Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Linn

I normally don't post a card before I send it, but today....I'm going to. I don't think my soon to be son-in-law reads my blog. If he does....he's never shared that info with me!

His birthday is next Saturday and I've been stuck with what to make for him. As anyone who knows me knows...I don't enjoy making boy cards. Also as anyone who knows me knows... boys get bling and flowers....on this card I tried really, really hard not to add any bling. After suffering from withdrawals, I added bling in the letter "L". Ok, I had to add just a few more little jewels. I showed the card to my husband...he just rolled his eyes. I'm sure that must mean he loves it!

The inside was looking ok....but there was something got it..What man doesn't like flowers? I didn't have a flower that matched so I made this one using a white silk flower, that I rubber stamped using Tim Holtz Distress Ink. Not too shabby and the gem added the finishing touch.

The border punch is made using an EK Success border punch. When I purchased the punch, I thought it would punch the piece out completely, and I could use the piece anywhere on the page. Had I paid attention, I would have known better. Oh well....If you look at the front of the card, you'll notice that by punching do get the desired effect. This was a lucky accident. the piece of card stock originally measured 5 1/2 x 15/16ths. When I punched it twice, there was just a hair of card stock holding the two together. Whew!!!!

So, there you have it....and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINN! Amy, if you see this....don't share until after Linn's Birthday...

I'm off to the Friday night get together....Tomorrow Karen's new shop opens. I had a sneak peek yesterday and no one will be disappointed. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I hope she quickly gets some photos on her blog'll all wish her shop was in your neighborhood. Great job Karen and Bill too. She's on Facebook if you want to follow her there search: Paradise Scrapbook Boutique. And she also posts to her blog: here If I remember to take my camera, I'll take some photos too.

Off I go for now....Enjoy your weekend.

Hugs....Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy

Thursday, July 21, 2011


A little late, but here it is: WOYWW-111

Virginia and I had a play day on Tuesday, while playing we were also looking at the Magnolia Stamp Magazines, and one of the photos showed a background which was made using a Dreamweaver stencil (one I just happen to have). That was enough for me to pull out the stencils, the Dreamweaver Embossing Paste, pallet knife and glitter.

Early Wednesday morning, while DH and Doggies were sound asleep, I was in my play room. The above photo had the best results. For it I used black card stock, ultra fine glitter and the Stencil paste.

The above photo looks good, however, as the paste dried, the small branches disappeared, being covered by the larger pieces of glitter. Not the results I wanted.

One is never enough. The above photo shows what happens with white card stock, and Art Institute Royal Wink Opaque glitter. I like it....yes I do. Once you start playing, time flies by and more toys come out. Below I used Dreamweaver gold paste, and I thought I'd grabbed gold glitter to cover it....nope, I accidentally got into the embossing powder drawer and mistakenly grabbed Judi Kins Embossing Powder.....when I realized the error of my ways....I waited for the paste to dry and then heat embossed it. Guess works and well! Happy Accident!

Having had that accidental success. I decided to use Tombow Water markers to color a stencil, then cover it with the Dreamweaver paste, followed by ultra fine glitter.....the pumpkin stencil was a least I think it is.

Remember I said I never can leave well enough alone.....well, on to Let It Snow.

I used the same Tombow Markers, the same paste and the same glitter. I like it! Ok....the next one didn't work so well. but, I think for you girls with the Copic Markers, you might just have better success. The Tombow Markers are water based, and the red one didn't want to lay still, it ran....OOPS!

That was enough playing with the stencils and paste. I cleaned up my mess while waiting for Terri, the tech from BossKut to call. Months ago I had a BIG virus issue on my computer. I lost everything and Windows 7 needed to be reinstalled, along with everything else. My computer angel, had worked so hard at putting things back together, I didn't have the heart to ask him to put my Gazelle back. So, I tried to install it all by my self...did I tell you I'm not soft ware literate? Well, I tried, and I struggled, and I uninstalled, and I put my machine out of sight and out of mind....well out of sight.

