Thursday, October 13, 2011

We're Home....It's both happy and sad!

We are home, and it is both happy to be back with our state side family, but sad to loose the daily contact with our family down under. It was a WONDERFUL vacation and the memories created, the friends met and most important, family time, will be cherished forever. Here's a quick look at two of the beautiful sites. I'll post more later.....I'm trying to learn to post from my ipad and though I can get the photos and the text.....I can't figure out how to keep the text and the photos together....I end up having the photos shown first followed by the text. Tomorrow my almost son-in-law and daughter can help me figure it out...they are sooooooo smart!

This photo was taken at Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales

This is what I saw every morning when I got up.....what a way to start the day.....

Well, I'm off.....I ended up doing this post as an edit from my desktop.....teaching old dogs new tricks is not easy and when the old dog is trying to learn on her own....yikes!

Have a great evening....more later,

Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy!


  1. Mary, I'm so pleased you had a wonderful holiday. Your photos are beautiful. We are having rain at the moment, mostly from storms which start out west and come towards the coast. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

  2. Welcome home Mary!!

    How lovely to have had such a special vacation .. .. but as you say very sad to have to leave family behind again.

    I love your reference to your "nearly Son in Law" .. .. it made me smile. I haven't heard that phrase before.

    Fabulous photographs. Thank you for sharing them.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Fantastic photos Mary - being selfish it's good to have you back in blogland. Am glad you had such a great holiday - you just have to begin planning the next one :) Di xx

  4. Some great photos of places I've never been to and I live there LOL


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