Sunday, June 16, 2013

House Mouse Get Well Card

Ok, I'm done playing now.  I've made my room tidy for the last time this month....honest!  I couldn't help myself.  I saw the green snippet peeking out of the box.  I saw the ribbon and the white base was laying on my cutter begging to be, what could I do?  And now for the inside....pretty plain I'd say....
Well that's it for now and really, this time I am not going to make even one more card.  I think I will have to nail my craft room door closed!

Alison, if you are still needing help with blogger for iPad and/or tablet, let me know.  Email me.  I couldn't find your email contact on your blog page.  I've written up an easy way to help you.  Also, any one else that needs the print me, I'll be happy to send it.  After tomorrow, can't promise it will come your way.  

Chat later,  Again, Happy crafting,
Mary Mac


  1. You just can't put the lid on the mojo when it wants to play and why should you?! You've made some adorable cards!!

    I'd love the information on the iPad, Mary. My email is on my profile page or: darnell dot knauss at g mail dot com.

    Thank you and thank you for taking part in my printer survey!!

  2. Hi Mary! I adore this HM image - he just looks zonked out on an overdose of sweeties :) Super design too - looks like he chomped a piece out of each side of the card where the ribbon sits :)

    Hope you're having fun! Hugs, Di xx

    1. The bites were added because someone put a big inky thumb print on one side of the card stock. Hmmmmmm I wonder who did that? 2 sleeps and the journey begins.

  3. Lovely image and card. HM looks so contented!!

  4. LOVE House Mouse . .. this is an adorable card.

    Now . . . of you go Mary . . . have a GREAT TIME. Leave the craft room door alone . . .

    Sarn xxx

  5. I like it. Have a fabulous trip!

  6. Oh my goodness...this is just so adorable...I agree with how he nibbled a chomp out for your ribbon!!!

  7. Mary, that's a great card. The house mouse is so cute.
    Thanks for your visit and your comments :-)
    That is great that you could help with Blogger - much appreciated.
    Can you email it to a.scott533 at
    Thanks again.

  8. Mary this is adorable, he is so cute! Fantastic design too. Have a lovely trip and a great time with your family :) Cathy x

  9. This is the second House Mouse stamp I have come across in Blogland today and this one is s cutie too. Sadly I have only got one of these stamps but methinks I need to fix that pretty pronto!!
    Lovely colouring. Did you use your pencils again for this one? Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Gorgeous card there Mary. Funny enuff I had my HM stamping out the other day too! Must be the weather!

  11. This is a gorgeous card Mary - lovely colours and fab layout - stunning card Karen x


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