Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring....

It's raining and boy last night it was pouring.  The rain hitting the roof of the house reminded me of being at my grandma's house in northern Wisconsin....a fun memory that's for sure.  

Well, here is what we were greeted by in the morning.....
I'm sure the neighbors think we are a bit silly to be standing outside, in the cold, and the wet, snapping  photos of these beautiful creatures that are common every day sights to this neighborhood.  Mom and Joey such a sweet little family.  

Yesterday was our first full day in Australia.  We spent the day recovering from jet lag.  Of course my granddaughter wasn't going to let the entire day be wasted by laying around being lazy.  The first thing she asked in the early morning was...."Grammy, when are we going to craft?"  Our first project was a card for her Uncle Dan who had sent her a belated birthday gift.
The weather forecast is for rain for the next 7 days.  We aren't worried, as weather never stops us.  Today my son goes back to work and we are taking a day to craft, play games and visit with my daughter-in-law , Rebecca.  We may take a trip into town for a coffee and a little walk.  We will also be finishing our game of Monopoly.....
At this point it looks like Bridget is winning, Dee Dee is next, then Lachlan and I are poor, have little in the way of property and we finish the game, maybe our luck will change.   We are using the Australian version of Monopoly...
Last night Rebecca made the best dinner.  We had roasted leg of lamb with roasted vegetables and cooked spinach from Frank's garden.  Very yummy!   One night we are going to have taco's.  Dee Dee used to have taco night when the kids were small.  So we too will have a taco night!.  Below are a few shots of the house, garden and what we see across the street .  

The last shot is my favorite.  I love the hills and if I get my act together, I want to video sunrise and the sounds of the birds.  But until then......I'm off to have coffee....
Here's the one my son made yesterday...I told him the pattern looked like a fish blowing bubbles.  He said that's exactly what he made.  

Until later.......Hugs from Down Under,,,,,,and G'day....
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Ah, looks wonderful! Thanks for taking us along. Have a grand time!

  2. Hi Mary!

    How exciting to find this post - it's a bit like being on holiday in your pocket! You look so, so happy - it makes me very happy to see that. So, we're all happy :))

    Sarah (Sazzle Dazzle) is also very happy - she won the cake die sets today in the Playground. I ran out and already put them into the post box!

    Take care, lovely to read all about your beginning to the holiday, and great photos too.

    Extra big hugs, Di xx

  3. Enjoy your holiday Mary. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  4. I'm swooning at the size of the garden and just had a taste of the coffee!! Glad your enjoying your trip down under. hugs Mrs A.

  5. Aww! It looks like you are having a great time down under Mary. Enjoy your holiday.


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