Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fort Bragg - The Ocean - Glass Beach

Our end of summer vacation. A short 5 hour drive from our house is heaven for me. Ft. Bragg on the northern coast of California.
My buddy Edy and her dog Skippy did our morning walks, the photo above was taken on one such morning. Living inland, the temperatures when we left home were very, very warm. When we arrived we were met with ocean dampness, fog and very cool mornings.
Sydney and Baxter love the ocean. They love the water, though they can't figure out why it tastes so bad.....Richard has trouble sitting still....I think he was ready to go back to camp....but we weren't, so he patiently waited!
Edy, Dave and Skippy. Skippy liked climbing on the rocks, but couldn't be convinced to go into the water. I met Edy when we both took a calligraphy class. We've been friends ever since.
I am sure God was in a very good mood when she created the oceans. While looking for information on Glass Beach, I found this on YouTube:
The beach we visited is called Glass Beach. Reason.....way, way back in the day, this part of the ocean was a bottle dump. Over the years, the waves and the sand tumbled the glass and when it washed ashore it was transformed to what you now see. Yet another YouTube find. Gotta love YouTube....I sure do. I get loads of craft ideas there.
My favorite 3 photo subjects are of the ocean, flowers and bees. Today, you get the ocean. The picture above was quite an accident. One I didn't see until I downloaded the photos to my computer. This photo was taken using the zoom on my camera. This rock formation is actually quite far away. When I downloaded the photo, I saw two white objects....I enlarged the area and cropped it to find....the sun bathers below:
Aren't they sweet little guys....or girls!
A quiet cove....and now, for my favorite ocean photo.......
A beautiful vacation, spent with great friends, loads of memories and if I ever get my act together, a scrapbook page or two.
Thanks for stopping by to share a bit of my life. I hope to get into my craft room to get started on some cards......have a great week!

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