Friday, June 29, 2012

Congratulations Amy and Linn

Congrats to Amy and Linn.....Amy waited a long time to find the perfect mate
and we are happy she chose Linn.  Linn welcome to our family....We love you!

Of course I made a card.....even though Amy told me, "Mom, you don't have to...."  This card was so much fun to make.  I spent a week looking at it on my desk, changing parts here and there and finally, I am happy.  Here is the card:
I purchased the tiny frame from Karen at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique.  The frame was in a package with the bird, and the corners. (I hope Karen reads this and can tell you who makes the embellishments...I don't have the packaging anymore...silly me, in an effort to consolidate all my wedding embellishments...I threw away the packaging...)  I bought the package on the off chance I could use the bird.  Well, as you can see, I used more than the bird.  It's funny the card started by making their names, using my BossKut Gazelle.  From there I wanted to use the photo frame.  My daughter is a professional photographer, so the frame and their photo would be important to her.   I've used the Spellbinder bird cage in another wedding card and I really like how it looks with flowers inside.  Then came the bird.  The little silver piece is a Memory Box - Crisp Bow die, with a heart stick pin attached.  The heart pin came from the sewing section at JoAnn' just never know where you'll find these little treasures.  The pearls are from Want 2 Scrap.  The punched border is a Martha Stewart border and corner punch.  And the striped background is one of my new favorite Cuttlebug embossing folders. The flowers are some I purchased from Karen.  I think I purchased every color she has and I love them.  The ribbon is also from Karen's shop.  So, now you know all about this card.  Do you want to see the envelope? 

I normally make wedding cards and put them into a box that I've also made.  This time, since the card is a stand-up card, I knew it wouldn't necessarily stay in the box, so I put it into a 6 1/4 x 6 1/4 clear box and made a band to hide the portion with their photo.  I really like how this turned out.  I think the card will be safer to transport in this box as it will be more sturdy than the card stock box I would have made.  Here's the envelope:
Now you know all about the wedding card.  What you don't know is I am writing this post on 5/29/12,  For obvious reasons I don't want the card to be seen by Amy and Linn until their wedding day.  I've never scheduled a post before.  I hope this works.  I'll be in Chicago at the time this goes live...( Actually I'll be getting my hair done) I'm trusting blogspot to post on schedule....

I'll post some wedding photos later....until then....Happy Crafting!  See you soon.

AKA: GlitterGrammy

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We made it to Chicago.....

Ahhhhh our first big stop.  We are at the Great Platte River Road Archway in Kearney Nebraska.  In all the time I lived in the mid-west, I've never taken the time to stop.  It was well worth the time.  If you ever make it to Kearney....stop by....below are a few more photos.
We spent about 2 hours walking the grounds and going through the museum. 
During our walk, I spied these three little ones.  Their mom was coming by with food.  I have no idea what type of bird, just cute little ones. 
Getting ready to head out again, but before leaving we took a photo with this buffalo....

On to:
Back in the RV again.  And on to......Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.  This was not a planned stop, however, one I'm happy we made. 
The library and museum are located in West Branch Iowa.  It's a walking tour, set us old gals back $3.00 and money well spent.  I've hundreds of photos, not wanting to bore anyone...I'm posting 2. 
This is his birthplace.  Can you  imagine 5 people living here?  Where was Mrs. Hoover's craft room?  There were hair weaved and framed pieces of art on the walls, I'm guessing seeing the space, that was a craft that was not only something with purpose, but also the supplies were able to be stored in small places. 

I learned things about Mr. Hoover that I certainly had either not previously known, or had forgotten.  He'd done much in Belgium and Germany to help with the hunger after the war.  This would become his passion.  Many American dollars were put toward that effort and though helpful, he never felt satisfied in his efforts.  Seems in the worst of times, Mr. Hoover was able to focus on the needs of all not just the needs of a few.  Lesson which could be learned today...Yes?

I don't know if this happens in your travel with your honey, but mine is focused on the destination, rather than the stops along the way.  However, I am quite sure I would not have had to twist his arm to get him to stop here:

This ladies is the world's largest truck stop.....and we two ladies stopped for a short visit.  Ok, not so exciting to me, but worth a quick shot as we fueled up the RV (and we didn't even need to...we just did).  It's in Walcott Iowa, just in case you ladies want to add it to your Bucket List!

