Tuesday, June 5, 2012

God Save The Queen

We live in such an exciting time.  Our world is much smaller because of the Internet and blogging has introduced me to many many wonderful people.  So to all my British friends I send well wishes to you.  I'm glued to the television watching the amazing celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  As I raise my glass in celebration....God Save The Queen!   May we celebrate her for many years to come. 

I think this week  as we play in the playground, we'll all be skipping and waving our little flags..... If you think I'm loosing it....check out Di's fabulous blog HERE.  If you have snippets and I know you do, join in with all of us as we virtually skip our way through the week. 

I've met wonderful folks through Di's site and one of my playground friends is Sarn.  This week I was excited to find the postman delivered this beautiful card....and inside, were some lovely snippets.

THANK YOU SARN!  I love the card and here's what I made with the snippets you sent.....Check out Sarn's blog HERE....and be sure to check out her Sunday Roast.  You'll meet her two little angels.  They are quite the girls. 

Oops....I posted and then remembered.....I didn't put a photo of the inside of the card....so here it is: 

Though I don't always show the insides of the cards I make, I always finish the inside.  I learned a long time ago it's easier to do this when I still have all the papers and embellishments within reach.  If I don't finish them, I'm not ready to send them to anyone and sometimes, I need a card from stock and I need it now....

I'll be sending this card to a little lady that I've been sending cards to, not as often as I'd like but once or twice a month.  Thelma will be turning 90 on June 26th.  She loves getting cards and always shares them with her friends.  So, here's a request....If anyone would like to send her a card, I know she'd be thrilled to receive cards from around the world.  If you're interested, email me and I'll send you her address. 

Off I go for now, the Queen is entering Buckingham Palace and I want to cheer her on. 

Hugs to all....


  1. Aww Mary . . . what a lovely post and thank you for giving my blog and the Sunday Roast a mention!

    LOVE what you made with the snippets. I really, really must make more of the insides of my cards!

    Let's run to the top of playground and wave our flags at passers by!

    Sarn xxx

  2. Beautiful cards! Hope your enjoying sunshine! We have rain )0=

  3. Love the card made from the snippets you received. The inside is as pretty as the front. Must try that instead of just alain insert with a verse hugs Mrs a.

  4. Just great Mary! Pink, yay!! Sorry I'm just commenting, I think someone stole a couple of days from this week and I seem to have missed a few snippets entries. Putting it right by doing the roll call right now.

    Reminds me, heart shaped doilies - can you email me your snail mail address so I can post some off to you. They're here on my desk - I finally remembered promising you some when I was in Spain! Sheesh, talk about a sieve for a brain here :(

    Hugs, Di xx

  5. Oh Mary this is so beautiful both inside and out! I love how you've used the bird, I just got my bird punch and I'm loving it.

  6. Lovely card Mary, I love the SU bird punch.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  7. Beautiful cards there Mary. Love all those flourishes and that birdie is super. That is on my Wish List along with alot of other things!

  8. Fabulous card and great idea to decorate the inside whilst the papers are still handy. Hope you enjoyed watching the celebrations. Hugs, Amanda x


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