Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Devil Won

Now isn't that a's the story.  I've been fighting the urge to purchase the Spectrum Noir pens.  The little devil on my shoulder thinks I REALLY, REALLY need them and the Angel says, Use the pens you have, you know you love them.....(which by the way I love my Tombow pens), however......This is what I made with my Spectrum Noir pens...
The devil won by convincing me that I needed them, more than wanted them and I did have that coupon in my purse.  So, I purchased several sets of 6 only to find out that there were 4 more sets of 24 that I NEEDED too.  Merry Christmas to me, and Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, etc.....

I love to color, I have since I was a child.  I must say,  the devil really didn't have a lot of work to do to talk me into this purchase.  I do hope I spend many hours this winter coloring. 
I do like how vibrant the colors are, there is, for me at least, going to be a learning curve.  I'm used to blending and shading water colors and this is a bit different, but fun.  The rubber stamp is All Night Media and it's an oldie from 1996,  it's name:  Stained Glass Poinsettia #602J.  I'm thinking about doing this again, stamping in gold and heat embossing.  If this becomes more than a thought, I'll share a photo. 

I'm going to head on over to the playground and see if Di is working on the tree house and have a round or two of dodge ball with the others.  It is Sunday, so I shall be very careful not to ruin my Sunday best!  If you have no idea of what I speak, check out Di's Crafty Workshop.  I'm hoping that many more friends come to play.  There's a new tree house being built, the playground is full of silly "children" and a  two lovely chickens.  This week a new "kid" came to play, check out her blog and see what she brought to share.  Welcome Kate

I have to tell a short story about a missing stamp.  I spent hours ( and I mean many hours) over the past week fretting while looking for it, and during this process, I did manage to clean up a few areas that were in serious need.  After going through the trash bin, and not locating the stamp and nearly giving up, I went to the stamp drawer to pull out a stamp to color....guess what I found.  You're right, the missing stamp.  Who knew I'd find it in the proper place.  Geez!  Does this tell you I don't often put my toys away!  I'm glad it's returned to the fold! 

Off to play I go.  Busy week ahead.....Saturday is Karen's big anniversary crop and I need to get things ready to play.....With a little luck I may actually finish a project there.  I must admit there will be many wonderful distractions, friends I've not seen in awhile, lots of new items for and lots of laughing.  Probably more laughing than crafting.  If you want to see her shop, check it out here.  Lots of beautiful items that's for sure. 

I guess this will be the last post in September....where does the time go?  It's just flying by!  I'm hoping to post the photos for my October class...Maybe tomorrow...

Have a crafty week, hugs from me to you...
AKA: Glitter Grammy


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oops... and here is my workdesk...really!

I was trying to plan ahead and if you receive my posts via email, you will realize all my plans didn't go quite right.  Sooooo to actually do what I's my card: 
I was reading blogs on Tuesday and saw a post from Heidi of Embellished Dreams.  I thought I'd give it a try.  Hey, I'm using ink, glue and glitter.  What could be better.  Check out Heidi's post here.  Heidi used colored glitter, I stamped in color, used my Glue Baste It Glue and transparent glitter.  I wish glitter showed up better in photos, this card is really sparkly and after playing in the glitter, so am I!  This card was super easy to make, however keep in mind, you'll be doing a lot of stamp cleaning if you want to make several.  I will be using this technique at least for sentiments.  The glitter is very delicate looking...I like it, yes I do. 

So, now for my desk, or in this case my counter. 
This close-up isn't showing too much, but I have to tell you, I was getting ready to post this photo and I noticed that laying next to the border punch on the left side of the desk was a list of my passwords.  Though I'd love to share them, I think it best if I don't!  Silly me, don't get to see much of the mess today.  Check out Julia's blog to see what everyone's been up to.  I always get a giggle or three when I bounce from one to another.  I wish I had time to post something on everyone's blog, but know I look at many more than I comment on. 

My cousin Diane has surprised me yet again.  On Monday I received a most treasured gift.  For those who are new to my blog, my mom passed away when I was days old.  My dad was not able to care for my brother and I (alcohol addiction) and we went to live with a foster family, which I will be forever grateful.  Long story short, Diane sent me a letter my mom wrote to her sister.  Other than a signature on a marriage license, this is the first hand written anything I've seen that belonged to my mom.  If anyone is interested, email me and I'll share the letter with you.  It's too lengthy to post here.  Thankfully the envelope was also enclosed...I will share this.  The date on the cancellation is:  July 24, 1936.  This letter is 76 years old.  It was written to my mom (Rea) sister Effie.  It was a sweet account of what was going on in her then single life, in a small town in Wisconsin.  So very precious.  The day my mom wrote this letter, she would not have known that 10 years later, she would have married,  adoped a son, gave birth to a daughter (me) and her life would be finished.  Sad, yet her life goes on through me and my kids and grandkids...I sent the letter to my kids and my youngest son commented, this could have been a letter written in 2012, and said how great that nothing changed in a young girl's life between then and now.  Well, today it would have been an email.  Here's the envelope:
A good reason to send a few snail mail letters...and cards!

