Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's On My Work Desk? Hmmmmm I guess you'll just have to have a look.

Not another Christmas card....oh, yes it is.  This is a sister to the last week's, which was a snowman.  This is just a little (or big) snowflake!
And of course the inside.  This card is pure snippets, so Miss Di will be getting a visit from me.  Red, White and Blue doesn't scream Christmas...this is my All American Christmas Card.  This was fun to make and this week a little bit of patriotism was just what I need to share. 

My desk doesn't look too bad.  I must say I was very organized making this card.  I only had so much of the red and white paper and I didn't want to mess up so I had to do a lot of thinking and laying it out before I stuck everything down.  So comes my desk for WOYWW  and a little note to Julia....enjoy the sun and we'll see you next week.  I'm sure you'll have lots to share.
I need to share a photo (or two) of Baxter.  When he does something naughty, he pretends he's asleep.  I came home to the trash can spilled and this sleeping angel....
and when I asked...."Who did this", I was met with this look....
Hmmmm someone must have come in while he was sleeping.

One more photo if I may.  My husband has been working hard on our yard and it shows.  I took several photos, this one is my favorite.  Don't you love Spring?  Everything is so fresh and the air is so clean.  Thank you Richard for all the love you put into our yard.
 I had such fun this week.  Sunday I met Bridget, a very talented crafter that I met through Julia's blog page.  Bridget and I spent a bit of time in a video conference via Facebook.  Dee Dee and I are looking forward to spending a bit of time with her when we visit Australia in June.  Bridget was chosen as a Spellbinder International Ambassador....Congrats Bridget.  See you soon!  Check out her blog pages and tell her I sent you!

Off I go.  Weight Watcher meeting tomorrow and I am feeling very positive about everything I did this week.  I hope the old scale feels the same way!  Have a very crafty week. 

That's it from me....Hugs to all,
Mary Mac


  1. Hi Mary

    Super snippets card - and you decorated the inside beautifully as well. Stunning colours too.

    Oh how I laughed at Baxter - don't they just give themselves away like naughty children :)

    Your yard looks fabulous!!

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. Oooh Mary . . . gorgeous festive card.

    Naughty Baxter! I love that he pretends it wasn't him though!

    And WOW . . your "yard" looks glorious. Congrats to the Husband - it looks like a large plot to deal with.

    Sarn xxx

    PS: Hope the scales went the right way for you!!!

  3. Hi Mary, love your card, those diecuts look fabulous. Your garden looks lovely, hope you have lots of good weather to enjoy it in :) Cathy

  4. Gorgeous card Mary. Love Baxter too! He has such lovely eyes and I am sure he didn't do anything naughty! Our dog does a similar thing when "someone" had been in!
    Your "yard" looks beautiful. Any chance of you sending Hubby over to sort mine out please? I have a spare comfy bed for him!
    Good luck at WW!

  5. Love the card Mary.
    I dare say Baxter is forgiven now. He looks too sweet to stay mad with him for long. ;-)
    Your garden looks fab, when your hubby is over sorting out Hettie's garden, he can always continue his working holiday in Scotland, spare bed here too !

  6. Those are some sweet doggy eyes that make your heart melt for sure!

    Lovely card Mary, great patriotic colours.

    That yard of yours is wonderful, any chance on helping me with ours :)

    Have a great weekend xx

  7. Beautiful card. Wonderful patriotic colors. Oh my, who could stay mad at that little face. What a sweetie. And kudos to your hubby as your yard looks just great. Thanks for haring.

  8. Oh my goodness that garden photo is gorgeous! My DH is in the modst of a huge garden project but when he is done it will pale in comparison to your lovely garden!

    Your card is just what is needed this week with the terrible troubles at the marathon...nice to see some of your patriotism showing through in your Christmas card today!

  9. Hi Mary ... just thought I'd pop by and say thanks for your visit.
    Your garden looks absolutely stunning! - just wish it would brighten up for long enough for us to make a start on ours.

  10. was lovely chatting with you and I had a quick non video chat with Dee Dee as well. love how clean your desk is but you have no room to craft-how do you do it? I love spring-unfortunately we are in autumn here but the colours are gorgeous
    Bridget #28

  11. That cute doggie did not do a thing was the cat

  12. Hi Mary, Baxter is gorgeous! and a Great Xmas card x Jules No55


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