Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 99

It must be Wednesday.....Here I don't know where my brain is.....I must have left it in my other pants! I took this photo this morning and promptly forgot to post it....geez!

So, here's my desk, if you check my blog entry for my May class, you'll see a Christmas card that I'll be showing. This card is 11x4, and I've been trying to create an envelope for it. That's what you're seeing in the middle of the desk. Have you ever been working on a project and you sooooo over-think it. Well that's what I was doing. When I relaxed and thought back to things I'd learned ages became very easy. I"ll have a template to show the class and they'll be able to use this to make almost any odd shaped envelope.

This has been a big week for me. My daughter and I have been talking daily about her wedding. I wish we lived closer...she's in Chicago. We did get lots, colors and I sent her samples of all my butterfly punches and dies. I think every little piece that comes together takes a bit of stress away. She's a professional photographer, and a really, really good one. I think finding a photographer for her wedding will be fun for her. Check out her Ok, I'm a bragging mommy....that's what us mommies do... :-)

My stubborn husband (yup I said stubborn) has been having a problem with his left foot and ankle. Of course if you ignore it, it will go away...right? Man thinking I think....Yesterday I told him that when I came home from OWH we'd be going to the doctor. I guess my look frightened him. While I was gone, he went to the doctor. Today it was x-ray and blood test day. I hope we find out the results if he could just sit still long enough to elevate the darn thing. He's a social butterfly and to be stuck inside on a sunny day is just killing him. Maybe we should put his recliner in the driveway and he can visit with all his peeps....

OH, I almost forgot. I signed up to take a paper flower making class at My Creative Classroom. I enjoy taking classes there and it's nice because I can fit them into my schedule. If you haven't ever taken on-line classes....I'd say give them a try.

Tomorrow it's Weight Watcher day and a trip to Paradise Scrapbook Boutique. Carolyn and I are taking part in a weekend crop, May 6 and 7.... I need to figure out what I'm going to work on. I have lots of unfinished projects, it shouldn't be a problem finding things, the problem lies in which ones to take!

This weekend is Gold Nugget Days in Paradise CA....if my honey's foot feels better we might go check out the craft faire and the parade. This is a fun weekend, it celebrates the finding of a 50 pound gold nugget during the California Gold Rush of the 1800's. My favorite part is the donkey race....Donkey's have a mind of their own, and a donkey only races if a donkey wants to race. I imagine their attitude wasn't much different in the 1800's. I go before it's Thursday :-) Have a great week and weekend. Please know my heart goes out to everyone in the southwest. I lived in the St. Louis area and I know how frightening tornadoes and those awful lightening storms are. My prayers are with you!

Hugs and Love to All,


AKA: Glitter Grammy

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Monday.....

My plan for this morning was to walk with our walking group....however, the day began with rain and, what could I do? I started reading blog pages which always inspires me....and of course it's Monday....which means Mojo Monday Challenge. I hope this fits the bill....

My daughter called yesterday to say she and Linn are engaged. She said the proposal was in the butterfly exhibit at the Chicago Zoo. That was my inspiration for the butterflies on these cards. The wedding will be in June or July of 2012....I'm excited! Linn will make a great son-in-law!

Karen - Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, temped me with the new Prima Marketing DP - the Madeline collection. Mind you, I am easily tempted! The large flower is also Prima, the two smaller are from my stash. The pick is from Little Yellow Bicycle - flower stick pins. The doily is from Cheery Lyn Designs - the French Pastry die.

The butterfly and the leaves are Martha Stewart punches, the ribbon from my stash...which of course was purchased at PSB....Karen has the best ribbon! And the very best prices on the ribbon. The pearls are from Want 2 Scrap.

When I started I'd planned on making two identical cards, but as I was beginning to put glue on the back of the music sheet, I realized those flowers were too pretty to cover and the birthday card was born.....

Sometimes when I have a vision of a finished card, it just doesn't turn out the way I plan, these two cards are exactly as I saw them.'s not raining.....should I call the girls? Or........should I head back into my studio to play? I'm sure we can walk later..... :-)

Tomorrow it's Operation Write Home Day....I hope to see everyone then.

Take care....Hugs,


AKA Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 98 and Operation Write Home

It's Wednesday.....and below is a shot of my workdesk. This is what it looked like about 10 minutes after my first sip of coffee......
Not much different than when I went to bed. I've been working on card kits for Operation Write Home and after putting 12 kits together, I said, no clean up, just get up in the AM and get going.....Check out the other desks here.

Tuesday is Operation Write Home day at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique. For those who don't know, it's when our group makes cards for soldiers to send home to their families. This month we are hoping to get people who have not made cards to join us. Carolyn and I are making kits that will be easy to assemble. We hope to encourage the new gals and make it fun so they will join us every month.

The card above is one made by Carolyn. She has everything cut out so the girls will be able to jump right in and get creating. Carolyn always puts so much detail into her work....gotta love the ice cream cone....hmmm I wonder how many Weight Watcher points are in that one?

