Friday, September 26, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.....

I know, you folk that had a hard winter in 2013 are probably not as ready for a White Christmas as I am.  We are melting here, nearly October and it's been hot, hot, hot.  Today I'm posting on PoppyStamps Blog page.  So, please take a minute to check out how I made this card and tiny tree....
If you don't already know, Poppystamps has announced our new Design Team Members.  I hope you check out their creations.  I'm looking forward to working with all of them.  Here's the link if you'd like to meet them.  

I'm off for now.  I have a sick little pup and she is wanting lots of momma lovin.  Until next time,

Hugs from me to you,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday? Who said?

Ok, I have been in organize mood.  I blame my friend Virginia for that.  So, today I decided it was time to get my act together.  Sadly, there were no before photos, trust me, it was a real pig pen!  Well, here is the after.....
My play room is far from fancy, it works for me and I love it.  My husband said he doesn't know how I find one thing, I can tell you exactly where it is. He says I have 100 pounds of stuff (not the word he used) in a 20 pound bag... he may be right!

I haven't been visiting my blog friends for awhile.  Lots going on in my life, friends with illness, a pup that has been really ill, lots of projects I've been working on.  Just lots.  And, One vacation taken and another just around the corner.  So, I'm trying to get everything done before I go. 

Well, trust me, this won't look this way long, but for's my work desk(s).  Now if you are wondering why in the world would anyone share this....I'll tell you, check out Stamping ground.  Miss Julia hosts a weekly share.  We normally show what we are working on.  Well, I was working on my room.  Now, if you want to see what others are doing, click on over to Stamping Ground and have a look see. 

Yesterday I worked on card kits for my October class.  I can't show you the mess I made, but here are the cards for October.....
This one is sticking with my flat is better on my pocketbook theme.  I love vintage and these paper are perfect....
Last year one of the gals I make cards with made a card with tri-angle trees. I really liked what she did.  Well, this is my take on the tri-angle tree. 

I guess since I've been busy in my little room, it's time now to get busy making dinner.  We might get rain tomorrow (finally) and I want to be able to have an entire day to play inside.  I love crafting in the rain! 

Until next time, hugs from me to you!
Mary Mac

Friday, September 19, 2014

CardMaker and PoppyStamp Blog Hop

I'm so happy to be hopping along on the CardMarker and PoppyStamp Blog Hop.  I hope you will hop along and see what we've been creating....I've been keeping this a secret for a long time....well it feels like a long time. 
Now I can tell you how I made this card.  The ribbon , paper and doily are pretty self explanatory.  I knew I wanted to use the Claudette Frame on the inside of the card, and after die cutting it for the sentiment, I wondered what it would look like in silver glitter.  I cut it and then decided to remove a portion of the inside square.  The solid glittered portion took too much away from the lovely Elsa Butterfly Branch, so I created a border by cutting the center away.  
 I love the Elsa Butterfly Branch, and when you add the Elsa and Lyndon butterfly, it's perfect.  I added tiny flowers and sequins to add a bit of glitz.  Top it off with a bow and the outside is complete.  And now on to the inside....
I always repeat elements and this card is no exception.  The Claudette Frame is tucked into the pocket created using a portion of a doily, and the ribbon is seen again.  It is decorated by adding the Massa Leaf and Massa Leaf Background.  As you can see the Elsa butterfly, backed by the Lyndon butterfly fluttered by.  I can't say who I made this card for, but it's ready and will be in the mail shortly.  

I want to thank CardMaker and Poppystamps for letting us join in the fun.  Do you love prizes?  I sure do.  And guess what, Poppystamps is giving away a fantastic prize.  One of the blogs has the prize hidden.  So you won't know until the end, which blog held the prize.  Actually, I don't know either, I know what it is, I just don't know where it is.... That's because it's a SECRET!  Want to see the prize?  
I wish I could win.....  The Poppystamps background dies are Wonderful. I always order backgrounds first, because you can make a quick card using them.  Also, look at all the fonts that can be used on cards....and the Leaf Silhouette is gorgeous, absolutely so!
I hope you'll hop along and remember for your chance to win, you need to comment.....I can't wait to see what everyone created and that's where I'm heading next.....I hope you will check out all the inspiration....

If you came to me from Penny's are hopping in the right direction.   Your next stop should be Ira's blog.  Oh, I almost forgot.  You have until 9-26 to comment.  The winner will be announced on 9-29. 

Here's the full list....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

First, thank you Bridget Larsen for nominating me.  I apologize for taking so long to play along.  Long story short, these last weeks of summer make me feel like I'm running a race to Fall....That said, This is a project I completed yesterday.....
1. What am I working on now?   I guess to answer the first question, I am working on Christmas cards.  Well, maybe more than that.  During my last class I was asked how do you think of what you want on your card.  This will be one of the cards explained in the October get together.

2.  How does my work differ from others in my genre?   That's hard to answer, because sometimes it doesn't.  I think my work is governed by inspiration and that may come from my peers, or from something I've seen on Pinterest, or most often, something I saw in a dream.  Yup, I go to bed thinking of creating and I wake up with a plan.  My most creative times are early in the morning.   I like layers, and recently my goal is creating cards that have layers, but not a lot of bulk.  I've made over 80 Christmas cards, I'd go broke sending cards that had thick embellishments.  So, I try to use paper as my embellishment.  Of course there are those special cards that will be hand delivered and trust me, I add a lot of bling, ribbon and flowers to those cards.  For the most part, I try to keep my cards flat.