I emailed BossKut, explained my problem and asked for help. Now keep in mind, I purchased my machine in 2008, so I wasn't holding any hope for help. Not only did I get help, I was sent a cyber tech angel by the name of Terri. The below shows my little pink machine and a frame I cut. The frame was designed by Lori of the gals who share her creations in the BossKut Forum. I think BossKut deserves a big THANK YOU and Terri, deserves two of them....

I'd say I had a very good Wednesday. It's fun to pull out toys you haven't played with in awhile, It's great having a piece of equipment working again. is good!

Today it's Weight Watchers, and then off to Virginia's to see what she's up to, followed by taking a neighbor to his doctor's appointment and then a quiet night spent with Hubby and the doggies. I know, my life is toooooo exciting! Ok, maybe not exciting, but certainly fun!

I'm going to start working on an album for my son's mum-in-law. We're going to Australia in September and I want to gift her an album. She's a very sweet lady and the best mum. I so appreciate her being there for my son. I'll show the album, after I've given it to her...a post for October!

See you all later....Hugs to all!

Mary - AKA: Glitter Grammy

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winner Winner

Yesterday Richard decided to enter a chili cook-off at Jaki's, a local restaurant. So, off to the store he went to get the ingredients, while I chopped and chopped some more. When you're the assistant chef you get stuck with the chopping! He arrived back home and he started making Wisconsin Chili, which is a version of a chili my mom used to make. He billed the recipe as High on Flavor, Low on Fire.

Well guess what....his first ever cooking contest and he won....he's very proud of his plaque and the winning purse will give him enough money to make another batch....

We're willing to share the recipe. Mind you, it makes 6 to 8 quarts (we make it once...freeze it and enjoy often). If anyone wants the me (address in profile) and I'll make sure one is emailed to you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Carolyn and WOYWW - 110

Update from Yesterday: I just might be a day late with WOYWW-110 but I wanted to share the day I had yesterday with my buddy Virginia. I joined Virginia and Barb for a play day with Copic Markers. I don't own one, but have been lucky enough to share Virginia's markers and Barb's talent....Boy are these a different way to color and I will need much practice. Virginia is a whiz with this technique and she watched Barb and away she went. I am going on a big vacation to Australia in September and I'll need to save my pennies for that...but when I get home....I'll become a Copic girl too. So, even though this isn't my workdesk. It's a work space I shared with Virginia and Barb. I learned a lot, we spent time online checking out the different sets and tried to decide what sets we would need and what single pens we'd need to buy. I'm sure Virginia spent and will spend many more hours making sure all the colors are studied.....thank you Virginia for sharing your workspace, your pens, your day and especially your friendship.

It was a great lunch celebrating Carolyn and her birthday. And look how calorie counting she was...Cozy Diner offers the option of a Chocolate Sundae, Pie or Sherbet...She was a very good girl and opted for the sherbet.
Here are the crafting girls that joined in. (L to R - Rita, Carolyn, Virginia and Mary Jane)

I've been wanting to post this card for over a month, but I had to hold off for obvious reasons....So, after the fun get-together I finally can post it. Sadly, I got so involved in the chatting fest....I didn't take many photos. I'm hoping she will share the cards she received and I'll post them also. That will be coming soon, I hope!

Today I'm off to's SOS day and we are meeting at Virginia's....We're giving Karen a chance to pack without us getting under foot. I guess I should get out of my pj's and head out the door.

Have a great Wednesday.....I'm hoping to post for WOYWW later today....Maybe I'll have something to show.....

Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy

Monday, July 11, 2011


Good Morning....It's a beautiful day in Northern California, too beautiful to be spending it inside. So....this will be a quick post. The inspiration for this card was Becca's tutorial on making the border punch frame. I'm a big fan of 6x6 cards and this frame is perfect for that size card. It is also inspired by a discussion we had at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique we were trying to figure out how to make the base for the ribbon flower sticky enough to hold heavier ribbon. I started by cutting a circle with a Spellbinder die....then I ran it through my Xyron. I did get sticky, but not sticky enough for the ribbon I was using. Next I put Miracle tape onto a piece of card stock and then cut the circle using the Spellbinder die....The Miracle Tape made the circle super sticky and the ribbon held very well. I know there are products out there that make sticky circles, but I wanted the ability to use what I have and to create the stickly circles in many sizes. Problem solved....