Speaking of bucket lists.....we're going to save the largest Ball of Twine (Cawker Kansas)  for our return trip.  It's been too hot to think of much more sight seeing....and we are both excited to get to Illinois. 

I don't live near this wind turbines, so to see them when I travel is always a photo op for me!  I know some people like them and some people don't....but I love looking out over fields of them.  Why?  Why not? 

This photo isn't all that exciting, at least it isn't until I tell you what happened just a few feet down the road or up the road, which ever you prefer...
If you enlarge the photo, you will see we are just a short distance from Chicago, it's a sunny, hot day, and there is much road construction....All of a sudden......Boom!
A massive blowout.  When I sent the photo to my son Dan, he said,  "Well mom, it shouldn't be hard to find the leak!"  Very funny boy I raised.  Due to Dee Dee's great driving skills, and my calm nature, and the fact it is illegal to kill, we survived as did the first tire repair person to came to our aid.  NEVER have either of us met a more rude, and ill equipped individual.  We waited nearly 2 hours for him to arrive and guess what, he didn't bring tools because he didn't think he'd need them!  He did however bring 4 blocks of wood!  Note I said we were calm, therefore he was sent on his way, and we requested another repair person.  This time Adam came apologized for us having to wait, changed our tire, waited until he saw us moving down the road and then he left.  This took him all of about 20 minutes.  We Love Adam!  He will be getting a note of thanks. 

I had to add this photo....see the blocks of wood....see Dee Dee taking a photo?  Do you see the repair man?  He's somewhere in the distance scratching his head, because he couldn't figure out how to get the lug nuts off! 

We finally made it to Chicago and the next shots are taken from San Francisco, Chicago and Sydney Australia.... My daughter, Amy, Dee Dee and I were playing a game of Spite and Malice.  While doing this, we were group texting between the three mentioned places.  My son sent this photo from SF, while walking home from work......He was responding to the group as they were waiting for the Sydney group to board the plane.
We were group chatting as we played cards....
And the kids at the airport sent greetings back....
Soon we will all be together and celebrating family and friends at a most happy event, Amy and Linn's marriage! 

I am really hoping to have time to post more photos today.  Yesterday Linn took us on a fantastic trip around down town Chicago.  It's a beautiful city, and I can't wait to get out and explore it even more. 

Until later......Hugs to all,  I hope it's sunny but not shoe melting hot where you are! 

Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day One....We didn't travel as far as we had hoped.  Got a late start, we were packing, shopping for healthy food (can you believe it!) and trying to get some sleep.  Then we got lost twice.  Once because we missed the short cut turn.  You know how that goes.... Then we tried to get onto the freeway in this small town....well, there were several ways not to do it.  Finally, we found this very nice toothless man to give us directions and we were back on track.  The photo above is of Dee Dee and I.  We are at a rest area in Colorado, just at the border of Nebraska.  The rest area was beautiful and there was a statue of a Pony Express Mail Delivery Rider.  As you can see from Dee Dee's photo, it is a bit windy....
 There was a cool quilt hanging inside the building and two really nice ladies to tell us all about it.
Here's a write up that I took...much easier to have you read it than me type it.....

Here's an educational sign.  Another, easier to show than type.... you know about Day One.  We have 748 miles to travel before we get to Amy's....I doubt with the heat it will be tomorrow....but for sure by Thursday.

A big thank you to the nice man who didn't password protect this wifi....I got to post this because of him.  Hopefully tomorrow there will be more.

Have a great day.  Hope it's cooler where you are.  108 during the afternoon here today....Argh!  I love winter. 

Love to all from Nebraska
From Dee Dee and Mary

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank You Mary Jane

Today was another surprise day for me.  I went to the post box and there was a big surprise.  Look at this card, doesn't it scream VACATION?  It is beautiful and boy there are sooooo many things to look at.  Love the burlap.  That is burlap right?  I don't know much about fabric, but I know I like this one.... The arrows say....start here, then the map.....made me start thinking of all the places we will see.  Love the sentiment:  Planes - Trains -  and Automobiles.  I think we will be taking advantage of all three.  The train may be the L.  Is that the train in Chicago?  A great big thank you to Mary Jane, she is quite the card creater.....  She sure put a lot into this card and I LOVE IT!. What a way to start our vacation. 

