Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Wednesday So What's On Your Workdesk?

It's WEDNESDAY and that means....WOYWW and it just happens to be #242  So, this is mine and if you want to play along, you'll just have to check it out Julia's site .... right HERE

You won't see any cards on my desk this week, at least not cards I'm working on.  You will however see my WeRMemory Keepers Envelope Punch board.  Just so you know, I use it often.  Seems I've not learned to make standard size cards, so this tool is a must for me.  I'll be showing some cards I'm working on for Rudolph Day and guess what, they aren't a standard size. This little tool will save my bacon! That's a strange term isn't it?  What does that mean anyway?  Anyone out there love figuring out why we say what we say?  Ok...so on with the desk.  The finished cards will be 4 x 6 1/2 inches.  They will be a continuation of my last snippet card and they will help me on my way to 10 a month.  I'll be more clear later.

So on my desk is the Envelope Punch board, which I discovered has a few errors for size.  But don't fear, if you have the original board, which I do, you can get the correct sizes by going to this site 
You'll be able to download the update if you need to.  The error was corrected when they made the second edition. 

So, what else is on my desk....The envelopes I've started making, my Ipad with a photo of the capitol of Wisconsin as seen in a reflection in the window of the Historical Society.  Taken when my buddy Dee Dee and I went to the mid-west for my daughter's wedding.  I like that photo, my daughter had taken a similar photo a few years earlier...and I copied the idea.  I've started putting up a new photo every day, for inspiration and memories.  My photo booth is in the background as are the bins of paper, books of dies and pens.  Exciting...No?

So, that's it.  I think I need to go get inspired as today I need to work on cards for my February class.  Any ideas?  No Valentines....The girls have threatened me if I even think about creating one!

I'm off....wishing you a creative Wednesday and don't forget, check out Julia's site to see what she's been up to and you can see what all of us have been doing or not doing.  

Update:   Thanks to Shaz, she solved the mystery....

Save one's bacon


Escape from injury; avoid harm, especially to one's body.


By bacon, we now normally mean the cured and dried meat taken from the back or sides of a pig. To the mediaeval mind, 'bacon' was meat from anywhere on the body of the animal - more akin to what we now call pork. This was the origin of the slang term 'bacon' meaning the human body. 'Saving your bacon' was simply saving your body from harm. The expression was used that way as early as the 17th century as, for example, this extract from Ireland's Momus Elenticus, 1654:
"Some fellowes there were... To save their bacon penn'd many a smooth song."

Hugs from a very dry Northern California,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. I go to my Pinterest boards when I am stuck for ideas. Love "wasting" time on that site! Always feel like I should be at my desk creating instead of surfing for ideas...but then that is where I get my mojo from, so it is a catch 22! #25

  2. your link didn't work, btw.... the envelope board sounds a great idea for non standard size or shaped cards... must investigate! Helen 23

  3. Oh, hello from a very wet southern England! Ugh, these extremes! I'm a conformist, and use pre scored commercial card blanks, so the envelope board is a thing of mystery to me, but how useful a tool, I do like it when something becomes a real necessity after I've spent god money on it. I like te across the desk view of your storage - now I get a feel for how much you've got to play with!

  4. I forgot to say - I've fixed the link....

  5. Now i've been thinking of getting the envelope maker myself is it easy to use. Happy woyww Jill #40

  6. Hi there lots of interest on your desk. I've just bought an envelope board as I'm often stuck for the right sized envelope. I start making cards with no though for an envelope to fit :-)
    Anne x #58 ( well at the moment , it changed twice last week :-) )

  7. Ooh I have that punch board, I love it! So handy! Thanks for sharing.

    Zoe #32

  8. I love my Envelope Punch Board! I have pinned so many things about it on Pinterest and have enjoyed playing with it! So cool! I see some cool step cards on your desk, too. Thanks for visiting and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #10

  9. I was thinking, "What does she mean that there aren't any cards on her desk today? I see a center step one!" Thanks for the update on the envelope board. I don't use mine that much but I did notice that one envelope I made was such an odd size for the card that I questioned if I made an error. Now I have to wonder! Also thanks for wishing me a creative Wednesday. Let's hope I can live up to that!

  10. Good for you for making envelopes. I don't have that gadget but another one, and I even have a die to cut liners, but do I ever make my own envelopes . . . no. It's been fun to peek all around your desk on WOYWW. Thanks. Susanne #66

  11. I rarely make standard size cards, so my envelope punch board really comes in handy. #2

  12. I keep wondering if I NEED an envelope punch board, although generally I stick to standard sizes, not always though. By the way, you made me curious, so I went to have a look about the saying:
    This site has the origins of loads of them.
    Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #33 xx

  13. Thank you for the history/language lesson. I have a couple of books about the origins of phrases - it is fascinating how we use and manipulate our language
    Happy Wednesday

  14. I think i need to get one of those punch boards.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #14


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