3.   Why do I create what I do?  Often times need.  I'll have a birthday or anniversary that needs a special card.  I used to have lots of commissioned work but I really didn't enjoy it. It's hard for me to create for someone I don't know.  If I've created a card for a special person, I think of that person the entire time I create.  I'd like to think my cards hold a bit of me and a bit of the person I'm creating for.  Commissioned work was just making something pretty.   A little story.  When I was doing commission work, I would put a price tag so high, I thought the person would be discouraged.  I mean really, would you pay $25.00 for a card?  I sure wouldn't....but they did.

I am on two design teams and I teach at a local scrapbook store.  I do love to teach.  I especially love it when someone takes a class or sees something I've created on my blog page and they create a card from what they've learned.  People never think they can come up with original ideas...It's great when they see they can.  Seeing the pride in their face is my reward for teaching.

I'm on the Poppystamps Design Team.  Actually it was my very first design team.  When I started, I was so green to the "how to post", etc.  Our coordinator, Jeanne must have pulled her hair out the first few months.  She was my salvation and made me want to learn.  I will be forever greatful to her for helping me.  All the while she stayed calm.  I would imagine her holding a pillow over her face as she screamed....not her again!  If you are reading this....thank you Jeanne.  I just was accepted for another year and I am proud to create for another year.  Dies, rubber stamps and papers  are my true loves.  Poppystamps have the most beautiful dies and I am happy to create using them.

I am also on the Sparkles Christmas Challenge Design Team.  I applied for that team for selfish reasons.  I wanted to create Christmas Cards and I thought, if I'm on a Christmas design team....I'll for sure be creating cards, and I have been.

I've met so many great people via the internet and when I'm talking to friends and family, I say, "my internet friend"  In truth, I think of each of them as my friend!  I am always amazed by the talent that is in the world and how close we have become because of the internet. 

4.    How does my creative process work?  It's never the same, so....Let me tell you about the card pictured above.  The paper line is FabScraps.  It's a new Christmas line Paradise Scrapbook Boutique is carrying.  Note:  When I purchase papers I purchase several from the same line.  It makes creating easier.  The colors and patterns automatically go together.  I'll pick a graphic, and then pick papers that I think will go with that graphic.  I lay out the papers, sometimes I'll look at them for a few days before I make my final choice.  Often times I'll cut shapes from scrap papers, and do a mock up with scrap before cutting into a good sheet.  And finally, I start cutting and layering and pretty soon, the outside of my card is finished.  Note, I said the  outside is finished....  To me a card isn't finished until the inside is complete.  It's so easy to complete a card while the supplies are still on the table..  My insides mimic product I used on the outside.  Want to see?
So, now you know a bit about how I create.  I am proud to say, I've asked a co-designer on the Poppystamps Design Team to take part in this challenge.  Patty was kind enough to say yes.  When Patty finishes her post, I'll be sure to link to her blog.  I've never met Patty, but I giggle when I read her posts.  She is a ball of energy.  You can find her on her blog page and also on the Poppystamps Blog page.  I hope you giggle when you see the words...Hola Chicas!  Because when I see that, I know, Patty is in the building!

Until later.....I'm sending hugs from Northern California.  May all your days be filled with crafty pleasures!

Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Twirly Whirly Christmas

Today I'm showing off one of my creations on the Poppystamps Blog Page.  I'm happy with this card and if you want to know how it was made, and see the inside, follow along  HERE.

This is my first opportunity to say goodbye to some of my Design Team friends, I wish them a most wonderful future.  Just because you are gone, does not mean you will be forgotten.  I'll be popping in to your blogs to see what you have been up to.  

I'm also welcoming the new members to our team.  I've snooped around their blogs and I believe you are in for a treat.  Check out all the members of this new design team on the Poppystamps Blog Page.  I do hope if you are not yet a follower to my blog or to the Poppystamps Blog you will join.  I wouldn't want you to miss out on the challenges and the prizes.  

Until next time,  Happy Crafting and Hugs,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Monday, September 1, 2014

There Is No Man Like A Snowman

Can you believe it?  September already, I hate to remind everyone, but Christmas is right around the corner.  Today I'm posting on the Sparkles Christmas Challenge Blog.   Before I tell you about my cards, I want to thank Crafty Ribbons. for sponsoring this month's challenge.  One thing for certain, if you don't enter, you can not the theme of this challenge is "No Man Like A Snowman". 
Here's the prize....You have your choice of a bundle of ribbon or A Voucher.  A reminder postage is paid by the winner.  Check out the beautiful ribbons at:  Crafty Ribbons.

The front of my card was fun to make.  I colored the image quite some time ago.  It's a Marianne stamp and it's too cute, don't you agree?  I mounted it onto a Spellbinder die, backed by a Prima doily and edged the card with Poppystamps dies.  I added glitter and a snowflake punched bottom border.  My rubber stamped sentiment is from Stampin Up, probably retired as it's an old one and framed using Spellbinder circles.  

And here is the inside:
I repeated papers from the outside, added a sentiment made by Stampabilities. 

I made two cards this month...why?  Well, I'm the featured designer and I thought that privilege deserved a little extra effort!  So, here is card number 2.....
 My rubber stamp is from Hero Arts and it's probably from back in 1997or 1998.  It's always been one of my very favorite I love their happy little faces.  I mounted them on Authentique papers added a punched border, a Memory Box snowfake and a bit of gold edged ribbon and this card is finished.  
Again, I repeated papers from the outside, added my sentiment and this card is finished.  By now you know, I always finish a card inside and out.  Why?  Because I don't want to have to dig for something to go inside.  When I finish a project, I put everything away.  I don't want to waste time trying to finish a card at the last minute.  

I hope you will check out what the other Sparkles Design Team have created.  And, I hope you will enter this month's challenge.  

Until next time,  Happy crafting, 
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy