Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Tis Wednesday...and here's my desk....
I'm working on 5 projects and a few are shown in varying degrees of completion.  I am busy coloring this week.  I never seem to find the time to do what I truly love and that's to color.  It's amazing how lost you can get in even the most simple of designs.  How about posting your desk and let the world see what you've been up to.  Julia gives us the place and you can play along here.

So, lets see what's on my desk....There's coffee a big cup of it and a stamp peeking out from behind the cup.  There are a few Spectrum Noir pens visible, there will be many more as the graphic takes shape.  My favorite glue called Glure-Baste-It.  I like it because I tend to use my cloths to wipe my gluey fingers...and it's washable.  If you plan on washing your cards, this glue may not be for you!  Little giggle here...My glass mat, which I've had for years and just recently started using it.  I do not know what took so long!  My Ott light, which I was lucky enough to win at a Christmas crop a few years back.  And I can not forget my water bottles.  Why so many you may ask....well, I have to remind myself to drink water.  If I have to go get it, I'm likely to not drink enough water.  I have bottles in all my work areas...and now you know. 

Well, that's it for now.  If I get my act together tomorrow I'll post the cards for the April class.  Until then.....Happy Crafting,

Hugs from Northern California and good bye winter, Happy Spring!
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. are those christmas cards !!!! LOL

  2. Hi Mary Mac, Love the snowman image. I am with you on the glass mat- I bought one a while ago, and it got buried under 'stuff'- I was quite shocked I had one when I found it, lol. Now its on a counter top near me- still just being a paperweight though. I really must try to use it. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #38 xxx

  3. Cute pictures |Mary. I really like the snowman image. Hope you have had loads of fun colouring in!
    Margaret #35

  4. I recognise that image Miss Mary! I like to colour too, as you know, but I'm waiting for an eye test (April 3rd) so in general I'm not colouring a whole lot right now. Well, I'm trying not to, lol!! I was just thinking I good do with a big mug of coffee to get me through the rest of the day!

    Brenda 66 this week.


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