Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday? Who said?

Ok, I have been in organize mood.  I blame my friend Virginia for that.  So, today I decided it was time to get my act together.  Sadly, there were no before photos, trust me, it was a real pig pen!  Well, here is the after.....
My play room is far from fancy, it works for me and I love it.  My husband said he doesn't know how I find one thing, I can tell you exactly where it is. He says I have 100 pounds of stuff (not the word he used) in a 20 pound bag... he may be right!

I haven't been visiting my blog friends for awhile.  Lots going on in my life, friends with illness, a pup that has been really ill, lots of projects I've been working on.  Just lots.  And, One vacation taken and another just around the corner.  So, I'm trying to get everything done before I go. 

Well, trust me, this won't look this way long, but for's my work desk(s).  Now if you are wondering why in the world would anyone share this....I'll tell you, check out Stamping ground.  Miss Julia hosts a weekly share.  We normally show what we are working on.  Well, I was working on my room.  Now, if you want to see what others are doing, click on over to Stamping Ground and have a look see. 

Yesterday I worked on card kits for my October class.  I can't show you the mess I made, but here are the cards for October.....
This one is sticking with my flat is better on my pocketbook theme.  I love vintage and these paper are perfect....
Last year one of the gals I make cards with made a card with tri-angle trees. I really liked what she did.  Well, this is my take on the tri-angle tree. 

I guess since I've been busy in my little room, it's time now to get busy making dinner.  We might get rain tomorrow (finally) and I want to be able to have an entire day to play inside.  I love crafting in the rain! 

Until next time, hugs from me to you!
Mary Mac


  1. Hi Mary, your room looks fabulous, so organized! Love your chrissy card too, Cathy x

  2. Great space you have there and such a lovely take on the Christmas tree card :)

  3. Both cards are fab, but I really like the tree one.

    Definitely envious of your crafting room.

    Hope you have a lovely day.

  4. I'm torn between these cards - they are just lovely. You've tempted me to have a go at triangle trees this year. And what a great room to craft in - lucky lady! Hugs, Chris # 14

  5. Love your cards and your well organised workspace. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a lovely day and that you have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #69 x

  6. Beautiful cards and wow thats some crafty space x

  7. Mary - I have room envy!!! Your cart space is amazing - I thought I had a fair amount of space - but.... it's fabulous, and looks great and neat.
    Lovely cards - the triangle card has come out really well.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #18

  8. Well I went to Paradise SBS and sold a lot, but my room still looks the same sadly....I have to much stuff I want to keep. Your room looks spacious and gorgeous! Plus you have all those pretty trees up there! I love your cards!!

  9. Wow your space is very nice and neat, love that bench with cupboards on top
    Bridget #1


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