Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Wishing you a Very Happy Easter!

Enjoy your day,
Mary AKA  Glitter Grammy

Rudolph Day....whew just in time.

Good morning, it's 7:00 AM ish on Easter morning and I am posting this to Rudolph Day.  Talk about getting this done at the last minute.  Well, I'm one card closer to having my cards done for Christmas.  I only have 9 months left to get ready for Christmas....can you believe that....and only 8 more Rudolph Days to keep me on track.  Check out the others who actually are on top of things... Thanks Sarn for keeping me headed in the right direction....Check out everyone's work here. 

I'm off for now....going out in the rain to look for Easter Eggs :-)

Happy Easter, Happy Rudolph Day, Happy Crafting!
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Snippets and More Snippets

This was a fun card.  A friend sent me a thank you card, I loved the graphic and I decided to recycle the graphic.  I'd been working on birthday cards ad I had many snippets (birthday cards to be shown later).
Here's the inside....Yup....I like recycling!

I tried sneaking under the fence at Di's Snippet Playground....Well that playground was locked up, I shall skip through the open gates later.  Check back later and see what everyone else has been up to.

 Update:  6:30 PM PST.  I think Brenda and I woke up Ms. Di, she's already opened the gate....thank you.  So, now check out what's happening on the playground.  Check it out here....

Until later, have a most wonderful weekend.
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I love this card and finally I'm using something I purchased two years ago....

It's Wednesday again...where are the weeks going?  It seemed like yesterday was Wednesday, and worse than seemed like yesterday was Christmas and it's only 9 months from now...YIKES!  So, back to this card.  I made this card for a very dear friend....I've had this Graphic 45 paper for quite some time, and I LOVE it.  And, I've also had the Spellbinder Romantic Decorative Elements die, which quite frankly I love the look of, but hate the difficulty in cutting it.  I even went so far as to purchase the Grand Calibur thinking that would fix the issue....not so.  So it's back to shim shiminy, shim shiminy, shim shiminy shim!

Where was I?  Oh yes....I used a Krylon 18kt pen to outline the decorative paper and gold mirror card stock to outline the sentiment which was stamped using white pigment ink and Judi Kins translucent gold embossing powder.  Which by the way is my very favorite embossing powder.  The butter flies were made using Martha Stewart punch with the three butterflies.  Here's the inside....
I'm happy....I'm sure she will be to.  Her house is very beautifully decorated with Asian Art, this is my tiny contribution. on to yet another card....
I've had Perfect Pearls and the medium for a long, long time, and until now, I've not used them...Why?  who knows.  This week, I was watching a GinaK Designs video.  She sparked my interest and guess what it was not difficult...So, now I can't say I've never used them! 

I'm working on 3 birthday cards for 3 important women in my life.  that said, now I'll show you my desk.  pretty  You should see the rest of the room....I'll show the cards mid- April after the last of the birthdays.  Who knows, I may find something else that's been waiting to be used!  Before I go any further.....Julia is almost at her 4th anniversary check out how you can play along.  And if you just want to link your desk, you can do that's my mess.....check out those who sharing their spaces here.
Before I go back to creating or cleaning (I pick creating)....let me tell you about a big event at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique.  For anyone living within 400 miles, this is the place to be May 3rd, 4th and 5th.  She will be hosting a HUGE event.  This is her 7th. such celebration to celebrate National Scrapbook Day.  Every year they get better and better.  The price is soooo very worth it.  just to give you a hint, there is another store in the area that is charging TWICE as much.  I know from experience the catered food and desserts , the fantastic give-aways, and the new and exciting products make for a most creative weekend.  Karen added a third day this year....can you believe it  yet another day to play.  And the people I've met are such fun.'s something you need to know.  The spaces are filling up, if you are interested, I'd suggest you sign up today.  If you sign up for 2 days the third day is FREE!   You heard me!  FREE! 

And here's something else exciting:  Check this out.... Here's something to keep under your have a chance to win something really nice....I'm talking REALLY NICE.

I'm off for now.  The neighbors are here for a visit....
Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WOYWW - And A Thank You Card

I was so excited to find I'd won (see my last post) and can you imagine how excited I was to find the wonderful rubber stamps waiting for me in my mail box.  Thank you Mrs. A.  for sending them off so quickly.  Check out Mrs. A's blog page here.  And if you want to see more PaperArtsy rubber stamps, check them out here

I like how this little chick turned out....I was wondering what I'd make and I don't normally make long cards.  This little chick needed something long and thin, so I made her on a long and thin card, and she fits into a #10 envelope.

Here's a close-up look at Ms. Cluck....
It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... Julia is busy hosting the world of work desks.  I'm going to peck my way over there and share my desk and look around to see what all the others are up to.  I've got to say, Julia's blog surely does keep me moving in the right direction.  There are days that the only reason I make a card is to post it on WOYWW.  So, a big thank you goes out to Julia for keeping me moving forward....

I almost forgot to take a photo....bad me...I had to clean my craft room in order to make this card, and guess what, now I need to clean it again.  Head on over to see what Julia's up to here.

And last but certainly not least, this card was made with lots of snippets.  I found the two feathers while looking for the pink ribbon and the background is left from an album I'm making for my granddaughter.  The chicken was stamped on a snippet and the hands on the clock were left-overs from another project. All of that said, now head on over to see what other snippet cards are being shared on Di's blog page.  Check her blog out here

Well, I guess I should shake my tail feathers and think about dinner.  I wonder if my honey wants to BBQ in the rain?

Happy crafting,  see you soon.
AKA: Glitter Grammy

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I WON....Oh Yes I Did.

Mrs. A and Di made my day.  I'd been having a rather stressful week, and I opened my email and Mrs. A told me I'd won....Well lucky, lucky me!  Di turned loose of this great little stamp set, Mrs. A. hosted the gifting and I won....did I tell you I won, well yes I did and this little charmer is what I won...
A big thank you to Di and Mrs. A for making my day.  The look on the birds face, tells it all, I was struttin my stuff!  Thank you!

I told you all that my youngest son and my granddaughter celebrated their birthdays, not together, but at the same time....well, here's the photo of Bridget and a photo of Dan....
Aren't they the cutest?  Bridget was thrilled with her pens and I need to thank Suzie a very sweet Australian Stampin Up rep.  And my son and daughter-in-law who helped make the purchase possible.  Suzie went out of her way to make sure the pens arrived on time....Thank you Suzie! 

Now on to my normal Wednesday business, which actually won't be linked until Thursday.  Here's my desk it looked the same on Wednesday morning as it does today.  I had a class on Wednesday so I didn't have time to finish my project of organizing my dies.  If truth be known, my desk still looks the same! 
Just so you know, I actually have been working on cards.  As a matter of fact....I am going to show you the cards I'll be showing in April at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique.  You will need to let Karen know if you plan to attend. 
and here's the second card....
I am heading off to bed....have a most wonderful week, I'm hoping tomorrow will find me in my craft room playing with my toys....

If you have looked in on my blog, you know that Julia hosts WOYWW.  It's always fun to see what everyone is up to and it's great to know there are many, many people who share our addiction!  Check out Julia's blog here.

And then there's Di and Mrs. A....between the two of them the blog world is always full of mischief.  They may deny it, but those two gals keep me laughing.  They've both made a world a bit smaller and a whole lot friendlier.  Check Di out here, and Mrs. A out here

If I'm going to get this posted before Friday, I'd best shake my tail feathers....See you all soon.....
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Workdesk Wednesday 196

Another week has come and gone and it's Wednesday again.  Julia keeps us grounded and I believe heading in a forward direction.  I just checked in on the WOYWW and there are already over 100 brave folk posting their's only 9:00 AM here in the Pacific Northwest.  Check out Stamping Ground and see who's there that you might already follow, or who will inspire you to join in.  So, here's what my desk(s) look like.  Not too impressive, but a bit is going on.  Here's my sit-down work space...

