Monday, May 7, 2012


Before I take everyone on a field trip, I want to express my deepest sympathy to Linn and Amy.  Linn's mom passed away on Saturday.  I want the kids to know, she'll be dancing on a cloud at the wedding.  Also one of my long time friends and volunteers at the Sheriff's Office passed.  Irene will be missed by all.  I made identical cards for both. 

Both ladies loved their children, loved their homes, both were excellent bakers.  I think they both would have enjoyed each other's company.  I used snippets for everything but the base.  The patterned paper is from My Mind's Eye.  I used a Sizzix Beaded Ribbon Embossing folder.  It's my newest and fast becoming a favorite.  Of course there is a Spellbinder die and the sentiment is from an old Stampin-Up set. 

Now.....on to the Field Trip......grab your jumpers and lets get moving.  Everybody in a line...let's get going.  Are you ready?

This is a photo I took from my front porch as I was leaving.  Spring in our yard is absolutely fabulous.  All the colors.  The tress are Dogwood and a fruitless plum.  The tree is a cedar, a bit too big to see the top!

Carolyn and I got to the shop first (nothing new there!)  We usually come early and leave early.  We were too early....PSB wasn't open yet!
My spot at the table and boy oh boy there are gifts waiting!

The first thing I did was see what was new and what I HAD to add to my collection.  Lots of new Memory Box dies too.... I've been saving my milk money for these items.....

More girls arriving and checking out the new items....
Look at the pretty display....Ohhhhhhh so many things that I need! 
Look how happy we are when we're playing on the paper playground.....
Leesa and I.  We're ready to settle down and work on the projects we brought.  Carolyn and I decided that we bring too much and finish too little.  Must be because we spend lots of time shopping, and chatting, and eating. 
I love, love, love how Karen displays all the pretties.....
Say hi to Pam.  She's busy making sure we all get our "must have's" .  Great job Pam. 
Just look at all the treasures........
This is my very favorite display.....Lots of yummy things to choose from. 
Remember when I showed you the goodies Karen gifted us.  This is a tray that we will make from those goodies.  Very pretty.....yes?  Thank you Karen
Here we are all hard at work....
And here she is.....the gal that makes this all possible. Karen!  I don't think many of us know the work that goes into these crops.  Especially this one and the Christmas crop.  Deb, Rachiel, Shell and Pam are her little helpers.  Good job girls! 

This is just one of the yummy snacks we had.  Karen had breakfast rolls and coffee ready when we arrived.  Then cookies to snack on.  Dinner was wonderful.  Landon (her son) barbecued ribs and we had roast beef and salads and bread and fruit....of course there are no photos of this, as I was busy loading my plate and forgot to take them....bad me! 

And then.....oh yes there were desserts!  Of course Carolyn, Leesa and I did not partake as we are on Weight Watchers....and if you believe that, I have some swamp land to sell you....we're being good the rest of the week...

A good time was to be had by all, as my childhood social section of the local newspaper would print.  Again, thanks to everyone at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique who made this day so special.  It's always a fun time and Karen really knows how to celebrate National Scrapbook Day!

I can't forget a quick shot of the babies.  Aren't the two that are lined up too cute.  One peeking over the other.  We are on Crow watch today.  We caught 3 of the filthy "B's" trying to raid a Robin's nest.  We were lucky to scar them off.  They better leave my babies alone!

I'll be linking to Pixie's Craft Workshop.  My cards were snippets, with the exception of the white base.  Check out her challenge and play's fun and you meet lots of interesting folks on the playground.

I'll post a movie later this week.  For's off to start my day....

Hugs to all,
AKA:  Mary Mac, Glitter Grammy


  1. Your sympathy cards are just beautiful. So sorry to hear of the passing of two friends.

    As for the crop - it looks like you had a great time - and I can see why! What a nice store. The displays are great. You'll have to show us your board when are finished.

    The tweets are so very cute. Good for you on watching out for unwanted visitors.


  2. Lovely cards Mary, just right. It's always sad to have to make such cards isn't it. You made these so beautifully.

    But, on a brighter note, thank you so much for the Field Trip! What a great place - I expect a few UK gals will have their noses pressed up against their screens when visiting the playground - any sticky sweet wrappers found will be theirs :) And do tell Karen to keep an eye on her stock if she does find sweet (candy) wrappers - so many fabulous goodies, some little satchels might just be bulging :) Not least mine!

    Great photo of you too! Love, Di xx

  3. That was a fun field trip! Thanks for taking us along! Your cards are beautiful!

  4. I absolutely loved the field trip Mary. Great photos and wonderful commentary too. Oh I'm so pleased you chased off the crows. These little babies are the cutest.

  5. Mom, thank you for making a sympathy card. It's very nice. Alice would have loved it. And she'd have loved that chocolate cake for sure! Is that family photo of birds representing us kids? Is the yappy one on the right me??? :)

  6. Now how could the photo be you kids? There are 5 of them! The yappy one you? Now why would you every think that? I'm glad you like the card. I didn't know Alice except through you and Linn, I do know she must have been a wonderful woman because she raised a wonderful son....I'll be thinking of both of you during this most difficult time. Love you both...Mom

  7. Your sympathy cards are perfect Mary. Always a shame when they are necessary though, my sympathies go to you and those affected.

    Thank your for the Field Trip . . . terrific photo's and looks like you had a great time. Now, about that swamp land you have for sale . . .

    Sarn xxx

  8. It's always sad to have to make such cards but you've done such a beautiful job of it and I am sure they were much appriciated. What a fab field trip. Color me JEALOUS all of our LSB shops closed their doors long ago. Nearest one to me is over a two hour drive.


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