Thursday, May 17, 2012

WOYWW - 154

Well, here it is.  A total mess.  Really, how can one person make such a mess? 
As you can see, it isn't Wednesday anymore.  I don't know where the week went, but it went.  I'm working on a birthday party for my husband and also a get together with my buddy Brenda and a birthday card for my friend Cathy, which will be given at our girls crafting day... And that is what the mess is all about.  I did finish her card, and I'll share it next week. Cathy may check out my blog and I don't want her to see the card until her party.  Check out the other desks at WOYWW - Julia from Stamping Ground hosts us each week.  There are some amazing folks there.  You can check it out here

I have some new dies.  I haven't had much of a chance to play with them, but I did want to try adding silver to the tea pot and cup.  Not perfect yet, but I'll keep working on it.  This is what I have so far...
The doilies are new too.  I keep saying I have enough doilies and then....well, I find another one or two.  I am addicted.  Is there a cure?  I hope not. 

I am hoping to begin working on my daughter and son-in-law's wedding card.  I want it to be extra special and I've been gathering embellishments for a few months.  I'll share it after her wedding.  If I tell her not to look at my blog page, I'm sure she'll grab a sneak peek...

For those who don't know, our birds have flown away.  I was able to get a photo of one of them after 3 days of freedom.  Isn't he beautiful?'s a digital page I put together,  keep in mind....I'm not so good at digital, but I'm learning...
One more photo.....I took this today... I absolutely love these flowers.  This year the Rhododendron is beautiful.....
and more......

For's off I go. Have a wonderful week.
Glitter Grammy.....AKA:  Mary


  1. The digital page is a great way to remember your little birdie family. Love the rhododendrons; we have the same bush in our front yard, and although it does bloom each year, it doesn't truly thrive in our climate (upstate NY -- a/k/a the zone where you can't plant until late May -- ha, ha). Happy WOYWW from Laura #117

  2. Your digital page is beautiful. Love the photo of the cute little bird.

    1. Hi Mary

      I'm just writing up the snippets rollcall and spotted that I missed your WOYWW this week. You messy little pup :)

      Fab piccies, and the birdie is adorable as is your LO.

      Do you have any heart shaped doilies? I have some at home and can post you some if you like.

      Love, Di xx

  3. I believe that a girl can never have too many doilies lol, great messy space too xx

  4. Yikes Mary, you though you were late to post WOYWW, here I am on Sunday! I don't think you can have enough doilies actually, I don't have any and actually miss them!! The Jay looks super fit and maturing well, how marvellous a view you've shared of their lives.

  5. Love your teapot and cup! Are the doilies from a die too or real doilies? Your rhodos are my favourite colour for rhodos, that fuschia that almost glows!
    Thanks for visiting me earlier! Sorry it took so long to reciprocate the visit but I'm glad I did so I got to see all your pictures!
    xoxo Karen

  6. Hi Mary,

    I'm so late. I must apologise but thank you for stopping by mine. I love the blue jay photos as does Craig :)That large one is adorable.

    I hope you didn't get to bored snooping round my blog, creativity has been a bit lacking lately. Am blaming pregnancy hormones and waiting for that energy burst to hit... otherwise have been snoozing most of the time.

    Loving the doilies, don't think you can ever have to many ;)


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