Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Just too much excitement on my desk....well, not really.  Ok, there is something exciting that I am not going to show right now, it's a surprise I'm saving for January.  Let's just say, I am honored! 

Today I'm just cleaning up some of my "hidi-holes".  Over the past few weeks I've been starting one project, moving things aside and on to another.  Today a friend came to play, I had to clean a spot for her to play. 

Off I go, my sweet pup Baxter had 6 teeth pulled today.  He's still a bit under the weather and needs his mommy to sit with him....

 By now everyone that follows me knows about Miss Julia and WOYWW.  Just in case someone is just joining me....Julia gives us a place to proudly display our work space.  Sometimes mine will be very messy and sometimes it will be very tidy.  You'll find lots of desks to look in on and if you have a minute or two, post a comment.  We all love hearing from our cyber friends.

Until next time....Hugs from slowly warming up Northern California.
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Oooooh hope Baxter is feeling better soon that's a lot of extractions in the one day xx

  2. Such a clean desk and right before the Holidays. Mine is a disaster. Of course, it's usually like that, LOL. Can't really blame the Holidays. Poor pup. Hope he feels better soon. Brigita #74

  3. Neat desk today - trust you manage to find some time to get something going on it...
    Have a great week, with a young pup who is improving.
    Margaret #65

  4. Hi Mary
    hope your poor dog is feeling better now !
    i have just booked flights to San Francisco for a business trip next month - staying somewhere called Fisherman's Wharf - do you have any hints & tips of how I might find out about craft shops in the area - well I might get an hour to sneak off from the work !! Ali #96

  5. Oh, my gosh, poor Baxter! That must have hurt a lot when the novacaine wore off. You are a good mum to go sit with him, Mary! I hope he is feeling better by now. Happy Belated WOYWW to you! Enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Holidays if we don't happen to connect again before then! Hugs, Darnell #22

  6. Can't believe it's nearly Wednesday again before I visit!
    I am feeling marker storage envy....
    Karen #54

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