Well, lets see, this is definately a snippet card (It wouldn't have been if I hadn't screwed up the first half of the base :-0  so, I'll be checking in with Di and bounce through the playground holding this card high.

And then....there is Sparkles Christmas Challenge.  I wish the glitter would show up better, cause this is a very sparkly card.  This is my new Santa stamp and the sentiment...I'm really loving it.  Check out all the Christmas Ideas here

I had to laugh, I've been reading the Stamping For Pleasure blog and I want to enter my card.  I think I have way too much glitter on my glasses.  I didn't think I could enter because I thought maybe Santa was back inked. I read the rules at least 10 times.   I almost asked Sarn what backinking was...Ok, so it's back linking.  Pardon my old tired eyes.  I think I may need a seeing eye chicken to help me in my advancing years!  You know, I think I may have been confused by this once before.  Maybe I need more than a seeing eye chicken.  Geez!  So, Sarn, here's my entry and I'm soo glad I figured it out.  Check out Sarn's blog here

I think my little card might just need to be linked at Love to Create Challenge Blog - Anything goes this week.  I'm glad to have found this blog....I need to thank Karen for introducing me.

That's all from me, at least for now.  I'll be posting my October class later this week.  Please note, this will be a class from scratch, so bring your supplies and your creativity, because you'll be doing it all! 

Hugs to all, Happy Crafting and See you soon!
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Snippet Play Day

Saturday was a fun day for Cathy and I.  Virginia was a bit under the weather and decided that home was the best place for her.  We missed her smiling face, and look forward to our next get together.  Cathy and I decided to try out one of my newest Spellbinder dies (Spectacular Spin S5-114).  We used the middle size die.  Pretty snazzy I'd say.  Of course also used is a Martha border punch, a Cuttlebug embossing folder, on the card above another Spellbinder die, the long die, and from Epiphany the #14 round epoxy piece.  I don't know the maker of the rubber stamp sentiment. The card below is the the one we made together and it's done the same way, with the exception of a Hero Arts Sentiment stamp and the tag was created using the Making Memories tag maker and rims.
Seems we are always at a loss when it comes to making boy birthday cards.  I think this one would be perfect.  At least we were hoping so as both Cathy and I are in need of a few boy cards for October. 

I'm off to make some Tomatillo Salsa for my honey and a few of the neighbors.  I'm not a super spicy gal, so depending on how hot the peppers make the salsa, will depend on how much I'll be eating or sharing. 

Speaking of sharing.....I'll be adding my card to Di's blog....Everything was from snippets, which made these cards even more fun...using up scraps is always a good thing.  Check out Di's blog to see what everyone has been up to.  And then before I begin my kitchen chores, I'm going to go check on two very funny gals, Margo and Harriet and their "mum" Sarn.  Have a look here.

Hugs to all, have a crafty week.  I hope to see you on Wednesday.  I'll be playing with the gals tomorrow, if we actually get some crafting done, I'll share the creations. 


Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome to Fall

Today was the first morning that I really felt Fall in the air.  It's nice to get up to temperatures that are in the 50's.  I've been in my craft room from morning to dinner time....sadly, not creating, but organizing.  One of my goals for 2012 is to catalog my dies, cut each one, and identify each by manufacture name and number.  I started out hot and heavy 3 months ago and my goal came to a screeching halt within a day.  I would much rather make cards....well, yesterday I started again and as of this evening, I have 22 more to cut....Can you see me doing the happy dance? 

My card was inspired by Fall, and also the leaf I was cut to put into the die catalog. I'm This leaf  made it to the card...The letters in the word Fall were cut using a Spellbinder Alphabet dies.  I think this is one of the first die sets I purchased many years ago.  I found a piece of copper colored foil-ish paper.  I adhered the letters to layers of heavy stock from my stash.  I don't know if you can see it, but I made the charm attached to the ribbon, it's cut from card stock and glued in with Crystal Accents.  I still need to finish the inside.  I'll be doing that in the morning and then it's going into the mail to send to my buddy Thelma.  (shhhh don't tell her!)  She doesn't have a computer so I think I am safe!

Here is what one of the boxes of dies look like....Maybe I'll actually be able to find what I'm looking for...
Maybe this doesn't look like much, but I'm happy I'm almost done.  My pledge is to do this as soon as I purchase new dies.  Can I say, this was a pledge I've not kept.  Maybe this time I'll do better....
I took this photo Wednesday and promptly forgot to post it.  I guess it's not too late, though it's no longer Wednesday....Julia....forgive me please!  Check out the other desks and see what everyone's been up to this week.  The book I'm putting the die cuts I've made is to the left of the photo.  In the middle of the desk is a charm I've made using my newest tool from Epiphany Crafts , it's a Santa I cut and epoxy covered in a little charm.  The clock faces were a purchase I made on the girls field trip. What a fun day that was....I look forward to the next field trip!

I used to giggle when my daughter was cleaning her room.  She'd find all kinds of treasures, guess what, I'm finding dies I'd forgotten I have and dies I'm wondering why they are not used more often.  This has been a treasure hunt! Amy I will no longer giggle!

I'm going to post my card on Di's blog. Lots of snippets in this card and more to come when I finish the inside.  Check out Di's blog.  I've met tons of people hopping across the pond.  As a matter of fact, Brenda (the winner of my blog-aversary) is someone I met through either Julia or Di  I can't remember which.  If you want to meet some slightly silly folks (ok a whole lot more than slightly...join in and play along. 

I'm heading off to bed.  Tomorrow Cathy and Virginia are coming to finish cutting some scrapbook and card graphics.  I can't wait to show them my tidy die collection,   Until later.....

Hugs to all,

Monday, September 17, 2012

We Have A Winner!!!!

Congratulations Brenda You Are The Winner!

Today Brenda's gifts will be working their way toward the mid-west.  I'm so pleased Brenda won.  I've been following her blog for some time and I love not only her paper creations, but also I love following her travels. Brenda, enjoy and happy crafting.  Check out Brenda's blog HERE

I'm off today with the girls for a field trip to the Sacramento area.....It'll be shopping and lunch and lots of chat time.  So, off I go to the post office and then it's girls day out! 

Hugs to all,
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

And the Winner is........

I'm beginning to think everyone is on an extended holiday.....I was sure that the third person drawn would respond......So, here is #4....Brenda from Butler's Abroad....are you out there?  You are the winner (well I hope so!) 

You have until Monday September 17th., 8:15 AM (PDT) to respond.... comment on my blog, or better yet, send me an email with your info and I'll get the package out to you on Monday.....

I'm off to craft with a friend.....

Hugs to all,

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Third Time Is A Charm....I just know it!

This will be a very short post.  I just got home from the Casino.....I checked my email and guess what, no response from yesterday's, I have great news for......
May from May's Happy Daze....You are the winner. 
Contact me by email by Saturday -  10:30 PM - PDT
I'm off to bed.....have a most wonderful weekend....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Second Chance Drawing

Our first winner hasn't, are you ready......Lauren Bergold you have 24 hours to respond.  Congratulations Lauren......!

Now here's the have until 7:30 PM PDT on September 14th., to email me (see my profile) or comment on this blog page. Please do not put your contact info into the comment section, however let me know your full name and address if you are emailing me.

I'm off to visit with our friends who will be visiting for the next few days....

As before, if Lauren doesn't respond we'll be drawing another name tomorrow....

Hugs to all,
AKA:  GlitterGrammy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drum Roll Please......

And the winner is....... 

Congratulations! Now here's the have until 5:00 PM PDT on September 13th.,  to email me (see my profile) or comment on this blog page.  Please do not put your contact info into the comment section, however let me know your full name and address if you are emailing me. 
Remember, if I don't hear from Kaz, I'll have my husband draw another name.  So, maybe you'll still have a chance to win.....
When I came home from class today, I was met with an envelope of photos sent to me by my cousin, Diane.  I haven't seen Diane since sometime in the 1960's, so it's been awhile, however, we did find one another on Facebook and have recently exchanged short messages and emails. 
I'm going to tell you a bit of a story about the photo I'm going to share and then you'll know why I'm writing this post to thank Diane.  When I was a small child, my brother and I went to live in foster care.  We were very lucky.  I was about 5 and my brother 8 or 9.  Don and Marion brought us into their family and we lived there until we graduated from High School and to this day refer to them as "Mom and Dad" and though Becky is the only sister that remains living, we came into a family with another brother and two sisters. 
The down side to this story is, there were many years that passed that I didn't have much contact with my birth family.  I did stay in touch with my Aunt Effie, Uncle Rosie, Aunt Kate and Uncle Ollie and though as an adult I moved 2500 miles away, I would visit them whenever I went to visit my foster family.  Which I will admit was not often enough. 
Diane told me while going through her mother's things, she found several photos that I might be interested in having.  Today they arrived.  I can't tell you, and I'm sure those who have close birth families can't understand how I felt.  I am now in possession of more photos of my mom and dad than I have ever seen.  I also have photos of me in the early years.  Photos  of me with cousins and aunts and uncles as kids. 
I'm going to post two photos.  In the first photo, I'm the short blond and Diane is the blond standing next to me.  As a child she was my hero.  I thought she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen and when I grew up, I wanted to look just like her.  I was on the hand-me-down list for all of the clothing she'd outgrown and I loved every item.  So, here we are:
The next photo of is of little ole me....
I think I'm about 5 or 6, and the doll I'm holding I do remember.  I actually had her into my teens.  Her name was Temar.  I have absolutely no idea where she came from or why I named her Temar.  I think she was probably the only toy I took with me into foster care, and though I can't tell you for sure, that might be why I hung onto her for so many years. 
My brother and I were very fortunate.  We had wonderful foster parents and foster siblings.  I also have memories of my mom and dad, that my Aunt Effie and Aunt Kate kept alive.  I am so thankful that Diane passed the photos on to me. 
For my kids,  I'll be posting more on Face Book as I scan them. 
Have a most wonderful week.  I'll see you in cyberspace...
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Not Too Late.....

It's almost time for the drawing.....the blogaversary drawing closes tonight at Mid-night!  (PDT - Pacific Daylight Time). 
My little neighbor girls will pull a name from the bowl....Which will happen after school on the 12th.  I'll be posting the name of the winner.  If you're the lucky one, you will have until 5 PM on September 13 to claim your prize.  (email me or comment on my blog if your name is drawn)  If I don't hear from the winner another name will be drawn.  GOOD LUCK! 

Have a crafty week.....Hugs to all,
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WOYWW - 170

Not much going on today, but this is what I finished last night....
and then I cleaned, this is what my desk looked like this morning.....
Friday, Virginia and I head to Sacramento to pick up Patty (my ex-daughter-in-law), and good friend.  We're then heading to San Francisco....  I love playing along with Julia and the other "desketts"  it's always fun to let my fingers do the walking around the globe to see what everyone is up to....check out Julia's fun blog here:  WOYWW-170

So, about my card.  Years ago, a man named Richard Bach wrote books that influenced me at a time that my life was not settled.  His books brought calmness to my life and loved every word he wrote.  For those who don't know him, he authored:  "Jonathan Livingston Seagull",  "The Reluctant Messiah", and "There's No Such Place As Far Away".  Over the weekend, Richard was in a small plane crash and is in hospital in Seattle.  I made this card to let him know I'm thinking of him and wishing him well. 

Off to continue cleaning house.  It's great when company's a reason to chase the dust bunnies down!  Not as much fun as playing with paper....but.....necessary!

A reminder...less than a week left to enter my blog-aversary and remember, you can enter more than once!  Check my previous blog postings for rules. 

Have a great week.  See you soon in blogland!

Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

I'm often asked where I get my ideas?  It might be easier to ask where don't I get them.  I look at many blogs, I read magazines, I look at catalogs.  I visit stores and look at supplies, and I go to crops and see what others are doing, and then, I make it my own.  I've been trying to think of a card for Operation Write Home, one that can be used in more than one way and one that can use snippets that I have laying around.   What you see is what I came up with.  The outside uses Graphic 45 Romantique paper that I've had for quite some time.  I think I must have been planning to use it in a class because I have several sheets and I must also have made something with it, because I have several snippets.  I have enough to make 14 of these cards( 3 per full sheet).   I was gifted a beautiful doily die for my birthday (thank you Brenda), it's Cheery Lynn Designs Nautical Wheeler.  I think the stamp is Stampin Up, it's no longer on the wood piece, so I'm just not sure.  The ribbon was purchased at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique. 
For the inside I used a Spellbinder Label #8 and a piece left over from the front of the card (the reverse side).  And I used a Martha Stewart punch for the edge.  Everything was either sponged or swiped with Tim Holtz Worn Lipstick Distress Ink.  I wanted a pretty card to send to Operation Write Home, and one that would be flat so the postage wouldn't be so much.  I like it, I hope it will be one that creates a memory for a soldier's family and friends. 

Now do you want to see the card that inspired me?  I'm sure I'll be asked how I came up with my card from looking at Jackie's card....I'm not sure.  I just know I've been looking at her card for a few weeks and today when I looked at it....I saw my card being born....Thank you Jackie for inspiring me:
I guess you could say, it doesn't matter where inspiration comes from, what is important is where it goes...and this inspiration will be going on to Operation Write Home.  For more information on starting a group in your area, check out the link above.  I hope to see some of you at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique on September 15th.  If you can't make it and you have cards you want to share, drop them off any time during September.  Check with Karen for rules.
I think I'll head on over to Pixie's Crafty Workshop to post my snippet card and to have a look at what others are up to....Until later, and I think it will be awhile before I post again.  I'm going to San Francisco and won't be posting until after I get back. 

Don't forget to enter my Blog-aversary might just win a really nice gift box/bag... check out previous posts for more information.

Until later....

Hugs to all, happy crafting and I hope to bump into you in cyberspace....
Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Celebrating Wednesday on Sunday and Sunday on Sunday

Does that make sense?  Ok, On Wednesday I took a photo of my desk, I kissed my honey good bye, he's on a trip to So Cal.  Then I waited for the girls to come to play.  An play we did We played on Wednesday, I worked on the mats on Thursday and did all the wild animal feeding and watering on Thursday...then on Friday Virginia and Cathy and I played again.  Today I'm playing blog catch up and tomorrow, guess what....the girls are coming to play again....I guess when the cat's away, the little mice will, here's what I did this morning: 
I love the Graphic 45 papers, Karen got them in and I think the little goblins started purchasing them immediately...I know this goblin did!  I used a portion of this paper, (which if filled with lots of pieces and parts) to make another project....I was using the back side, which is a starry sky and almost cut this little girl...oops!)  The leaves are Jolee Epoxy stickers that I've had forever...ok, maybe only half of forever!

The inside is more pieces and parts and more epoxy leaves.  I cut the word boo using my BossKut Gazelle.  I think the girls on Di's playground will enjoy this card.  After all, I think everyone is beginning to feel a bit of fall in the air and turning their minds toward Halloween....Check out Pixie's Crafty Workshop if you haven't already!'ll have to wait until tomorrow to check out the playground post for this week...seems I just might get caught trying to slip under the fence.  Is that Mrs. A and Sarn hiding behind that tree?  (ok, for those who haven't been to the playground, you might just think I've lost my mind....Play along and you'll see I haven't!) 

So, now on to the photo from Wednesday...My intentions were so very honorable on Wednesday, I was kissing my honey goodbye and heading to the computer to post on What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday....I was distracted by a shiny object and all of a sudden, it was Sunday,  I apologize to Julia for being so late....This is what my desk looked like on Wednesday morning....
Not too impressive is it....well, here's the counter:
I'm rushing to cut this bat and pumpkins before the girls arrive.  The Design is one I downloaded from Little Scraps of Heaven.  When I assemble him, I'll post the finished bat, but don't hold your breath, I've got lots of projects going right now....

Here's what we'll be cutting today.  Virginia has plans for all these pieces and Kathy and I are part of the prep and cut team....This layout is from Scrapping Bug Designs, which is another on-line source. 

And now, a sneak peek at what's in the bag.  Everything has been purchased, I'm telling you there is at least $60.00 worth of product....There's still time to enter, and some of the girls have entered every day.....The closing for entries is September 1lth, with the drawing on September 12th.  So watch for your name to be drawn.  Check out past posts to see the rules.....Good luck everyone!  I should call this my 3rd Year Guilt Ridden Blog-aversary....I had intentions of giving a gift each year, but then...guess what, it didn't happen, so, I'm combining 3 years into one fantastic give-away.  Most of the items are from Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, my hometown favorite (actually it's in Chico now, but only a short drive away!)  Karen kept the same name, because after all, it's Paradise to shop there!  I love shopping there and when the winner receives the package, she'll (or he'll)  know why!

Sorry...the photo isn't so good, but I think you'll get the idea....

Off to play, my honey comes home tomorrow and I need to get all my playing done so I can clean up my mess, throw a bit of flour on my face and pretend that I've been slaving in the house for days!

Wishing everyone a most creative week!
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy