Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I just hopped over to see what week it is for WOYWW .  I will link this as soon as I finish and trust me this will be a short post....Ok, I hear everyone saying...Oh sure!  Well, no finished project for today, but here is shot one of my desk....
It looks organized doesn't it.  Well, only because I forgot it was Wednesday and I cleaned up one big pile of I wish I knew what to do with this...stuff.  What you see is some Graphic 45, not Christmas.  And there are some napkins that at some point will become part of Christmas 2014 (maybe) and in the corner are some stamps I just purchased.  Like I need more of them....when did need ever enter into the conversation? 

And in Photo number two you can see some recycling I am doing.
This really doesn't make any sense.  I have so much stuff already, why am I taking the stickers charitable organizations send in hopes of getting donations.  Which by the way, sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't.  It just so happens I am on a chain letter for donations, at least that's how it seems.  Anyway, getting back to recycling.  These little stickers for the back of the envelope work great with the Epiphany Crafts metal settings and epoxy pieces.  I just feel bad throwing the little stickers away, but in truth, I will be 150 years old before I use them up.  That is if I don't get any more!  If you zoom in you can see the stickers do make cute little embellishments. 

So that's it for me today.  I'm heading over to Julia's Blog to link and to comment.  I hope you find the time to visit Julia's, post and I hope you have a minute to comment. It would be nice if you were brave and showed us what's going on in your world.

Until next time....stay warm and dry and have a Merry Merry Wednesday!
Mary Mac
Glitter Grammy


  1. Well, honestly, Mary, I think you're a genius. Or I'm stone stupid. I get those same stickers. I have those epoxy doo-hinkies. Did I ever think of that? No! Thank you for this great tip! Now I'll have enough to last me until I'm 150, too! Happy WOYWW and Happy Holidays!! Hugs, Darnell #10

  2. I think your little stickers make fabulous embellishments, I am envious of your lovely stack of pens my pile is a baby one in comparison. Thanks for sharing, merry Christmas and a happy new year Tracy #41

  3. Very interesting Mary is your desk those stickers look fab and great for easy makes .....take care xx

  4. You made me laugh! Think of your homemade stickers as recycling, the world could do with more recycling so don't sweat it! We all have a big pile of "I wish I knew what to do with", mine is currently on the floor, therefore out of sight of my desk shot and I look all tidy and organised!! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year if I don't get to visit again before the festivities.


  5. And..not to be too curmudgeonly about the donating..but if you do respond with a donation, they'll ring you up and ask you to make a bigger one next time. True that, and rather offputting huh. I love that you go to the trouble of recycling when you have a pile of stuff that you know not what use to put it to...that's me too!


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