Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Testing - 1 - 2 - 3

Well, I do hope I finally  figured  out this blogger app for my iPad.  We leave on Wednesday and I've been having quite a struggle finding the time to learn how to post to blogspot from my iPad.  For the computer wiz it's probably a brainless act.  For me....well lets just say I've had words....and not nice ones.  

I shared my new card creations yesterday, and I don't have anything new to share, so I shall share a photo of my sun bathing beauties.....
 Now that was easy, so why was I having such a problem?  Maybe I was thinking too hard.  

Ok, one more photo and I will feel like I know what I am, bear with me.
Last year at this time, Dee Dee and I were in Cawker City KS and we were showing off the largest twine ball.  I am re-posting for Dee Dee.  We had great memories from that vacation and I am sure we will be creating many new memories during our month together.  We are both soooooo ready for this vacation.  

I'm off.  Now that I have this sort of figured out, I feel so much better.  Next stop, Sacramento to pick up Dee Dee and then on to San Francisco!  

Hugs and see you all soon  
Mary Mac
AKA:   Glitter Grammy


  1. Hi Mary

    Your post popped up just great! Well done - I've heard MANY people moaning about getting to grips with their iPad for blogging. Me? I'm a simple little soul and just stick to a baby laptop when I travel :)

    So pleased you'll still be in touch though.

    Hugs, Di xx

    1. Good morning Di,

      I'm using a app called Blogger. It took me a bit to figure it out, but actually it would have been easier if I'd taken the time to really look over the screen and work with it during the day, not late at night. I also have BlogTouch which I need to give a better look. I think both apps are free. I'm thrilled I will be able to keep in touch and not only see what others are doing, share what I'm up too.

  2. Hi Mary . .. I can see you fine and dandy!

    Have a fab time xxxx

  3. Have a suppa duppa time on vacation. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Have a wonderful holiday.
    On the blogger app hiw did you get your photos in the middle of the words? My pics always go to the bottom :-(


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