Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Standard Time and Post It Notes

My dogs are having a problem adjusting to Standard time. This morning at 4:45 everyone thought it was time to get up and go outside to go potty. Everyone but my husband. Long story short. I got up, put the puppies out and when they came inside, I gave them their cookies and hoped all would want to go back to bed. By the time they decided it would be a good idea, I'd made a small album to hold Post-It-Notes. Sorry the photo is so bad. I need another class on how to put three photos on one page....Amy....can you show me? I finished the album and went into the family room to find the dogs toasty warm and sleeping on the recliner.
Meet Baxter, Sydney and the old fella....Tucker.
I think tomorrow it should be Richard's turn to get up with the dogs. I'm off to bed. Have a great evening everyone.


  1. Mom, I'll give you another class when we're out in a few weeks... :) Love ya!

  2. oo so lovly these guys r so cute


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