Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day One....We didn't travel as far as we had hoped.  Got a late start, we were packing, shopping for healthy food (can you believe it!) and trying to get some sleep.  Then we got lost twice.  Once because we missed the short cut turn.  You know how that goes.... Then we tried to get onto the freeway in this small town....well, there were several ways not to do it.  Finally, we found this very nice toothless man to give us directions and we were back on track.  The photo above is of Dee Dee and I.  We are at a rest area in Colorado, just at the border of Nebraska.  The rest area was beautiful and there was a statue of a Pony Express Mail Delivery Rider.  As you can see from Dee Dee's photo, it is a bit windy....
 There was a cool quilt hanging inside the building and two really nice ladies to tell us all about it.
Here's a write up that I took...much easier to have you read it than me type it.....

Here's an educational sign.  Another, easier to show than type....
So...now you know about Day One.  We have 748 miles to travel before we get to Amy's....I doubt with the heat it will be tomorrow....but for sure by Thursday.

A big thank you to the nice man who didn't password protect this wifi....I got to post this because of him.  Hopefully tomorrow there will be more.

Have a great day.  Hope it's cooler where you are.  108 during the afternoon here today....Argh!  I love winter. 

Love to all from Nebraska
From Dee Dee and Mary

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  1. I'm so envious! I wish I was on the journey with you. I guess being your "destination" is the next best thing :) See you in a few hours!!! Love Amy


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