Sunday, November 11, 2012

A QuIck Answer - This Is What I Use

I'm getting many emails about my use of liquid glue.  Most saying they've tried glue and it's messy.  I must say, I agreed with you until Karen introduced me to Glue - Baste It.  It's not actually made for paper but it sure works on paper.  I use it on 98% of my cards and I love it.  The small bottle comes with a needle type dispenser for getting out tiny amounts at a time.  It's a glue that quilters use for temporary basting.  It's washable and washes out of fabric.  Now that might frighten those of you who wash your paper projects, but trust me, it holds well when not washed and is super cost effective.  Another upside....if you get it on you or your cloths (which is usually where I wipe my hands..shame on me!) it washes right out.  I've been using this glue for years and I've never been disappointed.  To clean the needle, I soak it in hot water and use a floss threader with floss attached to run through the needle.  The little bottle you see in the photo has been used for over 3 years.  I just keep refilling it.  The large bottle refills the small one a bit over 3 times.  If you look at my previous post(s) all the cards were made using this glue. 

And now you know the rest of the story!  Off to play I go. 
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