Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Well?

It's Wednesday and this week I'm doing something different.  I'm showing my work desk, but it's more like my photo booth.  Which is a work desk, it's the last spot my cards see before posting. 

 I've been getting lots of emails about my photos.  I've got to give my daughter Amy credit, because she's the one that helped me with my photo taking.  Here's my set-up.  This is the long shot of the photo booth, as I had it set up for my Rudolph Day photos.  My daughter found the photo booth and the lights.  The are easily found on the internet.  For this photo I draped the booth with a piece of fabric.  The rest is pretty self explanatory.  I use a tripod and it's set up to manual shooting, which Amy also arranged for me.  The settings are ISO 200, and BRK +-.37, macro with a 2 second timer.  Thanks Amy for sharing your talent!

I use Photo Shop Elements 9 to crop and color adjust the photo.  In truth, that's about all I know about Photo Shop Elements.  On my bucket list is learning more about the program.  Trust me, it's been there for quite awhile.    Here's the cropped and color adjusted photo.

So, now you know about  my desktop,  If you head over to Stamping Ground, Julia will share hers.  This week it looks very productive.  And trust me, mine has looked the same more times than I prefer to remember.  Lets just say, I know where my granddaughter gets her ability to make a mess. 

Since I'm honoring my daughter today....I'll share a Christmas Gift from she and her husband, Linn.  He knows how I love bird watching and they sent this lovely bird house.....
Our birds are a bit slow in figuring it out, so my honey set up a deck for them and put the bird house on a pole next to it.  Today is the first day one of the birds figured out they could have dry seeds in the tray.  The seeds on the deck are under water as it's been raining all night.  Richard doesn't want to put holes in the tray....Now they need to train the others. 
Frankly, I think these guys are too big to sit on the rail. Have a look at this bird...
Well, maybe not a bird, but he didn't mind coming for a snack!  And how about this squirrel.....
Richard built a safe place for the squirrels to eat, well that's what we thought.  Long story short, the neighbor cats were terrorizing the squirrels, so, Richard put boards around the tree, thinking the cats couldn't get through.....Wrong!  this one found a way to shimmy through and is resting after the climb.  Today there is also chicken wire under the boards.  I swear these critters keep my husband hopping. 

Last night we had quite a storm.  Karen from Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, was heading home from the shop when she and her husband took this photo.....pretty wild weather.....
I guess we Californians have been putting a little  too much punch in our prayers for rain.  We are expecting more of the same today and all the way through to next week.  Let's hope it more rain than wind and tornadoes. 

I apologize for all the nature photos, but hey......they are all God's crafts right, and this is what's been on his workdesk this week.

Until later,
Mary Mac
AKA: Glitter Grammy


  1. Your setup is so wonderful! I have got the stand and fabric now. Need to get the lights and props and figure out my camera!

  2. I have only just gotten comfortable using the crop feature on my system. Paint shop is the next one to tackle. I like your little scene set up. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Great photo booth it's so festive looking I miss mine it's been recycled long time ago :) hugs Nikki 5

  4. Mom,
    Thank you for the honorable mention. :) I'm glad the birds are at least eating near the bird feeder. It's a step in the right direction. Love Amy

  5. Mary I need Amy to come and visit me next time she's in America! I've always love your photo staging, it adds another dimension to your cards. Nice to have the birds in your garden, and nice to have the rain too, as long as it's not destructive. We have a doe practically living in ours, we see her a few times a day, she often just sits in a sunny spot. No doubt my bulbs and the new growth will suffer when they start to grow!!

    Brenda 68

  6. The whole post is so uplifting after a brutal winter!!....and I will probably never show my work desk.


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