Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Class and Then It's On To Vacation

A quick post to remind those taking my's Wednesday May 8th. There is only one more spot available...if you are interested call Karen. Hope to see you at National Scrapbook Day/Weekend.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Testing this app.

I apologize for making everyone share in this experience. I'm trying this app out on my IPad. I'm hoping to be able to post while on vacation. Without causing too much pain....I shall close and see what I've done.

My son took these photos..pretty aren't they? Now if I could figure out how to get the print below this photo? I've got some learning to do...😛 Off I go for now.

Heart Felt Get Well and another visit to the playground

When I think pink, I think Di, and if you read her blog, you'll know why.  I thought of her often as I was making this card....I wonder why!  My buddy Dee Dee scraps at the Scrapin Place in Loveland Colorado.  Terri, the owner gifted me the stamp set I used on this card.  I know if I'd caught a bug, I'd love getting a card made with these stamps.  So, Thank You Terri for the great set of stamps. 
Here's the inside....
A story about snippets....I went into my craft room to tidy up.  Actually I went in with a shovel (not quite, but close).  And as I was putting paper away, I found the decorative pink piece.  Laying close was the solid pink.  I put them away, and then I spotted the rubber stamp, which was waiting to be stamped and cataloged.  My little mind started working overtime.  But I continued with my task of putting my toys away.  When I got to the dies.....I could no longer control my need to make this card.  Long story short....tomorrow I'll be back in my craft room putting things away.  A side note:  As a little girl, my daughter Amy would go to her room to tidy up.  Sometimes, hours later, I'd look in on her and notice that little was done, but she'd be sitting on her bed looking at treasures she'd found in the closet or a drawer.  I thought of her today as I started and stopped cleaning my craft room.  Amy, what was frustration when you were a little one, has turned into a very cherished memory! 

Poor Di, she's getting another visit from me.  She'll be happy when the gates to the playground are locked.  I've been running wild in the playground.  Spring is bringing out the playfulness in all of us.  Isn't it wonderful to see the sun. I go.... to play in the playground...check it out here.

See you soon,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Rudolph Day

Happy Rudolph Day and for once, I am close to the actual 25th.  When I was putting my two new cards into "storage", it dawned on me that Christmas isn't all that far away.  I know, it's not even summer and I'm talking Christmas....never too early to start....and Sarn at Stamping For Pleasure points us in the right direction.  Well, here's what I've made for this month....
I'm not thrilled with the photo.  The glitter doesn't look all that glittery!  But it is....The card was made from snippets taken from a 6x6 paper pack. It's from  Melissa Frances - Deck the Halls.  I have no idea what year.  The sentiments are from Stampabilities and Stampendous.  The die is Memory Box.  The glitter is Martha Stewart.  And here's the inside....
I finished this card and still had snippets left over.  The up and down side to making kits for classes, lots of snippets are, here is my Rudolph Day second card...and since these cards are both filled with snippets, Di will be getting a visit from me...Actually this week I've been running wild on the playground.  Too much candy maybe....
Two years ago, at PSB Christmas Crop, Karen gave us a sheet of paper that had tons of Santa's - big ones like this and tiny ones.  I glittered all of mine and put them safely away for another day.  Well, almost 600 days went by and's what I did... and you will notice the sewing.  My friend, Edy will be thrilled!  I used my Sew Easy tool....wanta know how long I've had that in my tool kit?  Wanta know how often I've used it?  Well....I was in Sacramento with friends and I found a ruler made by Sew Easy that actually makes guiding the tool easy....."Sew"...clever no?  I sewed, by hand mind you, using the pierced holes.  Pretty Easy! You may actually see more sewing!  And here is the inside....

Well, if I'm going to get this posted by the last day of the month.....I'd best get going.  Until next time, have a most wonderful and very crafty weekend. 

I am playing along at  Stamping For Pleasure - Rudolph Day
You'll find me jumping rope with Di and the gang at - Pixie's Crafty Workshop

Hugs to All,
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WOYWW - 203

A rather unusual photo...don't you think?  I was trying to get the whole story into one photo.  I'm using my new Sizzix die that Karen just got in.  I needed a Thank You card for my friend's husband who made me a jar opener that fits under the cupboard.  It works like a champ.  Johnny is such a smart young man!