Well, I'm waiting for the boys to arrive...I guess I should get moving and put my computer to bed. 

See you all soon....
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy


I was so excited to have the postman stop by today.  Look what I found.  Thank You Hettie for the great ATC....and wow and wow some more,   look at the beautiful ribbons.  I want to run wildly into my craft room and start creating, however, this just might be one of those items that I MUST hoard!  So much eye candy....and I'm loving looking at it.  With every glance  I see something new!  Again, Hettie....thank you!  Have a look at her blog page.  There's lots to see.  Check it out here!

A big thank you to Julia and WOYWW for sponsoring the weekly challenge and for introducing us to so many great crafters.  Check out Julia's BLOG page here

I guess I should post the ATC I made for exchange:

Off I go, I'll be ready to craft with all of you after vacation.  See you in July.

Love to all,
Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy

Friday, June 15, 2012

I've put the punch away...but not before I made this one

This is it....the last one I'll be making for least using this punch.  I'm liking the punch more and more and it is pretty versatile.  I guess I should name this one Di, for those of you who follow her blog, you'll know why.  For those of you who don't....I think you are just going to have to skip over and check it out.  Skip, Skip, Skip

Here's what I did on the inside....

Today I'll be cleaning my messy craft room and putting it to bed until my return in July.  I'll have a short post tomorrow as the kids are coming for Father's Day and I love it when my boys come for a visit.  Victor does all the cooking and Dan and I clean up the dishes.  Can't beat that. 

I'll post as often as I can and I'll be checking the Internet to see what you are all up to.  Have a great 3 weeks...I know I will. 

{{{{Hugs To All}}}}  See you soon!

Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I know....not another one! Yup!

I've got to say, I'm getting my money's worth with this punch.  Yesterday lavender, today pink.  I'm using up snippets.  This card is yet another.  The punch is of course the Martha Stewart Punch All Over the Page.  The little die is a Memory box.  It is actually a buckle, but when you cover the center it becomes what ever you want it to be.  Under that die is a Spellbinder Classic Scallop Circle and a pink ribbon.  The inside....more scraps.  I forgot to take a photo and I'm too lazy to go do it now.  Maybe tomorrow. 

It must be tomorrow, because here's the inside of this card.....

The inside really made use of snippets.  The corner is one of the punches that didn't turn out so well, and the embellishment is a paper button that I put behind the center of the punch that I messed up. 

Well, I've made my card for today, finished packing, made dog cookies and am now treating myself to a low fat iced coffee....(decaf....or I'd be up making cards all night.)

For now, it's have a great evening, sleep well and maybe, just maybe I'll get another card made tomorrow.  I think that will be the last one before vacation. 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ok, I think I know what to do...or Do I?

My goal is to make one card a day before I leave.  Who knew it would be from parts left over from yesterday's left over parts.  I am determined to successfully, and without stress, be able to punch an entire page.  That's a 12 by 12....I'm improving, and if you don't look too closely, it looks pretty darn good.  I think I'd best put this punch away and revisit it when I return from vacation.  I'm just so pleased I had to share.  Martha, please forgive me for my horrid thoughts of yesterday....I must admit, this punch is habit forming.  I guess it's a better habit than smoking or drinking. 

Off I go for another day.  My son and his partner are coming on Saturday.  I guess I should clean house and put the card making away for a day....or two.  I think I'm trying make enough cards to get me through until I return in July.....I wonder if there are Card Anonymous meetings somewhere?

Dare I link yet another to Di's site?  Sure Why Not!  Check her out here....

Until later,
Mary Mac AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just A Note

Happy Wednesday and we know what that means.....We all meet at Julia's place to share what we've been doing.  If you haven't skipped across the pond....grab your tote and lets meet here.  I promise you'll be spending time going from one blog to another and you'll meet some great folks along the way.  While visiting Julia...grab your tote again and skip on over to visit with Di.  You can show off what you've made with snippets.  Which by the way, this card has many...I did have to use a base that wasn't a snippet (ah ha...but the second card I make will be...since I had to half the piece!)  Check out Di's blog page here.  Prepare yourself for a day of play, her virtual play ground will have you skipping around and chasing the ducks on the pond.  Watch out for Mrs. A....she's quite the trickster. Sarn might just bring the chicks and Bernie and Helen....well you know they'll be there. 

