Sunday, June 10, 2012

If You Cut It Wrong Twice....Will It Still Be Wrong?

Today has been one of those know the ones, you are trying to get 10 things done, and 8 of the 10 are done correctly, but 2 of them....oh my!  So, lets start with the two "oh my's"....In the end, I am happy, but thankfully I don't have to share a photo of my craft room today.  It is a MESS!  Here's what I created....
I was at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique on Friday and I spied this card stock, it by Teresa Collins, the Fabrications collection.  I love the colors and the flowers, oh my!  Well, I thought it would be a nice card for my friend Thelma.  So, I went to make a cut and I don't know where my brain was, I'm sure it was switched off, and the paper wasn't straight in the cutter.  So the card that was going to be 6x6 would now be a 5 1/2 x 4 1/ back into the cutter it went.  Again.....not straight....But, at least I caught the blunder before I'd cut the entire piece.  What you see above....the finished outside.  The corners were a second thought...actually they were a repair to the top corner...The corners and the twice punched border are Martha punches....The sentiment was typed and then cut using a Spellbinder die.  The glitter  orange is from my Snippet box.  I was surprised that the punches worked, the card stock is pretty heavy.  The butterflies are also Martha punches. 
The inside has more Spellbinder dies, and the same Martha die, with the center punched using a punch anywhere on the page punch....that's a topic for another blog, but let me say....that punch is the most challenging punch I've ever used and I said some naughty, naughty words while practicing.  My snippet box is missing several pieces..I never did complete one to my satisfaction.  I think Martha and I need to chat.  And, then a Memory Box butterfly was added. 

When I finished, I was happy with the result.  I'm sure that Thelma will like the card, though she will never know what it took to finish her birthday card.  I've checked one more item off my to-do before I go list.  I've got to say, my done list is growing....and my to-do list is shrinking.  Yippee.  One more week and I'll be on my way! 

I'm off to bed, but before I go...check out Di's blog to see what people are making from snippets.  I just checked and Di has put us all on good behavior....Come on Girls let's have a camp out!  I'll bring the S'mores!

Have a most wonderful week....


  1. Oooh stunning cards, stunning colours :).

  2. It is a true mark of how much we love a person, the amount of time we spend making something that would take seconds to buy. Gorgeous card - have you been over to Julia's and seen what she has to say on the subject of yellow today?

  3. A stunning card. Remember, there are no mistakes in card making - only happy accidents, lol. Lynn x

  4. Your cards are so pretty inside and out. I love that butterfly. Must take my net into the playground and try nab one or two.Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Fabulous results Mary! You sure have a lot of patience :) I love the colour combinations and the butterfly is just gorgeous. MS punches are terrific I find, they do punch through most things so well. Hugs, Di xx

  6. Well I'm glad you're getting through your "to do" list.
    These are just BEAUTIFUL, really lovely colours and such a lot of detail. Amazing, and well worth the Oh My!

    Sarn xxx

  7. These are colors I don't use often..seeing your lovely cards makes me want to go find some in my stash! (I know I have some!) The loopy MS punch is fantastic the way you showcased it on these 2 cards, the butterfly is just icing on top of gorgeousness. Thanks for sharing and providing color inspiration...

  8. PS...forgot to add: I can tell you some new words regarding those 'all over the page' punches if you get in a bind!! But when they work successfully, really very effective. :-)

  9. Oh My Mary! These are just gorgeous! Glad you perser persur persive Oh! stuck to it and finished them!! LOL!


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