Like I said, this will be short. I have a birthday luncheon today and I guess going in my jammies.... Not such a good idea. Tomorrow I'll post the card I made for my BFF Carolyn. Happy Birthday young lady...see you shortly!

Happy Monday to all...see you all soon,
Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Alex

I'm going to a birthday party for a little boy named Alex. His grand mom is my neighbor, swimming, walking, dieting buddy and all around friend. I've yet to meet Alex, and I'm really not sure what he'd like as a gift, so, when all else always works. I like the finished card, but getting there was quite the hair puller. My friend, Brenda and I always laugh when we say we are going to put a quick card together and it turns into the card from hell...

In general the card was pretty easy, note I said in general. I know that the Tim Holtz Paper Rosette can be a challenge. So, I put tape on the back side and cut. It worked....Ok, it worked for awhile...Then I glued, using Ultimate Glue and waited for it to far so I began doing the push in from the bottom, while pushing out the got it....the divisions started to tear and my blood pressure began rising.....So, I tried something new. I used my Xyron to adhere two pieces of card stock together. This is working......then I buttered the two ends using the Ultimate glue....and instead of doing the pushing in and pushing out, I laid the accordion folded piece flat and formed the circle. I clipped the edges together and waited for them to dry.....guess worked. I stuck a circle to the top side, and one to the bottom side and stayed together. I made the tag using the Memory Maker tag maker...I don't use it often, but it's one of those things you just don't want to get rid of, cause it always comes in handy. I don't like just putting money inside of the cards. I like hiding it a bit. So, the Spellbinder label makes the perfect spot to tuck the money. This card could be for a little boy or for a big boy. I'm glad I struggled through this one. I think the finished project is very nice. The Fancy Pants Pipeline DP was the perfect card stock. I'm pleased and ....I'm off to a party.....

Have a great day and the best week ever.

Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thanks Patti

I think what I love about blogs are the inspiration I receive from them. Sometimes it's ideas collected, sometimes its being reminded that you've forgotten to photograph a card you've made, and it's always visiting with friends you've never met. Today I went to Patti's blog page and was reminded of a card I'd made and had forgotten to post it. So, thanks Patti for reminding me and for inspiring me to get moving and post the card.

I used Doddlebug crushed velvet DP, a mirror silver card stock, silver thin cord, Cuttlebug snowflake embossing folder, Sizzlet alphabet, Martha Stewart Snowflake border punch, and Spellbinder mitten die.

I'm off today to play with friends. It's an album day at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique...the last one in the Paradise classes will be in the new building in Chico. Check out the blog page to see the album and to see how big the new building is.... here.

Have a great weekend. It's supposed to only be in the high 80's, with very low humidity..... perfect temps for this ole gal!

Later..... Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday-109

Where has the week gone? My goodness summer is rushing by. Another Wednesday is here and this week, I wanted to show that I actually have been busy......Be sure to check out all the activity over at Stamping-Ground. Yesterday at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, I taught a version of the below cards and as samples I made more versions using the Spellbinder dies, which are a favorite item in my craft treasure chest. The girls were surprised at how easy these cards are to make.

Yup....I couldn't are two more......

And this one is a version of the second card I was teaching. The graphic is from a recycled Christmas card....I save them all...every once in a while, they are perfect for a card I'm working with. And those that don't....well, grand kids love using them on their art work. I think this card is my favorite.....

My next class will be in Chico....Karen will be all moved in to her new location. It's bigger, lots of room for more beautiful DP and embellishments....and ribbon, and......and..... She'll be closed for a week and plans to reopen on July 23rd. Her new address is: 555 Flying V. Road.... I'm excited to teach in a super big crop room....lots of room to spread out.... There is still time to come by the Paradise location. Lots of items on sale....

Have a great week, see you soon....I'm off to check some of the other posts.... (shhhh I should be cleaning the kitchen....)

Hugs to all,

Mary aka: Glitter Grammy