Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Carolyn and WOYWW - 110

Update from Yesterday: I just might be a day late with WOYWW-110 but I wanted to share the day I had yesterday with my buddy Virginia. I joined Virginia and Barb for a play day with Copic Markers. I don't own one, but have been lucky enough to share Virginia's markers and Barb's talent....Boy are these a different way to color and I will need much practice. Virginia is a whiz with this technique and she watched Barb and away she went. I am going on a big vacation to Australia in September and I'll need to save my pennies for that...but when I get home....I'll become a Copic girl too. So, even though this isn't my workdesk. It's a work space I shared with Virginia and Barb. I learned a lot, we spent time online checking out the different sets and tried to decide what sets we would need and what single pens we'd need to buy. I'm sure Virginia spent and will spend many more hours making sure all the colors are studied.....thank you Virginia for sharing your workspace, your pens, your day and especially your friendship.

It was a great lunch celebrating Carolyn and her birthday. And look how calorie counting she was...Cozy Diner offers the option of a Chocolate Sundae, Pie or Sherbet...She was a very good girl and opted for the sherbet.
Here are the crafting girls that joined in. (L to R - Rita, Carolyn, Virginia and Mary Jane)

I've been wanting to post this card for over a month, but I had to hold off for obvious reasons....So, after the fun get-together I finally can post it. Sadly, I got so involved in the chatting fest....I didn't take many photos. I'm hoping she will share the cards she received and I'll post them also. That will be coming soon, I hope!

Today I'm off to play....it's SOS day and we are meeting at Virginia's....We're giving Karen a chance to pack without us getting under foot. I guess I should get out of my pj's and head out the door.

Have a great Wednesday.....I'm hoping to post for WOYWW later today....Maybe I'll have something to show.....

Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy


  1. I'll bet she absolutely adores this card... so stunning!Watch out those copics are addicting!

  2. Lovely cards and what a fun day you had. Brings back memories of eating in CA with my friends when I visit in January. Love the buffet places you have over there.
    Sounds like the Copic session was a good one and good luck with the trip. Thanks for sharing your desk with us all. Hugs, #5 Neet x

  3. Your card was will worth waiting for, it's Lovely!!!
    You Gals must have a ball together.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Great photos Mary! I've only just got a load of Pro Markers, and now you priase Copics....help!!! Di xx

  5. looks like a really fun day! I have found that each marker seems to have pluses and minuses to them. Copics are so expensive but they can be blended and they have a translucent quality to them. I like Stampin Up for bolder colors but you can't blend them. I used pencils a lot and love them and they are a lot cheaper. Vickie


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