Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winner Winner

Yesterday Richard decided to enter a chili cook-off at Jaki's, a local restaurant. So, off to the store he went to get the ingredients, while I chopped and chopped some more. When you're the assistant chef you get stuck with the chopping! He arrived back home and he started making Wisconsin Chili, which is a version of a chili my mom used to make. He billed the recipe as High on Flavor, Low on Fire.

Well guess what....his first ever cooking contest and he won....he's very proud of his plaque and the winning purse will give him enough money to make another batch....

We're willing to share the recipe. Mind you, it makes 6 to 8 quarts (we make it once...freeze it and enjoy often). If anyone wants the me (address in profile) and I'll make sure one is emailed to you.


  1. Well done to your hubby! And to you for being such an able chef's assistant ;) I'd love the recipe please - my OH will let me travel anywhere I like with friends so long as I make and freeze a bucketful of chilli beforehand! Di xx

  2. Whhhheeeyyyy HHHeeeeeeyyyyy!! Congratulations!
    Its not something that I have ever cooked myself, but it does sound very good indeed. Well done Mr Richard I bet your very proud!


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