Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rudolph Day - July 2014

It's Rudolph Day...well it was on the 25th.  Thankfully this challenge is open until the 31st.  I've had such a busy month and today while finishing up a post for later in August, it dawned on me that my intentions for July's Rudolph Day was quickly slipping away!  So off to my craft room I ran...and yes, I mean ran!

I knew I would need something quick (a word I try not to use as quick usually means takes a long time and nothing goes as planned.  I thought it might be fun to die cut the Memory Box Deer and then emboss it using an embossing folder.  Well, my deer was removed with no antlers, and he was split mid-section.  Making lemonade from lemons, I die cut another deer and carefully reconstructed my embossed deer.  It went together quickly.  I embossed the base, added a ribbon and stamped and cut the sentiment.

Here's the inside.
The inside is pretty much the same, but a little different.  That's how I usually make the insides.  I have everything out so why not finish the card?

Sarn requires two cards....this next card was really simple.
I rubber stamped on glossy photo paper.  I colored direct to stamp.  I used a stamp positioner so I could over stamp it if I needed to.  The inside will be done on my computer.  I will put a typed panel in, as for this card I plan to type a note to the recipient.

I'm going to enter my cards into:  Rudolph Day Challenge, and Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge also  Crafty Hazelnut's Extra Mid-month challenge.  I think my little trees are so cute.  And I've got to say, this card was pretty easy.  I think it will be one I use if I need a card in a hurry. 

Off I go for now.  I wish you all a Happy Rudolph Day and I now am closer to having my cards finished.

Hugs from Northern California,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mrs. A's Butterfly Challenge and But of Course Di's Snippet Challenge

Check out my can now follow on email.  I'll tell you more below....

Two of my favorite blogs to follow are Pixie's  Crafty Workshop and Mrs. A's Butterfly Challenge.  When I can make one card that fit the criteria for both I am extremely happy!

Today....I am extremely happy!  But before I share that happiness, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been commenting on and joining my blog.  Yesterday a young lady named Jean joined as a follower.  What makes me so pleased is Jean said she wished she could follow me via email.  Thank you Jean for pushing me into trying to figure out how...And guess what, I can't believe how easy it was.  I'm from the generation of don't push buttons you don't know what could happen.  Well, this button made me very happy and my machine did not blow up!  (giggling here).  So again, Thank You Jean!

Now back to the challenge(s)  at hand.  Mrs. A's challenge is to make a card using stripes and dots.  So, this is what I made.  These are all scraps from an album I made using Graphic45 Secret Garden collection.  I just noticed this....even my ribbon has stripes...I used the ribbon to mute the pattern behind it.  My dots are sequins that I've had for quite some time.  I think, though they are light in color, they add dots of sparkle on this card.  Even the little butterfly got into the act.  She too is sporting sequins.  The graphic was a happy accident.  It is actually the reverse side of a piece I'd originally thought about using as my background.  If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can see the sequins much better.  And I really like the wording on the graphic.  Di's challenge is to use up scraps and even the ribbon was a scrap,

Now, on to the inside....
Snippets again, The butterflies were just from borders that I kept.  Not enough paper to do much more than punch butterflies.  These butterflies were punched using the Martha Stewart punch with the 3 butterflies.  The piece behind the sentiment wasn't big enough of course I realized this after I'd glued it, the left side was a piece of trim I'd saved from another project.  Not perfect gluing, but pretty close.  There is sequins here too.

Valery and Di always give me reason to use bits and pieces.  I have to say, sometimes it's a challenge to use up those snippets and not cut into a full sheet.  I must say I'm also challenged to use patterns that I would not think would work together, but you know what?  I think they do.  In addition to being brought up in the don't touch that generation.  I've also been brought up to not mix patterns.  Hey, if the Queen can do a photo bomb....I can mix patterns!  Love this photo:
Thanks JayDetaylor for being in the right place at the right time and having a camera!

Well, that's it for me today.  I'm going to try to get a card done for Rudolph Day....If that's going to happen, I'd best get my act together.

