Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello from Queensland

I'm having a wonderful time with Dee Dee and family. We've had heaps of rain, but yesterday when we needed the sun appeared.  
Sorry about the poor shot, it was taken from our hotel room. Yesterday we spent the day at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.  It is so beautiful and the animals have so much room to roam.  I hate to see animals in small cages and you will see none here.  
My son and guess who....
Shhhhh, she's asleep, which is what she does about 20 hours a day.  
Isn't this a beautiful Dingo?
Mom, baby and we think's definitely not dad!
Feeding time.  Bridget giving the elephant orange wedges.  

I don't know what's in store for today, but whatever it is....I'm excited to experience another wonderful day with family and my buddy Dee Dee in beautiful Queensland. 

Until later, hugs to all. 
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

oops....I forgot the Kangaroos

The Kangaroos were happy to have a break in the rain.  They all came out to enjoy a dinner with no wind or rain!

OK....I'm off for now,
Have a great week,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Another Day Down Under

We've had five days of rain, four of them that were down pours with strong, did I say strong?  Very strong winds.  Today we had moments without rain, and by late afternoon we actually could see the sun.  We had a visitor to the back deck.  
All puffed up and not a happy face I think this little Magpie was very happy to see the sun.  The two dogs were hoping to have a day outside, but with all the puddles these two were forced to stay inside for one more day....Do they look totally bored?
Our day of Monopoly ended with one winner.  Is it fair that a 7 year old should put a Grammy, brother and Auntie to shame....Does she look sorry?  The worst part, we didn't give the game to her, she earned it.  
I am in love with these lovely Kangaroos. and this mom and baby come daily for the grass growing in the field.  

One of the most fun parts of the day is in the morning when Bridget comes to lay in bed to talk, or read or look at our iPads.  
Aunt Dee Dee and Bridget played beauty parlor.  And this is the final result.
Bridget went to the book store and bought a book she'd been borrowing from the library.  Today she read 3 stories for us and from the size of this book, there is much reading left for us to share.  Hearing her read makes me so proud.  I remember when my kids learned to read, I had the same feeling.  How fantastic to be part of Bridget and her adventure with Tashi.  Reading a gift to cherish forever.  
Tomorrow we head for Queensland.  I'm not sure what kind of internet connection we will have there, but if I can, I'll be sharing our next adventure.

Until later Hugs from Australia,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring....

It's raining and boy last night it was pouring.  The rain hitting the roof of the house reminded me of being at my grandma's house in northern Wisconsin....a fun memory that's for sure.  

Well, here is what we were greeted by in the morning.....
I'm sure the neighbors think we are a bit silly to be standing outside, in the cold, and the wet, snapping  photos of these beautiful creatures that are common every day sights to this neighborhood.  Mom and Joey such a sweet little family.  

Yesterday was our first full day in Australia.  We spent the day recovering from jet lag.  Of course my granddaughter wasn't going to let the entire day be wasted by laying around being lazy.  The first thing she asked in the early morning was...."Grammy, when are we going to craft?"  Our first project was a card for her Uncle Dan who had sent her a belated birthday gift.
The weather forecast is for rain for the next 7 days.  We aren't worried, as weather never stops us.  Today my son goes back to work and we are taking a day to craft, play games and visit with my daughter-in-law , Rebecca.  We may take a trip into town for a coffee and a little walk.  We will also be finishing our game of Monopoly.....
At this point it looks like Bridget is winning, Dee Dee is next, then Lachlan and I are poor, have little in the way of property and we finish the game, maybe our luck will change.   We are using the Australian version of Monopoly...
Last night Rebecca made the best dinner.  We had roasted leg of lamb with roasted vegetables and cooked spinach from Frank's garden.  Very yummy!   One night we are going to have taco's.  Dee Dee used to have taco night when the kids were small.  So we too will have a taco night!.  Below are a few shots of the house, garden and what we see across the street .  

The last shot is my favorite.  I love the hills and if I get my act together, I want to video sunrise and the sounds of the birds.  But until then......I'm off to have coffee....
Here's the one my son made yesterday...I told him the pattern looked like a fish blowing bubbles.  He said that's exactly what he made.  

Until later.......Hugs from Down Under,,,,,,and G'day....
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy 31st Anniversary to Us

Ah....31 years of life together.  Thank you Richard for making my life better every year.  I honestly can not believe it's been 31 years...where does the time go?  And may we have many, many more years together.  Happy Anniversary Richard....I love you!

This is going to sound strange....We celebrated our Anniversary yesterday....why?  because Dee Dee (who by the way was my Maid of Honor) and I are on a train heading to San Francisco.  We'll be spending the evening with Dan and Victor, then a good night sleep, a day in San Francisco and then we head to the airport to catch an Air New Zealand flight to Australia.   What seemed like years away, is finally here.  To say I am excited is putting it mildly.  Soon I'll be hugging my grandkids, son, and daughter-in-law.  I'll be posting via my Ipad, so the posts will be short, or maybe filled with photos and nothing more....

I don't know if the Monday group will have yet seen this card.  I hope they have.  At one of our recent get-togethers Mary Jane was sharing graphics.  As they made their way around the room, each of us took something.  When I saw this graphic, I hoped no one would take it before I had a chance.  There are 6 of us who get together.  Could this not be us?
So to the girls...I will miss each of you and I look forward to vacation with Dee Dee, but I also look forward to coming home to our Monday play date.

I have to share something about this card.  The little tea pot is one of the charms I won at Pixie's Crafty Workshop.  The color was silver, but I needed it to be more of a copper color.  I used my Tim Holtz alcohol inks to color it.  And now it's even more perfect! 
And I couldn't go on vacation without sharing my desk at What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Not too full of excitement, I did want to leave my craft room a bit tidy....

I'll be back in the states on the 20th of July.  I will try to post lots of photos between now and then.  Notice I said try....

Until next time,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Sunday, June 16, 2013

House Mouse Get Well Card

Ok, I'm done playing now.  I've made my room tidy for the last time this month....honest!  I couldn't help myself.  I saw the green snippet peeking out of the box.  I saw the ribbon and the white base was laying on my cutter begging to be, what could I do?  And now for the inside....pretty plain I'd say....
Well that's it for now and really, this time I am not going to make even one more card.  I think I will have to nail my craft room door closed!

Alison, if you are still needing help with blogger for iPad and/or tablet, let me know.  Email me.  I couldn't find your email contact on your blog page.  I've written up an easy way to help you.  Also, any one else that needs the print me, I'll be happy to send it.  After tomorrow, can't promise it will come your way.  

Chat later,  Again, Happy crafting,
Mary Mac

House Mouse For Brenda W.

I know, I wasn't going to post again before vacation.  My buddy Brenda W.  She loves to color with pencils.  I've been fighting colored pencils forever and I admit I am not very good at it, but I did want to  give it a go.  So, here's my little house mouse and he is probably fighting a tummy ache because I'll bet he ate plenty before passing out.  I used the Spectrum Noir colorless blender to attempt my blending.  I've got lots to learn, but it's a beginning!  So Brenda, this jelly bean is for you!

Have a crafty week,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Friday, June 14, 2013

Just Because

Have you ever woke in the middle of the night with a creative idea that you can't wait to try?  Come on, I know you have....and that's where this card began, in the middle of the night.  In my dreams, I pictured the window to be stained glass, open to the inside of the card.  In practicality of time, it became what you see.  The stained glass was created using Tim Holtz alcohol inks on JudiKins Window plastic.  The dies I used are PoppyStamps Small Gothic Window and Small Gothic Arch.  I stamped and heat embossed the sentiment and mounted it to mirror gold card stock.  But here's a hint.  I drop cut the gold matt so that the window would sit on the base of the white card stock....why?  because the light shows through and the colors are more vibrant.  
I tried it on the gold and it looked really dull.  So, this is my dream substitution.  In my dream I also colored the frames in the window with my alcohol ink pens.  This didn't work well, so another dream substitution was born.  I used only 3 colors to create the stained glass - egg plant, cranberry and lettuce.  I spread the colors using my breath and blending solution.  Pretty  

I know, I should be getting ready for vacation, but I couldn't help myself. name is Mary and I am a paperholic.  

Here's something my daughter got me doing.  She is using coloring as a way to relax.  So this is a page from a Dover Coloring for adults book.  It took much longer than I thought it would, and I only colored when I felt stressed or hungry.  I've got to say, it was fun, used a ton of ink from my Spectrum Noir pens (which I will refill when I get home from vacation.  

Coloring for fun is fun coloring.  Thanks Amy for making the suggestion.  

Well, it's time to think about getting ready to go out with neighbors.  My last get-together with them for a month.  

I'm thinking I won't be making any more cards before I return from vacation....but who knows, that's what I thought "While I Was Sleeping".  

Hugs to all,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Testing - 1 - 2 - 3

Well, I do hope I finally  figured  out this blogger app for my iPad.  We leave on Wednesday and I've been having quite a struggle finding the time to learn how to post to blogspot from my iPad.  For the computer wiz it's probably a brainless act.  For me....well lets just say I've had words....and not nice ones.  

I shared my new card creations yesterday, and I don't have anything new to share, so I shall share a photo of my sun bathing beauties.....
 Now that was easy, so why was I having such a problem?  Maybe I was thinking too hard.  

Ok, one more photo and I will feel like I know what I am, bear with me.
Last year at this time, Dee Dee and I were in Cawker City KS and we were showing off the largest twine ball.  I am re-posting for Dee Dee.  We had great memories from that vacation and I am sure we will be creating many new memories during our month together.  We are both soooooo ready for this vacation.  

