Monday, November 8, 2010

He's Such A Good Boy

Good Morning....this post has absolutely nothing to do with crafting...ok, maybe a little! Let me give you a bit of a back story....I am most creative in the early morning, and I'm a TV junky. I also love talk radio (which has nothing to do with this....but now you know!) The Today Show is my very favorite morning news/info/ entertainment show. Having watched the Today Show for years, my husband and I noticed a man who is in the crowd daily. We also noticed nearly every day he is wearing something different. We began looking for him and we began wondering about him. One day Merideth called him by name, Lenny.... it was so good to put a name to him. As time passes, Lenny is talked to or referred to more often. the title..."He's Such A Good Boy".... my son is looking for work in New York, as well as visiting with friends. He's leaving to come home tomorrow and I asked him to go to the Today Show and tell Lenny how we enjoy looking for him in the crowd. While watching the Today Show, I took a photo of Lenny and emailed it to Dan. See, he's such a good boy....getting up early, braving the cold to get a photo and a chat with Lenny! Thanks Dan!

Long story short.....above are the photos Dan sent me of his meeting with Lenny..... and here's part of the email he sent me: Good morning mom, this morning I met up with Lenny. He is quite an institution here, apparently, with the staff of the show talking with him, including the hosts - as Meredith came out and she hugged him. Tourists/crowd/fans were coming up to him having their pictures taken with him. He was actually being interviewed by a reporter during the first hour of standing in the crowd. Now you all know Lenny too!
Dan went on to say he saw Russell Crowe as Russell was walking down the street. No photo of that though....Russell came and went in a the camera wasn't ready!
Today will be a fun day. Shopping for ornaments for the Ornament Exchange during the December crop and Holiday, fun, fun! Tomorrow it is SOS day at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique....hope to see you there!
Later today I'll post some photos of a "men's birthday card". I have lots of them to make this month.


  1. What a great story and you have a sweet son for doing that for you! :)

  2. Since you watch the Today show, be sure to watch for my son-in-law who is being interviewed (already taped) by Al Roker on Dec. 9th! He is co-owner/manager of a hostel in Prague that is "green" and very modern. Check out the Mosaic House website!

  3. Doris, I put December 9th on my calendar. I will most likely still be traveling, but I will try to get my husband to record it. Send me the link and I'll for sure check out the site! Happy Thanksgiving!


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