Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 98 and Operation Write Home

It's Wednesday.....and below is a shot of my workdesk. This is what it looked like about 10 minutes after my first sip of coffee......
Not much different than when I went to bed. I've been working on card kits for Operation Write Home and after putting 12 kits together, I said, no clean up, just get up in the AM and get going.....Check out the other desks here.

Tuesday is Operation Write Home day at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique. For those who don't know, it's when our group makes cards for soldiers to send home to their families. This month we are hoping to get people who have not made cards to join us. Carolyn and I are making kits that will be easy to assemble. We hope to encourage the new gals and make it fun so they will join us every month.

The card above is one made by Carolyn. She has everything cut out so the girls will be able to jump right in and get creating. Carolyn always puts so much detail into her work....gotta love the ice cream cone....hmmm I wonder how many Weight Watcher points are in that one?

Then there are my card kits.....not much detail here. I was trying to create something that would use black and white , and yet look pretty enough for someone to send home to friends and family.

I do hope there will be a few new gals joining us. It's fun to craft with a group, and the laughs carry us through until the next get together.

This week I finished making a card for the newest member of our family. Rowan Denali Keller. My niece is a quilter, I on the other hand can't sew a button on without a problem....I tried to make Rowan's card look like a quilt. I think it turned out quiltish.... The Cuttlebug tiny dots embossing folder is what I used to create a quilt look.

I like it....yes I do! Ok....shhhhhhh the babies are sleeping. I must work awfully hard, because it seems Baxter and Sydney get tired just watching me.

I guess I should get moving.....I want to get a few more kits together, balance my checkbook, and clean house. I'm going to try pulling a bit of wool over my honey's eyes. I'm going to make spaghetti sauce the Weight Watcher way, and I'm going to use veggie protein for the "meat". I'm going to use a soy spaghetti for my pasta, but for him I'll use his normal way. If you don't hear from me.... it didn't go well!

See you next week......Have a great week!



  1. Hope the meal went well. The cards are really lovely, and the idea of sending card kits to soldiers to send home is a very special one. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a message.

  2. Well aren't you the busy lady! Your cards are totally awesome! Keep up the beautiful work my friend!

  3. Very nice cards for an awesome cause! I like the veggie protein and can't tell much difference and we eat it all the time. My friend though jumped in and ate some my daughter made and within a half hour was having an allergic reaction. Allergy to soybeans!! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28

  4. Your cards are gorgeous and what a great idea, such a good cause. I really love the quilt effect card, its so effective, its really beautiful :)
    Have a great Easter weekend.
    Karen #41

  5. Mary, thanks for visiting... I loved your comment about the postman, too funny! I think your quilted card is wonderful and it does look quiltish. Hope your spaghetti was as delicious as it sounded - yum!

  6. Hi Mary! Love the quilted card and your doggies are so very cute. Great idea about the cards for soldiers. I've got the 'boss of the house, when he's home alone' onto bolognese etc. made with non-meat (Quorn) and he loves it. All part of trying to have some meat free days in a week. But, gimme a steak and I'm a happy girl! :)) Thanks for calling by earlier in the week - sorry I'm a bit late hopping round this week! Di x


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