Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thank You Mary Jane

Yesterday was our Monday Crop Group....my friend and co-crafter Mary Jane made a card for my husband for his birthday.  I loved the card and decided to grab a pad of papers and try to create cards using her format.  This is what I made.....
and this.....
I had some snippets left so I had to change the format, thus, one of these things is not like the others!  Notice there are no sentiments....just places to put them.  I think these cards could be used for any occasion, thus, I shall wait for the perfect occasion.  Isn't it fun being inspired by friends?  I have some very inspirational friends and Mary Jane is one of them.  Thanks Mary Jane for inspiring me to create these cards. 

When I arrived home, I was met with this cute card....
Dee Dee arrives in 4 days, she sent me this card to say she can't wait.  No this is not a photo of us from our Australia vacation! Although the back ground could be.   I'm wondering who is who....I have skinny legs, maybe that's me in the stripes.  Thanks Dee Dee, sweet creation and  you gave me a giggle! 

Until next time, happy crafting.....and Hugs from Northern California!
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Hi Mary,

    Your husband's birthday card is great. I can see why you'd want to try the layout - and the cards you made are so pretty. I love the papers you've chosen.

    The beach card is very cute!


  2. Fab cards.

    I loved the one your friend sent you:)

    Have a fab WOYWW. Sue (No number, as Linky down:()


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