Hugs from me to you,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

The Twinery, Poppystamps and Me

Ha, I thought this would get your attention.....
If you came to me from DoBea Alberts blog page you already know about this FABULOUS HOP....if you started here......Here's the scoop, Poppystamps and The Twinery have joined forces between July 24th and July 26th for a blog hop....I was so excited to be able to participate.  So, here's a card I made for my daughter's birthday.  Blossom stripe is the Twinery twine on the front of the card.  I added seed beads to the twine and the Poppystamps  butterfly dies.  Do you know which ones they are?  Hint...keep reading!  You are going to see the Happy Birthday background die used often.  Boy does it make creating birthday cards easy and very quick.  And what's on the inside?  The Wild Rose Bud die, butterflies and the Leafy Sprig border make this card complete.

Do you want to see another?  This card is the same, but  different....
Lots more twine this time  I used Cantaloupe Stripe twine, even the name is yummy!   See how I punched a tiny hole and brought the twine through it.  This time I put tiny seed beads on the ends.  I used the Delaney and the Chevlot Butterfly and some decorative pins and I love it....and the inside:

 I decided to use letters that fell from the Birthday Background die.  I added the Dianna Border and some Cantaloup twine with a bead in the center of  the twine.   You know waste not want not.   This card was made for my crafting buddy, Cathy.  Happy Birthday Cathy!

OK....grab your coffee....I'm on a roll! Want to see another card? If not.....turn away now.... :-) 
This card I made for my friend Thelma.  For this card I used Honey Dew twine, I think it added lot's of interest to this card.  My Poppystamps dies are:  My newest butterflies....did you see the name above?  If not, let's play, I spy with my little eye!  See it now?  and I used Classic Ribbons, with a sentiment I typed on my computer.  My window is the Grand Madison French Door.  I'm using it as a French window.... :-)  And of course more beads....can never have too many of those you know! 
I kept the inside pretty simple, I wanted to leave room for a little note.  Again I used the Classic Ribbons die and more Honey Dew Twinery Twine.  Yup, and more beads.

My favorite son-in-law's birthday was the perfect time to use twine and my birthday background die. Linn says he's my only son-in-law and therefore he is automatically my favorite.....he'd be my favorite if there were 10 of them... :-)  
I like that this die and the Twinery twine can be used for men or women...Boys or girls....I added a gear to the twine and it's ready to post....well, after I show you the inside....
My daughter is a photographer and I thought adding the film strip die brought a bit of her into the card too.  I think the twine added the perfect touch.  I knotted the ends of the twine.  I like that the Birthday background die can be cut on solid or patterned card stock and it's pretty both ways. 

I have to say twine is a welcomed addition to my card making treasure box. Twine adds one more layer of dimension and interest  and not a lot of bulk.  I hope you'll try twine too, and if you do, send me  a photo and I'll post it.  Be sure to check out The Twinery Shop and the Poppystamps shop  and follow along with today's  DT creations:  

Ira Huberts -                     
Christine Meyer -                                

I may have forgotten to mention one little, well one REALLY big thing....there are prizes.  Yes there are!  Hop on over to The Twinery to see what they are gifting......I can tell you it is the Shimmer pack retailing for $32.00.  WOW! 
 This is what Poppystamps is gifting.  Pretty cool wouldn't you agree?  I have both dies and I LOVE  both of them.....
Don't forget, to have a chance to win, leave a comment on the blog pages listed above.  Remember to also leave comments on the Twinery and the Poppystamps blog pages too.  I love to hop....I am ALWAYS inspired by what I see. I hope you will be too.  If today is the first you've seen of the blog hop, you might just want to check out yesterday's posts on the Twinery and the Poppystamps blog pages. 

I want to thank The Twinery for asking the Poppystamps design team to play along.  I had a great time, and I've been introduced to some really creative gals. Speaking of creative, the next creative stop is Tobi Crawford.  So hop on over and see what Tobi created.

