Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Edy

Edy is one of my most dear friends. She's been a person to laugh with, cry with and share my life with. We met, many years ago, while taking a calligraphy class at Michaels. I think it was one of those meant to be meetings. I'd never taken a class without going with a friend...this time I went alone and I sat next to this very special lady. We hit it off right away, and interestingly, we both live in the same small town and took the class in Chico CA, which is where we both were working at the time. Since that class we have been very close friends. Edy is a quilter and a very good one... getting better all the time. She loves flowers and she loves any fabric that has flowers. She also loves pastel colors. I tried to put all of that into this card. In addition....I added shiny because we both love shiny! So.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDY! The gift we share is friendship and may you live long and may we always share the gift of friendship.

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