My buddy Cathy and I played a bit with napkins.  We wanted to see if adhering napkins with decoupage glue would be better than ironing one layer of napkin to freezer paper.  We pick freezer paper.  We had a problem removing wrinkles from the paper that the glue was directly applied to.  We then used the glue to adhere the freezer paper to the card stock.  After thinking this through we realized that was certainly not necessary.  A Xyron machine would have done the same thing with no drying time....Senior moment in action!  Dah! 
Here is my standing desk.  Doesn't look too impressive, but I want you to know....I just finished 20 card kits....of course no photos of that because....I forgot.  Is that another senior moment? 

Those who have followed me in the past know that I've been working on a shadow box that my sweet husband made for me.  I'm in Sloth mode on this project as it is taking me forever and on occasion my honey walks past it and muses about my attention to detail, which is the excuse I'm using for why it is taking so long....I'm trying to fill the little 4x4 space, but not have it look too busy, or too empty.  I haven't glued down the July slot as I'm still thinking that space needs more, but I don't have exactly what I want to add....a little beach ball.  But I am still looking....
So here it is.  any ideas for things to add to July?  And here's the entire shadow box.  The paper is all from Graphic 45.  I love this collection. 
So, this is what I've got.  Not quite half way to the finish line.  But I'm getting there....

Before I go I want to share a family photo.  This is my cousin Pete and me.  I haven't seen him in 50 years or more.  He came to California on a business trip and through another cousin that I just reconnected with found me.  Long story short, I was raised by  a fantastic foster family, and lost contact with my birth family.  It's nice to reconnect with my birth family and I'm lucky to have two fantastic families.   Actually, I have 3 fantastic families.  I've lived in California for most of my adult life, which puts me thousands of miles away from most of my extended family is a very important part of my today life.  I am truly blessed!  I'm sure so many of you also have extended families because of how we have all managed to move from our birth homes to where we are today  My cousin Pete said it so well, as we get older we want to know about our birth families and having and knowing cousins becomes much more important than when we were children.  So here's Pete...
 I do wish I had known him when we were kids.  Especially since we went to school together and knew many of the same is strange sometimes.  I also learned that his mom lives on the same street as my life long friend lived.  I can't tell you how many times I visited Lynette and never knew I had an aunt living only a few houses away. 

And to my internet family of followers.....thank you so much for taking the time to have a cuppa with me at least once a week....

Off I go for now....Hugs to all, and happy crafting.....
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Dan and Bridget...Welcome Spring

This will be a quick post...I wanted to tell my youngest son Happy Birthday.  His card has sentimental meaning to it is:
My son taught English in Japan and while he was there he sent me a gift wrapped in the paper I used to make his card.  I've been hoarding this paper for years, and felt it was time to re-gift it to my son.  Mind you I still have a large piece, which I will again hoard!  So, wishing Dan and very happy birthday. 

I posted Bridget's card awhile ago.  But I do want to say, Happy Birthday to my sweet little grand daughter...she is growing up way too quickly!  I'll see you soon!

I made a quick card this week for our neighbors.  They have become first time grandparents.  A while ago I made a Grandma brag book for them and with the paper left over, I made this card. 
Congrats to both Grandma and Grandpa.  I hope they get to spend much time with Nolan as he grows.

I'm going to link both cards to Pixie's Crafty Workshop.  Both cards are snippets, some bigger than others!  I wonder if these little guys are playing on the playground...they sure could be!

Today, I spent a good amount of time outside. I love spring and the flowers in our yard are beautiful this time of the year.  I do worry that they have blossomed too early and they might get a big surprise with some bad, I shall enjoy them while I can. 

Off I go for now.  Have a most wonderful week.  I hope, in your world, you will find a bit of Spring weather.

Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy