Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hello Again - Notes from after the Camp Fire

Gosh it seems like forever since I last posted and in fact it has been.  On November 8th we lost our home in the Camp Fire in Northern CA.  We have resettled in a small town in North eastern Illinois.  My sister lives here and two of my children are within a little more than an hour away.  My youngest sadly lives much farther from us, but is very good about visiting and staying in touch via FaceTime.  Love the computer for that alone!  Of course my Australian family now can visit the mid-west.

We love our new home and finally have completed all the tasks that were on our to do's now a to done list!  This morning I was reading a post from Ellen Hudson and she talked about customer appreciation day and asked to learn a bit about her customers.  I went there and read many of the comments.  I thought, hey, maybe it's time for me to get active again.  I won't lie, loosing every craft item I've collected and loved was quite a hit to my creative juices.  In the "old world" I touched paper every day.  In my new life I am finding it difficult to begin again.  I've purchased some items, and I've made maybe 4 cards in the past 8 months....I come into my room and I miss my crafting buddies.  Each and every one of them were effected by the awful fire, all but 2 lost their homes.  We, like the embers from the flames were scattered.  Each of us are trying to rebuild and most of them have chosen to give up paper crafting.  I'm ready to say, hey fire, you may have gotten my possessions, but you didn't take my love of paper.  It will be baby steps, and all the dies I used in days gone by are gone, but slowly I am collecting and I promise I'll have a card on line by the end of next week.... now isn't that slow of me.  It won't be fancy, but it will have me touching the craft I love most.

Until next time....Happy Crafting from my world to yours....
Love to all of you....Mary Mac AKA:  Glitter Grammy