Then there are my card kits.....not much detail here. I was trying to create something that would use black and white , and yet look pretty enough for someone to send home to friends and family.

I do hope there will be a few new gals joining us. It's fun to craft with a group, and the laughs carry us through until the next get together.

This week I finished making a card for the newest member of our family. Rowan Denali Keller. My niece is a quilter, I on the other hand can't sew a button on without a problem....I tried to make Rowan's card look like a quilt. I think it turned out quiltish.... The Cuttlebug tiny dots embossing folder is what I used to create a quilt look.

I like it....yes I do! Ok....shhhhhhh the babies are sleeping. I must work awfully hard, because it seems Baxter and Sydney get tired just watching me.

I guess I should get moving.....I want to get a few more kits together, balance my checkbook, and clean house. I'm going to try pulling a bit of wool over my honey's eyes. I'm going to make spaghetti sauce the Weight Watcher way, and I'm going to use veggie protein for the "meat". I'm going to use a soy spaghetti for my pasta, but for him I'll use his normal way. If you don't hear from me.... it didn't go well!

See you next week......Have a great week!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PSB Card Class For May

Can you believe it's almost May? I can't, where is the year going? Well, the girls have spoken and they want to start making one Christmas Card a month. So...we are starting with one that will take a bit of time to create, but it's worth every second spent. And....of course the card above, which has become one of my favorites. The class is Tuesday, May 3rd at 1:00 PM. at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique. As always...sign up early as this class is filling quickly. Give Karen a call so she can reserve your space.

This will be a short post....My husband has painting students coming in a few hours and I need to at least get out of my jammies.....and maybe run a comb through my hair....thank goodness there are no photos of me this morning!

Have a great day. I'm looking forward to Wednesday What's On Your Workdesk....I'll be working on putting together card kits for Operation Write Home, which is next Tuesday.... We are hoping to have a few new people who have shown an interest in joining us. Carolyn has been working hard to get lots of kits together....I'd better shake my tail feathers and get a few put together.

Before I close.....I don't know if you've been watching the Eagle Cam....I've been watching daily, and stressing a few times when the owls threaten the babies. Today I went to the site and was met with a lens nearly covered with snow....can you believe it....SNOW in April! If you haven't seen the here for the link. The parents are the best. They've weathered, rain, wind, snow and both work together to keep the little ones warm and fed.

See you tomorrow.....Mary

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mary Jane 29 and Holding

I have a dear friend who thought she could quietly sneak her birthday past our group of crafters. Well Mary'd that work for you? We had a party on the day our group met for SOS....I think she was surprised! So many of us girls are members of Weight Watchers. When I saw this stamp, I knew it would be perfect for Mary Jane....seems we are always trying to fight our way past the cake and loose a few ounces. I've got to say I didn't fight my way past the cake last week and when I got on the scale it said..."One at a time please!" OOPS! So this week, the only cake I'm playing with is paper cake! Happy Belated Birthday Mary Jane, may this year be filled with many shared laughs with friends. I went to one of my favorite blog pages and saw that the Art Impressions challenge for this week is....anything goes. I think Mary Jane's card fits the bill! Check out the other entries here. Off I go. It's time to start thinking about what's for dinner. Enjoy your week..... Hugs....Mary

There She Goes Monochromatic Card Challenge 103

I LOVE monochromatic cards, so this challenge was perfect. The inspiration for this card is the ribbon. I have this ribbon in a few colors and I love it. I was organizing my ribbon and the flower was laying on my desk....I had a need to create a thank you card....and as the fairy god mother in Cinderella said...."Put them together and what do you get? Bibbity, bobbity, boo...." I got a monochromatic card in blue! Check out the TSG-103 Challenge. We are having a rainy Monday....I hope it clears long enough for our Girls's always fun getting together to walk away the pounds with friends. Off I go for now. Have a great week. Hugs from Me to You

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brenda's Birthday

Happy almost Monday.....I had a fantastic weekend, though some would argue, if you are retired all your days are weekends.....not so much. Last week my youngest planned a luck would have computer planned a failure! Dan got me up and running again....THANK YOU DAN! My kids are amazing they are all such great kids. that I'm done bragging.....Saturday Brenda came to play. We have a monthly play date (a phrase I learned from my date, doesn't that sound like playing with a purpose!) Brenda reminded me that I hadn't posted her birthday card on my blog....Really, I hadn't forgotten....I was just getting everything I'd lost back into my new set-up...Again...Thank you Dan! So....the above photo is Brenda's Birthday card....and the two cards below....well, I had so much fun making Brenda's card....I made two additional cards. This tri-fold card is really easy to make and I think quite impressive.

What's on my plate this week? Monday will begin with a walk with my wonderful walking group, followed by a day of house work. Tuesday is an all day crop/card making day at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique. Wednesday my buddy Edy comes for a 3 day visit....I'm so excited. She will quilt and I will make cards and we will spend hours laughing. I think my husband will wish he had a fishing trip planned :-) My walking group will be taking advantage of the great weather we are having. We hope that we will be able to walk several times this week.... I go....catch you later...have a wonderful week.