I need to preface this desk doesn't always look this bad....sometimes it's worse.  No, that's not what I meant to say...I meant to say....I came home from a crop with friends and while still inspired, I started to unpack so I could make this card.  While playing with the girls, I was determined to conquer the Martha punch all over the page Crochet Flower.  I went into another room to punch so the ladies wouldn't hear the words I might use if I messed up.  So, here's what I made.  I like this punch, it's just a challenge for me.  If anyone has any idea of what would make it easier....let me know.  I've already watched all the YouTube videos and though helpful, obviously not helpful enough!  Personally, I think the magnet snapping together scares me and as I'm moving my fingers and I close my eyes to not see my fingers get smashed.  While doing this,  I move the card stock.  I like the punch a lot, so I shall keep trying.  I'm certainly going through many snippets to attempt perfection....

Ok, back to my desk....argh, I hate to show the photo, but here it is......
I thought if I stood back it would look better.  I know you're thinking how can the girl work in that mess....well, the girl can', she worked here.....
Better no? 
I've got to say this week has been fun.  Visiting with friends, shopping with Virginia, re-connecting with my cousin Diane, who I have not seen in over 40 years (oh God that just made me feel old!), and packing for my trip (not long now. 5 more days!)

Here's what I used for this card....

White card stock base
Cuttlebug Birds and Swirls embossing folder
Spellbinder Classic Squares (inside), and Blossom Tags and Accents (outside)
Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Dusty Concord
Marvy Brush Marker #1500 - Pale Violet
Martha Stewart Punch All Over The Page - Crochet Flower
Stampin Up Sentiment - Just A Note

Have a great week.  I think my next post will come to you from an RV in the middle of who knows where!

{{{Hugs}}} To All,
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Sunday, June 10, 2012

If You Cut It Wrong Twice....Will It Still Be Wrong?

Today has been one of those know the ones, you are trying to get 10 things done, and 8 of the 10 are done correctly, but 2 of them....oh my!  So, lets start with the two "oh my's"....In the end, I am happy, but thankfully I don't have to share a photo of my craft room today.  It is a MESS!  Here's what I created....
I was at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique on Friday and I spied this card stock, it by Teresa Collins, the Fabrications collection.  I love the colors and the flowers, oh my!  Well, I thought it would be a nice card for my friend Thelma.  So, I went to make a cut and I don't know where my brain was, I'm sure it was switched off, and the paper wasn't straight in the cutter.  So the card that was going to be 6x6 would now be a 5 1/2 x 4 1/ back into the cutter it went.  Again.....not straight....But, at least I caught the blunder before I'd cut the entire piece.  What you see above....the finished outside.  The corners were a second thought...actually they were a repair to the top corner...The corners and the twice punched border are Martha punches....The sentiment was typed and then cut using a Spellbinder die.  The glitter  orange is from my Snippet box.  I was surprised that the punches worked, the card stock is pretty heavy.  The butterflies are also Martha punches. 
The inside has more Spellbinder dies, and the same Martha die, with the center punched using a punch anywhere on the page punch....that's a topic for another blog, but let me say....that punch is the most challenging punch I've ever used and I said some naughty, naughty words while practicing.  My snippet box is missing several pieces..I never did complete one to my satisfaction.  I think Martha and I need to chat.  And, then a Memory Box butterfly was added. 

When I finished, I was happy with the result.  I'm sure that Thelma will like the card, though she will never know what it took to finish her birthday card.  I've checked one more item off my to-do before I go list.  I've got to say, my done list is growing....and my to-do list is shrinking.  Yippee.  One more week and I'll be on my way! 

I'm off to bed, but before I go...check out Di's blog to see what people are making from snippets.  I just checked and Di has put us all on good behavior....Come on Girls let's have a camp out!  I'll bring the S'mores!

Have a most wonderful week....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WOYWW-157 and August Class at PSB

I know, it's not close to August, but I'll be on vacation until mid-July and I wanted to be ahead of the game when I returned home.  I'm very pleased with this card, (breaking arm as I pat myself on my back).  I was asked what inspires me when I'm creating a card.  I really didn't have an answer, I think inspiration comes from many places.  For this card I was inspired by the paper, and then by my newest Memory Box die.  I usually lay the inspiration pieces on my desk  and then I add things as I develop my plan.  Sometimes the card goes together easily, like this one did and sometimes.....well you know!  This is the first card for my August class at PSB
And is time to start thinking about Christmas.  Ok, I've been thinking about Christmas for a few months.  This is card number two....I love the fact that this one will be a quick make, and will not cost an arm and a leg to mail.  There will be a little surprise for those who take this class. 