I mentioned to Virginia what a smart idea her jar opener is.  She said, Johnny will make you one....and he did...This is such a good idea...

So, this is what it looks like.  Screws will go up through those two holes. 
And this is what it looks like after it's hung. 

It looks bigger than it is.  I was a bit too close.  It works like a charm.....

I guess I should show you what my desk looked(s) like when I was/am working on my card.  I peeked in on Julia's desk and it is so neat and tidy....I am going to go clean up my mess as soon as I finish this post. If you believe that, I love you!    Perhaps you'd like to hop on over to see what everyone's been up too.  Hop, Hop Hop.  And here's my lovely mess.....
And now it's time to say.... have a most wonderful crafting week.

Oops....I was thinking so hard about not forgetting anything and I forgot to mention, my card is made from snippets and we know what that means....I'll be sharing it with Di at Pixie's Crafty Workshop.  And for those who don't know....Di hosts a blog page where all of us can go to play.  I'm sure she'd tell you one of the nice.  Another....don't run with the scissors pointed up....And...take turns on the swing.  So, check out Di's blog here.  

Mary Mac...AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's On My Work Desk? Hmmmmm I guess you'll just have to have a look.

Not another Christmas card....oh, yes it is.  This is a sister to the last week's, which was a snowman.  This is just a little (or big) snowflake!
And of course the inside.  This card is pure snippets, so Miss Di will be getting a visit from me.  Red, White and Blue doesn't scream Christmas...this is my All American Christmas Card.  This was fun to make and this week a little bit of patriotism was just what I need to share. 

My desk doesn't look too bad.  I must say I was very organized making this card.  I only had so much of the red and white paper and I didn't want to mess up so I had to do a lot of thinking and laying it out before I stuck everything down.  So comes my desk for WOYWW  and a little note to Julia....enjoy the sun and we'll see you next week.  I'm sure you'll have lots to share.
I need to share a photo (or two) of Baxter.  When he does something naughty, he pretends he's asleep.  I came home to the trash can spilled and this sleeping angel....
and when I asked...."Who did this", I was met with this look....
Hmmmm someone must have come in while he was sleeping.

One more photo if I may.  My husband has been working hard on our yard and it shows.  I took several photos, this one is my favorite.  Don't you love Spring?  Everything is so fresh and the air is so clean.  Thank you Richard for all the love you put into our yard.
 I had such fun this week.  Sunday I met Bridget, a very talented crafter that I met through Julia's blog page.  Bridget and I spent a bit of time in a video conference via Facebook.  Dee Dee and I are looking forward to spending a bit of time with her when we visit Australia in June.  Bridget was chosen as a Spellbinder International Ambassador....Congrats Bridget.  See you soon!  Check out her blog pages and tell her I sent you!

Off I go.  Weight Watcher meeting tomorrow and I am feeling very positive about everything I did this week.  I hope the old scale feels the same way!  Have a very crafty week. 

That's it from me....Hugs to all,
Mary Mac

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It is Wednesday and I've been busy....

What Is On Your Workdesk?  Julia's desk is looking way too tidy....what's with that Julia?  It does feel good doesn't it?  Check out Julia's desk, and then hop around the world to see what everyone else is doing.  Grab your jumper and here we go....

So here's my desk.  Not too exciting, but I have to tell you I've had a VERY productive week.
April is a busy month for girlfriend birthdays.  three of my very favorite girls are within days of one another.  So,  Happy Birthday Dee Dee, Mary Jane and Brenda.  May we spend many, many more years with our fingers in glue, glitter, paper and ribbon.  I made the first card and I love, love, loved it.  Normally, I would not dream of making another the same way, but I was smitten by the first card, and so another and another were born.  The card stock is old and I'm not sure when or where I purchased it.  It did make  a beautiful card (if I do say so myself).
Of course there are Memory Box and Spellbinder dies, and Martha's Glitter gave lots of sparkle.  Ribbon and flower are from PSB, and the butterflies are also from Miss Martha.  Again, Happy Birthday Ladies!

As you know, I've been coloring with my Spectrum Noir pens.  Today I decided the images really needed to be placed onto cards.'s what I did....
I planned on saving these Christmas cards for Rudoloph Day, but then that would be cheating, or would it be?  Ok, truth be known, I'm not good at keeping a secret, so now you know why you're seeing these....
and here's the inside
And this is my favorite.  I love snowmen and this is one of my very favorite rubber stamps.
And another inside...
And last, but most certainly not least....Meet Avery.  He made his grand appearance 4-9-2013.  My sister Becky is a very proud Grandma.  Congrats to Mom and Dad and Big Brother Rowan.
I'm about to shut my computer down and pack my bags for a day of card making.

Hugs to all,
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just Playing With My Pens

Tomorrow my friend, Brenda is coming to play.  I thought I'd show her that I really have been practicing with my Spectrum Noir pens.  I'm a product of water color markers, so trying to teach an old dog new tricks has been an adventure for me.   I'm 67 and I'm loving learning something new!

Here's what I've learned so far....I love the vibrancy of my Spectrum Noir pens and I love the price.  When I was thinking (and I did so for about a year) about which pens to purchase, Copics or Spectrum, I chose the Spectrum because of the price.   In comparing the two brands, I think the ink is the same, both give great color.  I've found the Copics have a more brush like tip, and the Spectrum's tips are a bit more stiff.  I'm still learning to blend.  I think when you come from a water color background you tend to be careful blending so you don't have mush.  What I like about the Spectrum pens, you can blend and blend and you don't really get mush.  I'm still working on leaving light areas, but I'm feeling more confident about going over the areas more than once. 
Painting in the background scared the holiness out of me.  Once I got started I found it was pretty easy, and the upside, if you stop and start, you don't have lines.  That's really cool!  If you like to futz with your coloring, you can futz away.  I did a lot more playing with the snowman and I may go back and play some more.  The little mice need work and that's a plan I have for later today. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love my watercolor markers, and I do like the softer  colors I can get with them. I like how easy it is to leave white space.  My little snowman was water colored.   The water color pens are a great choice money wise. I've had my Tombow markers for over 10 years, I've used them often, very often actually, and I've only had to replace a few of them.  You will be refilling your alcohol markers quite often, I suggest you keep track of the ones you use most often and purchase refills for them.  It seems the lighter shades need to be refilled more often.  Refilling is very easy, keep in mind the big thing to remember is don't over-fill them. 

The bottom line, as one of my co-workers would say, is... The question you need to ask yourself is...what do I want from my pens?  There is a learning curve with each, and  they both are investments.  Both will serve you well.  I guess I should add, my comments are what I'm learning, I don't get paid to say anything I've said.  It's just me, just sayin!

I really want people to know  Copics aren't the only pens on the market, and though the Spectrum Noir pens are less known, the results are equal to the Copics.  Spectrum also has tons of videos and PDF tutorials on their blog page.  Check them out here.  It's a great place to learn.  I've got lots to learn, and I guess I should stop yapping and get busy learning.

Have a most wonderful weekend.
Hugs from Northern California
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WOYWW 200 And A Bit More

Another week flew by.  I'm fighting the spring allergy season, so the puppies and I spent much quality time sleeping in the recliner...but I did manage to finish one project. 
My granddaughter turned 7 and she had her first horse riding lesson.  I've been working on a small album for her.  She will be in charge of putting photos into it.  I'm hoping to turn her into a little scrapper.  She's well on her way and is very creative.  I can't wait to have a play day or two with her.
Doesn't my desk look organized?  You should have seen it before I tidied up.  I forgot to take a photo,  So this is a bit staged (quite a bit actually)   Julia, I'm not a neat freak, as a matter a fact, I could have used your photo as my desk looked very much the same.  I loved what you said about the bin.... I'm with you, I don't save my small unused bits....but I do put them in a box for my granddaughter.  I know I could never find the right color for another project.  Like Julia, many of us share our "tidy" work about getting brave and joining us.  Julia kindly hosts WOYWW so we can bravely show what we've been up too.
Not a card any of us choose to make, but one that we all too often need.  I've had need of two in the past week.  Love to Christine and to Joe's families.  Both will be greatly missed. 

I rarely share my husbands play day.....yesterday he had the girls over for a play that got your attention didn't it!  It's so nice to hear the giggles, the whining, the quiet and then to see the smiles and feel the happiness one feels when a job is well done.  Congrats to the girls!  Richard... you bring out the best in all of them (and me too). 
That's it for today.  Happy Wednesday!
Hugs to all,
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy