Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oops... and here is my workdesk...really!

I was trying to plan ahead and if you receive my posts via email, you will realize all my plans didn't go quite right.  Sooooo to actually do what I intended....here's my card: 
I was reading blogs on Tuesday and saw a post from Heidi of Embellished Dreams.  I thought I'd give it a try.  Hey, I'm using ink, glue and glitter.  What could be better.  Check out Heidi's post here.  Heidi used colored glitter, I stamped in color, used my Glue Baste It Glue and transparent glitter.  I wish glitter showed up better in photos, this card is really sparkly and after playing in the glitter, so am I!  This card was super easy to make, however keep in mind, you'll be doing a lot of stamp cleaning if you want to make several.  I will be using this technique at least for sentiments.  The glitter is very delicate looking...I like it, yes I do. 

So, now for my desk, or in this case my counter. 
This close-up isn't showing too much, but I have to tell you, I was getting ready to post this photo and I noticed that laying next to the border punch on the left side of the desk was a list of my passwords.  Though I'd love to share them, I think it best if I don't!  Silly me, so....you don't get to see much of the mess today.  Check out Julia's blog to see what everyone's been up to.  I always get a giggle or three when I bounce from one to another.  I wish I had time to post something on everyone's blog, but know I look at many more than I comment on. 

My cousin Diane has surprised me yet again.  On Monday I received a most treasured gift.  For those who are new to my blog, my mom passed away when I was days old.  My dad was not able to care for my brother and I (alcohol addiction) and we went to live with a foster family, which I will be forever grateful.  Long story short, Diane sent me a letter my mom wrote to her sister.  Other than a signature on a marriage license, this is the first hand written anything I've seen that belonged to my mom.  If anyone is interested, email me and I'll share the letter with you.  It's too lengthy to post here.  Thankfully the envelope was also enclosed...I will share this.  The date on the cancellation is:  July 24, 1936.  This letter is 76 years old.  It was written to my mom (Rea) sister Effie.  It was a sweet account of what was going on in her then single life, in a small town in Wisconsin.  So very precious.  The day my mom wrote this letter, she would not have known that 10 years later, she would have married,  adoped a son, gave birth to a daughter (me) and her life would be finished.  Sad, yet her life goes on through me and my kids and grandkids...I sent the letter to my kids and my youngest son commented, this could have been a letter written in 2012, and said how great that nothing changed in a young girl's life between then and now.  Well, today it would have been an email.  Here's the envelope:
A good reason to send a few snail mail letters...and cards!

Well, lets see, this is definately a snippet card (It wouldn't have been if I hadn't screwed up the first half of the base :-0  so, I'll be checking in with Di and bounce through the playground holding this card high.

And then....there is Sparkles Christmas Challenge.  I wish the glitter would show up better, cause this is a very sparkly card.  This is my new Santa stamp and the sentiment...I'm really loving it.  Check out all the Christmas Ideas here

I had to laugh, I've been reading the Stamping For Pleasure blog and I want to enter my card.  I think I have way too much glitter on my glasses.  I didn't think I could enter because I thought maybe Santa was back inked. I read the rules at least 10 times.   I almost asked Sarn what backinking was...Ok, so it's back linking.  Pardon my old tired eyes.  I think I may need a seeing eye chicken to help me in my advancing years!  You know, I think I may have been confused by this once before.  Maybe I need more than a seeing eye chicken.  Geez!  So, Sarn, here's my entry and I'm soo glad I figured it out.  Check out Sarn's blog here

I think my little card might just need to be linked at Love to Create Challenge Blog - Anything goes this week.  I'm glad to have found this blog....I need to thank Karen for introducing me.

That's all from me, at least for now.  I'll be posting my October class later this week.  Please note, this will be a class from scratch, so bring your supplies and your creativity, because you'll be doing it all! 

Hugs to all, Happy Crafting and See you soon!
AKA:  Glitter Grammy



  1. What a fabulous post Mary. LOVE your card! Can’t see the sparkle but it’s lovely all the same. It's simply wonderful you have your mother's letter. You cracked me up but I must admit I could use a seeing eye 'something' at times myself.

  2. WOW - Mary . . . what a truly wonderful thing to receive in the post. How amazing that it reached your hands 76 years on!

    Your Rudolph Day card is equally fantastic. I laughed at the Back Inking confusion!

    Thanks for joining in.

    Good luck in the draw.
    Sarn xxx

  3. A fabulous card!

    Thank you for sharing at Sparkles Christmas Challenges this time
    Good luck in the draw

    Shaz x

  4. Your post made me smile so many times I have started following. The story about your mum is so precious, how wonderful to have that letter!! Glitter on the glasses indeed - it must be a sign of getting older, I too sometimes stare at something I have mis read and just can't make the mental leap - a few years ago I would have just filled in the blanks. Still, it's good to be able to laugh at oneself.

    Happy WOYWW Cindy #88

  5. Thanks for sharing the story of your precious letter. Great Christmas card.
    Karen 102

  6. You are so lucky to have that letter. I have many that my grandmother received. They are such treasures. Love the cards and have decided to become a followe
    Krisha #40

  7. I adore that image of Father Christmas--very beautiful card and wonderful story! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh at #11

  8. Fabulous Christmas card. love it.
    The story about your Mother literally brought tears to my eyes.
    Pleasure and pain I expect you felt and amaizing that the letter is still around.

    Kath x

  9. Great Christmas card - what a delightful image. Oh Mary, that letter written by your Mom must be so very precious to you - some treasures just can't be bought. Hugs, Di xx

  10. Yup - best keep your passwords to yourself! Makes a great sneak peek of your workspace, though - looking forward to the full reveal one WOYWW soon! Fabulous Father Christmas image, and how wonderful to have that family piece of memorabilia - emails are just not going to be the same in the future, are they? Have a great day!
    Alison x

  11. This is such a stunning card. I can see the glitter, it is even over on the beautiful border edge and punched snowflakes!

    I am going to check out the links you kindly gave as well.

  12. Great looking at your desk. That card is stunning.

  13. Hi Mary, thought I'd posted here and on some of the other Rudolph entries, not seeing my name. Maybe when you get your seeing eye chicken, I can borrow it! (or the mind-helping chicken might be good as well!). So here goes again: Loved this card..and if you find out how to make the glitter-y things show up in photos, please also share with me! I enjoyed reading about the letter, and how wonderful for you to have received this message from your Mom. I can only imagine how you felt when reading it. If you have time, I'd love to have you share it with me. I think you have my email add. Again, beautiful card...TFS...card & story (and chicken if/when you get one!) LOL. Hugs

  14. Hi Mary, I love your card, so pretty and vintage with that cool image. I must say I was so touch on your story about your mom and dad. I think it is so cool that person sent you a letter your mom wrote to her sister so long ago. What a treasured heriloom!!! I am so happy that this letter found it's way to you and now you can preserve it for years to come.

  15. I love the look of glitter but playing with it makes me feel itchy all over. I know it is psychosomatic (emphasis on the psycho) but there you have it.

    I think since chickens have eyes on either side of their head instead of up front you should have two seeing-eye chickens just to be safe.

  16. This is lovely!!very pretty image...I love your card:)

  17. That letter is to be cherished! It's amazing you were able to receive it! Tamika #34


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