Sunday, June 24, 2012

We made it to Chicago.....

Ahhhhh our first big stop.  We are at the Great Platte River Road Archway in Kearney Nebraska.  In all the time I lived in the mid-west, I've never taken the time to stop.  It was well worth the time.  If you ever make it to Kearney....stop by....below are a few more photos.
We spent about 2 hours walking the grounds and going through the museum. 
During our walk, I spied these three little ones.  Their mom was coming by with food.  I have no idea what type of bird, just cute little ones. 
Getting ready to head out again, but before leaving we took a photo with this buffalo....

On to:
Back in the RV again.  And on to......Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.  This was not a planned stop, however, one I'm happy we made. 
The library and museum are located in West Branch Iowa.  It's a walking tour, set us old gals back $3.00 and money well spent.  I've hundreds of photos, not wanting to bore anyone...I'm posting 2. 
This is his birthplace.  Can you  imagine 5 people living here?  Where was Mrs. Hoover's craft room?  There were hair weaved and framed pieces of art on the walls, I'm guessing seeing the space, that was a craft that was not only something with purpose, but also the supplies were able to be stored in small places. 

I learned things about Mr. Hoover that I certainly had either not previously known, or had forgotten.  He'd done much in Belgium and Germany to help with the hunger after the war.  This would become his passion.  Many American dollars were put toward that effort and though helpful, he never felt satisfied in his efforts.  Seems in the worst of times, Mr. Hoover was able to focus on the needs of all not just the needs of a few.  Lesson which could be learned today...Yes?

I don't know if this happens in your travel with your honey, but mine is focused on the destination, rather than the stops along the way.  However, I am quite sure I would not have had to twist his arm to get him to stop here:

This ladies is the world's largest truck stop.....and we two ladies stopped for a short visit.  Ok, not so exciting to me, but worth a quick shot as we fueled up the RV (and we didn't even need to...we just did).  It's in Walcott Iowa, just in case you ladies want to add it to your Bucket List!

Speaking of bucket lists.....we're going to save the largest Ball of Twine (Cawker Kansas)  for our return trip.  It's been too hot to think of much more sight seeing....and we are both excited to get to Illinois. 

I don't live near this wind turbines, so to see them when I travel is always a photo op for me!  I know some people like them and some people don't....but I love looking out over fields of them.  Why?  Why not? 

This photo isn't all that exciting, at least it isn't until I tell you what happened just a few feet down the road or up the road, which ever you prefer...
If you enlarge the photo, you will see we are just a short distance from Chicago, it's a sunny, hot day, and there is much road construction....All of a sudden......Boom!
A massive blowout.  When I sent the photo to my son Dan, he said,  "Well mom, it shouldn't be hard to find the leak!"  Very funny boy I raised.  Due to Dee Dee's great driving skills, and my calm nature, and the fact it is illegal to kill, we survived as did the first tire repair person to came to our aid.  NEVER have either of us met a more rude, and ill equipped individual.  We waited nearly 2 hours for him to arrive and guess what, he didn't bring tools because he didn't think he'd need them!  He did however bring 4 blocks of wood!  Note I said we were calm, therefore he was sent on his way, and we requested another repair person.  This time Adam came apologized for us having to wait, changed our tire, waited until he saw us moving down the road and then he left.  This took him all of about 20 minutes.  We Love Adam!  He will be getting a note of thanks. 

I had to add this photo....see the blocks of wood....see Dee Dee taking a photo?  Do you see the repair man?  He's somewhere in the distance scratching his head, because he couldn't figure out how to get the lug nuts off! 

We finally made it to Chicago and the next shots are taken from San Francisco, Chicago and Sydney Australia.... My daughter, Amy, Dee Dee and I were playing a game of Spite and Malice.  While doing this, we were group texting between the three mentioned places.  My son sent this photo from SF, while walking home from work......He was responding to the group as they were waiting for the Sydney group to board the plane.
We were group chatting as we played cards....
And the kids at the airport sent greetings back....
Soon we will all be together and celebrating family and friends at a most happy event, Amy and Linn's marriage! 

I am really hoping to have time to post more photos today.  Yesterday Linn took us on a fantastic trip around down town Chicago.  It's a beautiful city, and I can't wait to get out and explore it even more. 

Until later......Hugs to all,  I hope it's sunny but not shoe melting hot where you are! 

Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Mary, So enjoyed your post..very entertaining. You have my admiration for the calmness you displayed. (I would NOT have been able to!). DH & I 'think' we hit that largest truck stop, but not sure if same one-same town. (is there one in TX? maybe that was ours!). We did 2 trips out west, and hope to do once again next year as our 50th celebration. Have fun, be safe...and hope to see your cards again real soon. Thanks for sharing your adventures....

  2. I would have shot him and ran...errr on foot....stupid repairman, what was he thinking, you always go equipped.
    I cant wait to move to the US someday, looks absolutely gorgeous

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