Happy Crafting,
Hugs from me to you,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How Do You Store Your Dies? And....WOYWW

It's not quite Thursday, close, but not quite!'s my desktop for WOYWW  If you follow me at all, you know that on Wednesday, we crafters get together and share what our workdesk looks like.  Today mine is kind of boring, but at least it's somewhat organized.  What you see are items I'm hoping to use to make a card for my September class.  Note, I did say "hoping".  I always have great ideas, but my ideas sometimes need major changing.  I will post my card when it is finished.  Then you can see how much I actually used. 

I've been in an organizing mood of late and this week I am working on organizing my dies.  I hate to tell you how many there are.  Lets just say more than some....So, I am organizing them by manufacturer and then by kind, i.e. holiday, animal, flowers, frames, etc.  I started with my Poppystamps and my Memory Box dies.  Next I will be doing Spellbinders and then...probably Die-namics.  Here's what I've done so far.....

I'm putting the dies into plastic sleeves.  The Poppystamps and the Memory Box dies are easy as I've saved the envelopes they came in. My other dies are being stored on magnetic sheets.  I write the name of each die using a white paint pen.  I've been doing this for a long time, Finally I decided to take them from the boxes and put them into binders.  Trust me, the binders are heavy, so I do hope the binders will hold up well.
And this is how I'm labeling the binders. 
Notice one of the Poppystamps binders is a different color.  I always keep the new release in a separate binder.  This makes it easy for me to remember what is new. 

So, I'm on my way to die organization.  I've finished organizing my papers, Maybe next I'll move on to my rubber stamps.  Or maybe I'll take a break and play.  That sounds like a better idea!

So, here's a do you store your dies?  I'd love it if you shared....

Well, if I'm going to get my post on line before the clock strikes 12:00, I'd best hurry. 

Happy Crafting, make sure you check out Julia's blog to see what everyone has been sharing.  I'm off to see what's on everyone's workdesk this week. 

Hugs from Me to You,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yet Another Christmas Card

Don't stop me...I'm on a roll.  One card closer to Christmas.  Today I'm featured on the Poppystamps Blog page.  And this is the card I am showcasing.  I hope you'll hop over to find out more about how I created this card, and to see what the finished inside looks like. 

Off I go....I'm sending wishes for a most wonderful day....Happy Crafting from me to you!

Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Boo.....Flip Card

I should have been cleaning my craft room, however, I spied with my little eyes Halloween paper.  So, long story short....I made a Halloween card.  Last year,  I created an album for my sister.  I'd forgotten I had these pieces left over.  Aren't left-overs yummy!

This is a flip card and the photo isn't my best, but above is the front side that you will see when you open the envelope and below is the back side....
I'm not having an August class, but rather we are getting together just to work on projects we've started.  I don't make many (or any) Halloween cards, but I just happened on these papers and  I thought I'd make this card. Hey, it was much better than cleaning up my mess.   If you are interested in making a card similar to this one,bring your cardstock and any Halloween papers to the crop..If you need Halloween papers, I'm sure Karen has the perfect fit for this card. 

I'll email you the particulars....oh, BTW:  the finished card folds to fit a 5x5 envelope,  Just incase you want to make an envelope....

Off for now....Happy Almost Halloween!  Oh, the only part not a snippet is the base of the, Di will be getting a visit.  If you have snippets, and I know you do, create something.... and link it to Pixie's Crafty Workshop.  It's a fun way to clean out the snippet file and have something nice to show for your efforts.  Not to mention all the fun folks you'll meet on the playground.  We are quite a group of mischievous ones and some more mischievous than others (I will not mention know who you are!)

Hugs from me to you....see you soon, I hope!
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

It's not too late

This is the front of a card I'm posting on the Poppystamps Blog page.  One of these beautiful dies will be won by some lucky person.  All you have to do is leave a comment.  What could be easier than that?  You have until July 15th to comment.  Don't wait....To find out more click on over to see what the others have created and what prizes are waiting maybe for you.....Check it out here.

