Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Aaron

When my son Aaron was about 2 years of age, I made him a stuffed Panda.  Mind you this was almost 40 years ago.  This Panda was very loved.  It was also very dirty.  It’s ear had been chewed off, not sure whether it was a dog that did the chewing or a little boy who chewed on stuffed animals, pajama’s  and most things made of fabric.  Speeding through the years, the Panda now sat alone in the corner of Aaron’s bedroom.  Years later the Panda made it into a box in the closet and when Aaron married and moved to Australia, Panda ended up in a box in an outdoor storage shed.  Over the years, the shed leaked water, and the temperature went from cold to warm, to hot , to freezing.  Never during those lost years did my son ask about Panda. 

Speeding ahead to this year’s vacation.  What was a question Aaron asked…what happened to Panda?  I had to tell him the truth, Panda went to Panda heaven.  He was shocked….how could I have been so mean?  Well, maybe that was an exaggeration!  Anyway, he then asked if I’d really made that Panda with my two little hands.  This question arose because he thought  through the years I’d been making homemade pies….well, guess what, Sara Lee made his pies, I just baked them.  Another moment of truth!  Now he even questioned my ability to make a Panda bear!  Truth be known, I don’t sew.  I can spend hours working on a card, but to get out the sewing machine…..not fun for me.  I did however actually make that Panda with my two little hands,  during a class taught by a very talented lady.   Had I been thinking, I would have unstuffed the Panda  washed him and re-filled him.  Too late now!

This is the card I made for Aaron’s Birthday.  Lots of Panda’s.  I also sent him a little something that I hope will find a spot in his heart…..I used the Cheery Lynn  Designs B348 – Step Card #1 die.  My buddy Brenda gifted it to me from Joan’s Garden.  This die is amazing. Not only does it cut the card frame, it also cuts the patterned pieces.   Sadly, because of the cost to produce,  Cheery Lynn Designs is no longer having it manufactured.  When my die was ordered Joan had two remaining…..if you are interested.  Contact Joan at:  Joan’sGardens.  

Well, I’m going to close for now…..lots to do and with the rain, I just want to curl up with a book.  Maybe I can do that later….
Happy Crafting, have a most wonderful week,
Mary Mac


  1. Mary what a heart warming story about Aaron's Panda. I hate to sew myself but did make my daughter some soft toys

  2. Mom, I got teary when I saw Panda on Aaron's card. He was a huge part of all our childhoods. :) Love it!

  3. Aww bless . . . what a tale. Poor old Panda. GREAT card though Mary. I'm sure he loved it.

    Sarn xxx

  4. I put my hands up as just as guilty. Have been gradually getting rid/passing on my collection of bears over the last few months to the charity shop and alas Panda was one of the ones that went!! Love your card full of the little creatures. There was a news item about a month ago on TV where they showed you all the baby pandas that had been born in china. They all get hand reared in incubators . They were all so cute. They have managed through their breeding programme to pull them back from being an endangered species. Hugs Mrs A.


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