Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm still here.....just really bad at stopping to post

Hello and happy Thursday from Canberra.  We've been running from morning to night.  I've got lots of photos, but just too tired at the end of the day to write a post.  So, here is a bit of what we've done. 
A little fella having lunch at the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo.  
And a Dingo.....
My son with you know who.
My grand daughter at her horse riding lesson.  
And then there was Fitzroy Falls......
And here we are
Then it was on to Sydney....I think these photos need no explanation.....
See the people at the top walking across?  Do you see me?  Nor do I.... LOL!
And introduce you to a most talented lady, I met Bridget when I joined the folks at WOYWW... So everyone meet Bridget Lawson....we had a short but very sweet visit and promised to stay in touch and hopefully she and Michael will come to visit us in California.  
Bridget, me and Dee Dee.  Isn't the Internet wonderful, sure makes the world much smaller and friendlier.  
Final photos are of a little shopping area in Bowral and a yummy little treat we managed to find.  

We leave for New Zealand on Monday.....lots is planned between now and then.  I hope topmost a bit of that.  

Until next time....hugs to all.
Mary Mac 
AKA: Glitter Grammy


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