I have to give you a heads up on this class.  (And this is not the surprise)  You will need to attend the class.  Or, you will have to use your own dies..  Nothing will be pre-cut....Ok ladies, settle down.. Here is why,  I want to get back to my original reason for teaching classes.  I want people to learn how to use the dies, the embossing folders, how to figure out layering and using cutting tools.  When you come to class be ready to spend a few hours.  I happen to know that while you are working on your cards, your mind is thinking about what you could do to make the cards better and more you... I want you to go home and create your own cards and then....I want to see them!  :-)   I would suggest signing up early as I showed this card to a few gals and the class is already half full.  Give Karen a call and she'll reserve your place. 

I can always tell when I've been playing in my room or working at the computer too long.  Here's my work desk.....have a look at what's under it....
That's Sydney giving me "the Look!"  She wants to play ball and she can't understand what in the world is soooo important that we can't play ball.  My desk isn't really messy today.  You should have seen it yesterday.  I'm still working on an inside for the Christmas card.  I have one, but I'm not thrilled with it, so I shall keep trying.  The item on the top of the desk is from a die I borrowed from my friend Virginia.  When folded they will be envelopes for the inside of the Thank You cards I made for my daughter.  There is also a big butterfly.  We were surprised it is that large.   And if you look top right, there's the card made by Sarn.  Again, thank you!  I'm heading over to Stamping Ground to see what others have been working on.  I won't have much time to comment this week, but please know....I'll be looking.  A note....when I'm on my IPad, it is almost impossible to comment on those that have the security thingie....since I check blogs at night while sitting in my recliner and on my IPad, know I may have seen what your doing, but can't comment because of the security setting.  I love you work though!   Check out WOYWW Here

I had a great time making the ATC card.  I hope it finds it's way across the sea.  Let me know when you recieve it and I'll post the card to my blog.  I'll also post the one I recieve.  How fun this was.  Thanks to Julia for hosting this yearly event. 

So, as I'm at my computer desk writing this post, I turned around and this is what I saw.....
Are they bored or what?  I guess I should go play ball......

If you ever have a question about my me, I'd be more than happy to share the how...

Have a wonderful week.  See you again on Wednesday. 

Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

God Save The Queen

We live in such an exciting time.  Our world is much smaller because of the Internet and blogging has introduced me to many many wonderful people.  So to all my British friends I send well wishes to you.  I'm glued to the television watching the amazing celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  As I raise my glass in celebration....God Save The Queen!   May we celebrate her for many years to come. 

I think this week  as we play in the playground, we'll all be skipping and waving our little flags..... If you think I'm loosing it....check out Di's fabulous blog HERE.  If you have snippets and I know you do, join in with all of us as we virtually skip our way through the week. 

I've met wonderful folks through Di's site and one of my playground friends is Sarn.  This week I was excited to find the postman delivered this beautiful card....and inside, were some lovely snippets.

THANK YOU SARN!  I love the card and here's what I made with the snippets you sent.....Check out Sarn's blog HERE....and be sure to check out her Sunday Roast.  You'll meet her two little angels.  They are quite the girls. 

Oops....I posted and then remembered.....I didn't put a photo of the inside of the here it is: 

Though I don't always show the insides of the cards I make, I always finish the inside.  I learned a long time ago it's easier to do this when I still have all the papers and embellishments within reach.  If I don't finish them, I'm not ready to send them to anyone and sometimes, I need a card from stock and I need it now....

I'll be sending this card to a little lady that I've been sending cards to, not as often as I'd like but once or twice a month.  Thelma will be turning 90 on June 26th.  She loves getting cards and always shares them with her friends.  So, here's a request....If anyone would like to send her a card, I know she'd be thrilled to receive cards from around the world.  If you're interested, email me and I'll send you her address. 

Off I go for now, the Queen is entering Buckingham Palace and I want to cheer her on. 

Hugs to all....