I'm hoping one of my followers will win....

Off I go....Hugs from me to you..
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Friday, July 11, 2014

Butterfly Challenge

Well Mrs. A. did it again.  This challenge was a challenge....A single layer plus a butterfly.  I am taking this to mean that the butterfly doesn't have to be part of the single layer.  I'm hoping that is the case!  Cause you can see, my butterfly has landed on the embossed and cut card.  If you happen to have a butterfly fluttering around your crafty space, maybe you'd like to add your creation to The Butterfly Challenge #10. 

I had a young lady in mind while creating this card.  Her name is Edith and if you'd like to lift her spirits by sending her a card, find out more by clicking over to Donna's blog page.

I needed an inside for this card, and though the inside has more than one layer, here's what I did...
I'm liking this card.  It was quick, it was easy, it is sparkly, and did I mention, it is yellow and I LOVE yellow!

So that's it for today....Oh, FYI....The Poppystamps Blog Blitz is in full swing, and there are prizes.  Also....The Twinery will soon be having a hop, and I'll be hopping along....Just sayin....there might be prizes there too!  Don't miss out!

Well, I'm off, seems someone has been in my craft room and has made quite a mess!

Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's On My Workdesk...

A mess, that's what's on my workdesk.....
On Monday I went to crop with the girls.  I still have not put "my toys" away.  But if I've learned anything on my crafting journey, it's this....they will wait for me. 

I'm thinking they will be waiting for the weekend as tomorrow I have a class and then Thursday a doctor's appointment and a visit with a friend.  Maybe I should just close the box and post the card that is waiting patiently....Everything else can wait.

It's been awhile since I've linked to WOYWW.  I wonder if Julia will remember me.  It's nice being back....I'm off to link with Ms Julia....She may not be ready for early morning company as she is recovering from a big birthday celebration....If you are brave...well you don't really need to be brave...if you want to share your desk, link your post here....and then be sure to leave a comment, so Julia knows you were visiting.  

I'm off for now, have a most crafty week and if you have nothing planned....come and play!

Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not A Christmas Card! What's With That?

Can you believe it?  I've actually created something that is not a Christmas card.  I was playing with my Monday group and I had no idea what I would make, so I grabbed a plastic carrier filled with this and that and this is what I made.  Every piece of this card was made with bits and bobs left over from an album project of a year ago.  So, Di, you will be getting a visit...finally.  I hope all the playmates have been behaving on the playground.  From the sounds of things, the weather has been too hot and muggy to do much running around.  Here too, summer has been more hot than I prefer. 

The paper I used  is Graphic 45, the dies are Poppystamps and Die-Namics.  The lace is a piece of gold paper doily, which was gifted to me years ago by a neighbor.  Her sister-in-law is the woman for whom I created this card.  The Sentiment I made a long time ago and I was pleased that I could use it.  I love how the bird on the paper seems to be reading the sentiment.  Happy accident for sure. 

This card was created for my friend Thelma.  She's a dear woman that has every card I've sent her displayed on the window ledge of her retirement home.  Don't you love it when the recipient loves your creations...I know I am always pleased that a creation can bring a bit of sunshine to a friend.

I feel that I've been absent from linking with my favorite gals....I'm going to try to play catch up this week.  This card will be linked to  Pixie's Crafty Workshop

Speaking of catch up....I honestly have been creating, but, most of what I've made won't be shown until later.  I'm sure you know that Poppystamps has just released new and absolutely gorgeous dies.  I've been working away to get a few cards made during their blog blitz.  BTW, there are prizes, so you might just want to leave a comment and you could be a winner!  Anyway, check it out.... Here

Ok, I have a butterfly card that needs off I shall go to see what my little mind can create. 

Sending wishes for a most wonderful week of creating. 
Hugs from me to you,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's a Poppystamps kind of day!