I'm off.  Now that I have this sort of figured out, I feel so much better.  Next stop, Sacramento to pick up Dee Dee and then on to San Francisco!  

Hugs and see you all soon  
Mary Mac
AKA:   Glitter Grammy

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WOYWW - 210 and Pixie's Crafty Workshop 76

My desk looks a bit lonely, don't you agree?  Well it's all cleaned off and taking a bit of a rest.  I'll be back in July to play again.  While I'm away playing with my grandkids and visiting with my son and daughter-in-law, I will find time to check in with Julia and the gang, just to see what they've been up to.  Check out all the busy desks here.  And it's easy for you to play along.  How about giving it a go.

Before I shut off the light, here's what I worked on Monday.  Play day with Virginia, Mary Jane, Cathy and Rita is our Monday ritual.  Monday I wasn't sure what to work on, so I got out the box of snippets and pulled out pieces and parts and this is what I made.....What made my cards come together so quickly was a stack of labels I'd stamped and cut in advance.  I probably have 20 of them made on black, blue, beige, brown and white card stock and  heat embossed in gold and silver.  I just dug into my snippet box put together layers and glued them to a colored base.   I  picked the appropriate label to go with the papers. 

and then there is:

And finally:  I've moved these pieces around long was time to find a way to use them.  I think this worked.
Three cards made with "left-overs"  Isn't it fun what you can make with bits and pieces?  I'll be sharing these at Pixie's Crafty Workshop.  I have to say, this is one of my favorite sites to visit.  Di has the greatest followers who, like myself are always thinking of how to use up  snippets.  Di has a great prize this week. And if you play along, you might be the lucky winner.  Grab your jump rope, your crayons, glue and your skipping rock and join us on the playground.  Remember, swimming in the pond is permitted, but no chasing the ducks. 

My husband has been busy this week.  He's been planning to replace our squirrel feeder, but wasn't sure how he wanted to make the new one.  After much thinking, here's what he made.  As you can see, someone already is enjoying his new build.  Great job Richard.....

I'll be posting (hopefully) as I visit with family and stay tuned to see what's not on my workdesk .... In July I'll be meeting up with one of the fantastic crafters I met through Julia and Di.  Stay tuned for photos of our visit. 

Lights out for now.....See you in July and hopefully along the way as we head to Australia and New Zealand. 


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #209 - Snip, Snip, Snippets

Not such an impressive desk, actually I'm not sure what to call it....Maybe just IT.
I will be honest...not much happening on this desk.  I've kind of come to it, dropped things I've been working with, not on, and moved on to another location.  I did finish one of the projects I was, and the word to concentrate on is WAS going to take with me, but I am 98% not happy with it, and though it is now finished, I will not be taking it with me.  I will however, re-make it when I come home.  It is a project that in my head looked wonderful, however, when I actually started making it, nothing went well....soooooo that said, sometime in the future, you will see it....I hope!

There are lots of talented folk who have completed fabulous projects and they are bravely showing their desks and proudly showing their finished creations...Ms. Julia gives us all a place to meet on Wednesday to share what we have or have not done.  So....check out Julia's desk and then  click around to see what everyone else is doing.  Start here.  Before you go, let me tell you some of the amazing items on my desk...a pencil....ohhhhhh, a ruler.....ahhhhhh.  TV remotes, an envelope that held an amazing card from my friend Dee Dee (I'd post it, but I will have to take a photo later.)  My Weight Watcher calculator.  Now why is that on my craft desk....I have no idea!  A jar with some gold leaf things that were given to me by a neighbor, some glitter that I think might belong to my friend Brenda W.  Brenda is this yours?  And the protective covering pieces from double stick tape.  What an exciting desk!

So, now what have I done that actually went well.  Well, let me show you......
Monday is our girls group crop.  I have been so busy getting ready for my vacation, I really hadn't planned what I would work on  I grabbed the box I took last week and pulled out some of the scraps left from my Graphic 45 Bird Song collection.  I had quite a few bits and pieces.  And one piece that was large enough to use to frame the out and inside of this card.  I like using pockets with tag pieces for the inside of my cards.  One reason is the cards can be recycled by simply placing a new tag inside.  The card stock is mostly pink and I love framing pink with brown.  .  So that's it.  This is my snippet card for the week.  Di has been partying the week away, but managed to sneak into the playground to check on the unruly gang.  Want to see what she found?  Check here.

I've put my little card into the mail.  My friend Thelma should be getting it soon.  She's having a birthday soon, and to ease her into her 91st year, I'm sending her a card a week until the big day. 

Speaking of is my daughter's birthday.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!  Wishing you a most happy day!  I know she'll be having a fun weekend with my sweet son-in-law.  Enjoy your weekend!

I'm off for now.  Heading out to see what everyone's been up to.  Have a wonderful week. 
Hugs to all,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy