direction.  I found it, and put it on the lawn.  But where was number 4?  As we looked for number 4, we lost sight of numbers 1 through 3.  I knew this was not going to be fun!  Richard saw all four of them heading for the back yard fence and saw 3 of them scooting between the slats.  I ran for the deck, to lock the dogs inside.  Glad I did, now there was one on the deck....
Ok....we knew where 3 were....where was number 4?  I think it must be the youngest, or maybe not the brightest.....we found it trying to figure out how the others had made it into the back yard.  Richard saved him and put him with the others. 
We spent the day running off stray cats, who had but one thought on their minds.  Oddly, our two porch strays didn't care about the babies, but one we've named Freddie the Freeloader was very interested.  No photo of him, I was too busy warning him of the dangers of messing with the babies. 
He actually shows signs of becoming a tame kitty, but for now, it's bird priority. 
My shot this morning was very bitter sweet.  Empty nest syndrome has hit home.  Since they've built in the exact same spot for 2 years....I'm hoping to see them back again next year.  Maybe I'll have streaming video (that's a hint kids.....My birthday is in August!)  If you want to learn more about the Stellar Jays....check them out Here  This site is WONDERFUL.  It's my go to bird site.  I also have a wonderful bird book that Paul gifted me. Thank you Paul)  I highly recommend it...  If you want to see beautiful birds and learn about what's living with you in your little bird world, check out:  National Geographic Field Guide to the Birrds of North America.  I have the 5th Edition. 

In addition to the birds, yesterday I needed to get some Banana Bread made for our swim group fund raising event.  Here's what I made: 

I guess from now on, my blog will be cards, flowers and food...... (sniff, sniff).  Speaking of flowers, this one had a butterfly visiting.....
I'm off for now.  But before I go....Happy Mother's Day to everyone.  I'm so very lucky to have the kids (that includes the spouses present and ex) and grand kids that are in my life.  They sure make life fun and very interesting. 

Love to All From Me to You!
Glitter Grammy
AKA: Mary

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Not much going on here today.  I'm hoping to make up for my lazy streak this weekend.  Check out the desks of those who have been working very hard and have lots of creative projects to share.  Here.  Yesterday was card class at PSB....Note, I didn't put a thing away.  I've been admiring my new Memory Box and Die-namics dies that just happened to find away into my must have pile....See my pile is very tiny compared to all the new ones Karen has.....
If you haven't already....check them out before they are all in my stash :-)  I did manage to get creative with the 3-2-1 cake.  I was hungry for a chocolate snack and this is what I made.  3 points for  all of this.  I am loving playing with single serving cakes.  I think my buddy Carolyn can go one farther than me.  She's trying all kinds of flavors.  I'm kind of stuck on chocolate.  Doesn't this look yummy? 
I don't know which I like more, eating the cake or taking photos of it.  Ok....eating will always win.

Lots of interest in my little Stellar Jay Family.  They are getting so big.  It won't be long and they will have all flown away.  The nest is really crowded and the older ones are now flapping their wings and standing on the side of the nest.  Of course this causes much stress for me as I am sure they will be pushed out by the others. 

I thought I'd share what's on my husband's workdesk......He works so hard in the yard and it surely shows....Good Job Richard!
I tried uploading a video of the birdies.....well, for some reason it didn't work.  I'll try again later in the week. 

Have a most wonderful week, be sure to stop by Julia's blog to catch up on what everyone is up to. 

Hugs to all,
AKA Glitter Grammy

Monday, May 7, 2012


Before I take everyone on a field trip, I want to express my deepest sympathy to Linn and Amy.  Linn's mom passed away on Saturday.  I want the kids to know, she'll be dancing on a cloud at the wedding.  Also one of my long time friends and volunteers at the Sheriff's Office passed.  Irene will be missed by all.  I made identical cards for both. 

Both ladies loved their children, loved their homes, both were excellent bakers.  I think they both would have enjoyed each other's company.  I used snippets for everything but the base.  The patterned paper is from My Mind's Eye.  I used a Sizzix Beaded Ribbon Embossing folder.  It's my newest and fast becoming a favorite.  Of course there is a Spellbinder die and the sentiment is from an old Stampin-Up set. 

Now.....on to the Field Trip......grab your jumpers and lets get moving.  Everybody in a line...let's get going.  Are you ready?

This is a photo I took from my front porch as I was leaving.  Spring in our yard is absolutely fabulous.  All the colors.  The tress are Dogwood and a fruitless plum.  The tree is a cedar, a bit too big to see the top!

Carolyn and I got to the shop first (nothing new there!)  We usually come early and leave early.  We were too early....PSB wasn't open yet!
My spot at the table and boy oh boy there are gifts waiting!

The first thing I did was see what was new and what I HAD to add to my collection.  Lots of new Memory Box dies too.... I've been saving my milk money for these items.....

More girls arriving and checking out the new items....
Look at the pretty display....Ohhhhhhh so many things that I need! 
Look how happy we are when we're playing on the paper playground.....
Leesa and I.  We're ready to settle down and work on the projects we brought.  Carolyn and I decided that we bring too much and finish too little.  Must be because we spend lots of time shopping, and chatting, and eating. 
I love, love, love how Karen displays all the pretties.....
Say hi to Pam.  She's busy making sure we all get our "must have's" .  Great job Pam. 
Just look at all the treasures........
This is my very favorite display.....Lots of yummy things to choose from. 
Remember when I showed you the goodies Karen gifted us.  This is a tray that we will make from those goodies.  Very pretty.....yes?  Thank you Karen
Here we are all hard at work....
And here she is.....the gal that makes this all possible. Karen!  I don't think many of us know the work that goes into these crops.  Especially this one and the Christmas crop.  Deb, Rachiel, Shell and Pam are her little helpers.  Good job girls! 

This is just one of the yummy snacks we had.  Karen had breakfast rolls and coffee ready when we arrived.  Then cookies to snack on.  Dinner was wonderful.  Landon (her son) barbecued ribs and we had roast beef and salads and bread and fruit....of course there are no photos of this, as I was busy loading my plate and forgot to take them....bad me! 

And then.....oh yes there were desserts!  Of course Carolyn, Leesa and I did not partake as we are on Weight Watchers....and if you believe that, I have some swamp land to sell you....we're being good the rest of the week...

A good time was to be had by all, as my childhood social section of the local newspaper would print.  Again, thanks to everyone at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique who made this day so special.  It's always a fun time and Karen really knows how to celebrate National Scrapbook Day!

I can't forget a quick shot of the babies.  Aren't the two that are lined up too cute.  One peeking over the other.  We are on Crow watch today.  We caught 3 of the filthy "B's" trying to raid a Robin's nest.  We were lucky to scar them off.  They better leave my babies alone!

I'll be linking to Pixie's Craft Workshop.  My cards were snippets, with the exception of the white base.  Check out her challenge and play's fun and you meet lots of interesting folks on the playground.

I'll post a movie later this week.  For's off to start my day....

Hugs to all,
AKA:  Mary Mac, Glitter Grammy