Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Seeds

Have you ever had a day that you think all is going well, and you are sitting back enjoying your finished project....when someone (this time my husband) arrives and says, " I like your card. I think Gerry will like it too, but (and now the pregnant pause.....) you misspelled his name!" Argh! Back to the computer I go....I reprint the inside, spelling Jerry...Gerry!

To make a long story short.....While cleaning my craft room...My mind is deep in thought.... I go to my display board and look inside one of the cards Brenda made for me and she signed "Brenda and Jerry! Back to the computer I go....another print, cut and paste! Lesson yourself :-)

This card is intended to be very similar to the one in the post from earlier in the week. I wanted to show how different paper, from the same line of papers, can look so different.

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