Thursday, July 21, 2011


A little late, but here it is: WOYWW-111

Virginia and I had a play day on Tuesday, while playing we were also looking at the Magnolia Stamp Magazines, and one of the photos showed a background which was made using a Dreamweaver stencil (one I just happen to have). That was enough for me to pull out the stencils, the Dreamweaver Embossing Paste, pallet knife and glitter.

Early Wednesday morning, while DH and Doggies were sound asleep, I was in my play room. The above photo had the best results. For it I used black card stock, ultra fine glitter and the Stencil paste.

The above photo looks good, however, as the paste dried, the small branches disappeared, being covered by the larger pieces of glitter. Not the results I wanted.

One is never enough. The above photo shows what happens with white card stock, and Art Institute Royal Wink Opaque glitter. I like it....yes I do. Once you start playing, time flies by and more toys come out. Below I used Dreamweaver gold paste, and I thought I'd grabbed gold glitter to cover it....nope, I accidentally got into the embossing powder drawer and mistakenly grabbed Judi Kins Embossing Powder.....when I realized the error of my ways....I waited for the paste to dry and then heat embossed it. Guess works and well! Happy Accident!

Having had that accidental success. I decided to use Tombow Water markers to color a stencil, then cover it with the Dreamweaver paste, followed by ultra fine glitter.....the pumpkin stencil was a least I think it is.

Remember I said I never can leave well enough alone.....well, on to Let It Snow.

I used the same Tombow Markers, the same paste and the same glitter. I like it! Ok....the next one didn't work so well. but, I think for you girls with the Copic Markers, you might just have better success. The Tombow Markers are water based, and the red one didn't want to lay still, it ran....OOPS!

That was enough playing with the stencils and paste. I cleaned up my mess while waiting for Terri, the tech from BossKut to call. Months ago I had a BIG virus issue on my computer. I lost everything and Windows 7 needed to be reinstalled, along with everything else. My computer angel, had worked so hard at putting things back together, I didn't have the heart to ask him to put my Gazelle back. So, I tried to install it all by my self...did I tell you I'm not soft ware literate? Well, I tried, and I struggled, and I uninstalled, and I put my machine out of sight and out of mind....well out of sight.

I emailed BossKut, explained my problem and asked for help. Now keep in mind, I purchased my machine in 2008, so I wasn't holding any hope for help. Not only did I get help, I was sent a cyber tech angel by the name of Terri. The below shows my little pink machine and a frame I cut. The frame was designed by Lori of the gals who share her creations in the BossKut Forum. I think BossKut deserves a big THANK YOU and Terri, deserves two of them....

I'd say I had a very good Wednesday. It's fun to pull out toys you haven't played with in awhile, It's great having a piece of equipment working again. is good!

Today it's Weight Watchers, and then off to Virginia's to see what she's up to, followed by taking a neighbor to his doctor's appointment and then a quiet night spent with Hubby and the doggies. I know, my life is toooooo exciting! Ok, maybe not exciting, but certainly fun!

I'm going to start working on an album for my son's mum-in-law. We're going to Australia in September and I want to gift her an album. She's a very sweet lady and the best mum. I so appreciate her being there for my son. I'll show the album, after I've given it to her...a post for October!

See you all later....Hugs to all!

Mary - AKA: Glitter Grammy


  1. All that glitter.... pure lusciousness! You are one busy lady I tell ya!

  2. What wonderful results! I really love the dreamweaver stencils, although I have never had a play with them! I dont feel confident using the paste?? It scares me a bit! The glitter over the paste looks stunning. And yes the pumpkin is a thumbs up!

  3. Oh Mary, what a fab posting - and how many things you tried with such huge success.Love everything you did - sometime soon over here the Christmas stash is gonna have to surface before panic sets in! Di xx

  4. Lavina....the paste is really easy to use. There are a few tips I can give me and I'll pass them along to you....

    Di....I know you'll be ready before panic has a chance to set in....I'm gonna give your Diamond Top Card a try....I'll post it if, and I say if, it turns out.

    Patti....I'm a glitter-aholic.... Gotta love all the sparkle!


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