I'm always excited to receive dies in the mail, but I was super excited waiting for my new PoppyStamps dies.....why?  Well, let's see because they are the most beautiful Christmas dies I have EVER seen....really!  I had trouble deciding which die I would use I used  5.  You are seeing 3....Well, 2 and one is hidden but very visible.... if you want to see the inside of this card, and I hope you do, because one of the dies on the inside of this card is going to be awarded to one lucky person.  Do I have your  attention?  I hope so!  I also give a little info on how this card was made. 

Here's what you need to do.  Skip on over to the Poppystamps Blog Page and look for my card.  Then leave a comment.  That's it!  Easy no?  Easy yes!  One lucky person will win! Actually there are 28 chances to win.  All of the girls on the design team are working away to make beautiful cards from the new Poppystamps dies.  So check and see what they are making, leave a comment and you could have another chance to win. 

The Poppystamps Blog Blitz began on July 1st and the last day is July 15th.  Winners will be announced on July 20th and I'd love to see your name as a winner, but you can't win if you don't play.  Trust me, if you love Christmas, Halloween, Fall and Summer you are going to love, love, love the new release....

Off I go....I'm going to see what the design team girls are up to.....
Until next time, Hugs from Northern California
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Card Class

It took awhile, but I finally decided on what cards to make for my Christmas in July card class.  I really fussed over this card.  It started as blue and red....but it was pretty dark.  I'll bring the original to class.  Today I finished this version and I like it.  I hope you do too. 

And here is the second card...
A technique or two and you'll have two more Christmas cards to add to your 2014 collection.  When:  July 9th. at 1:00 PM.  Where:  Paradise Scrapbook Boutique.  Be sure to call Karen and let her know you'll be attending. 

A few months back, I challenged my girls to go home and design a card.  I jokingly said, your homework is.....well, Cindy took me up on my challenge and this is the BEAUTIFUL card she made..
Thank you Cindy for the kind words enclosed and thank you too for taking the time to create this beauty.....Cindy said, sorry it's taken so long, but honest I did do my homework on time.  Cindy will not have to serve detention.....she became a Grammy and a bit sooner than she'd planned.  Seems her granddaughter was in a rush to meet her!  Congrats Cindy, being a grandma is the best!

That's it for me....tomorrow will be my turn to post using the new Poppystamps dies.  Trust me, the dies are gorgeous!  Lots of Christmas, Halloween, Fall, and some Summer too.  I hope you check in tomorrow.  My blog will go live at noon on the  Poppystamps Blog.

See you Soon!
Mary Mac

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sparkles Christmas Challenge #42

Happy July 1st.  And welcome to another Sparkles Christmas Challenge.  Boy the year is really flying by....Thankfully, I have one more Christmas Card ready to be signed and mailed.  This card uses lots of what I up-cycled Christmas graphic.  This one was hard to photograph.  lots of silvery shine.  But the image was so pretty I just had to use it.  I guess I don't think of a lavenderish blue color for Christmas, but it sure turned out well.  The Poppystamps "Merry" die is perfect for cards I love the size and it looks great in all colors.  I don't know the name of the background paper, and I guess it's not really Christmas, but I sure like how it brought the card to life.  Some silvery ribbon and the outside of this card is done.  Now what to do on the inside......
A simple inside, with room for a holiday note.  I really like the Memory Box snowflake.  It adds the perfect amount of glimmer.

Be sure to check out the Sparkles Christmas Challenge blog.  And if you want to join in, the theme this month is a Winter Scene.

This month's sponsor is.....

If you are the lucky winner you can have your choice of 2 dies or 1 die and 1 stamp.... WOW!  So, show us what you've got and maybe you'll be the winner!  Be sure to link your creation on the Sparkles Christmas Challenge blog page.  And be sure to check out Marianne Design.

Before I go....I want to welcome the newest member to our design team....Welcome Caz!  I know you'll have as much fun as I am.  Check out Caz's site by heading to the Sparkles Christmas Challenge blog page.  

Until next time.....Merry Almost Christmas and Hugs from me to you!
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy