Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Years Resolution

My desk on Wednesday looks pretty much the same today.  I'm posting a day what's new?  Yesterday seemed to come and go and as I stood in my craft room, I wondered what had I actually done with my day.  Certainly I didn't make any cards.....I did unpack from my Monday class, and started cutting kits for my February class.  I started working on a baby album for my newest great nephew Shawn (shhhhh don't tell), I went for a walk with friends and then......I spent two hours looking for a tiny, tiny part of a die set that I'd just received.  Did I find it....nope!  I've had a week of loosing things, Thankfully, my brain is safely stored in my head!  At my age, any temporary loss of items makes you go....oh oh!  Two of the three "Mis-Placed" items have been found.  However, if you should happen to find a tiny blue, cherry's mine!  :-) 

Speaking of dies....I ordered these:
Marianne Designs from Frantic Stamper.  I've been drooling over the scissors for months, I finally gave in, and decided that I really, really needed the sleigh, reindeer and of course the cupcake (which is now missing a part...darn!).  I'm hoping to have a chance to work on some cards this weekend.... I have a play day with Brenda on Sunday, Maybe I'll have my act together by then!

I met a very sweet gal through What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, she's a real go getter, I hope you have a chance to check out her blog page.  Mind you, she's on vacation now and is organized enough to have brought needed supplies for making beautiful cards....  Meet Bridget.  I hope you have a minute to check out not only what she's doing, but what all the fantastic folks are doing at Stamping Ground. 

Until next Wednesday, or maybe Thursday.....Have a wonderful, wonderful week. 

Hugs to all,
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Hi Mary! Hope you find the cherry die - remember to check your waste bin before you empty it. Stuff I drop off the desk has been known to fall into the bin as if bent on suicide :( Belated Happy WOYWW!! Di xx

  2. die.........lost.......Nightmare!!!
    Hope you find it, have you tried running over the floor with the hoover pole thingy with a sock on the end?
    Happy WoyWW

  3. gg, i was a day late to - and a dollar short!

    wow di and i thought it was only my stuff! i never knew it was TRYING to off itself!

  4. Great NEWS. I found the missing die....I put it in a place I'd remember. It took awhile, but it's safely home!

  5. Love those Dies , glad youve found some of the tiny pieces :-)

  6. Oh Grammy, I promise I dont have the missing die, but I'd like it! It will turn you already know, just when you're looking for something else! I shall look forward to seeing what you use the scissors die for, I really like it, but am at a loss...! Iknow what you mean about the days...I do loads, but don't have much to show for it. Sigh. But hey, it's ok. There's tomorrow to whip up a masterpiece!

  7. I just know you're gonna find the missing die! Hopefully by the time you get this!

  8. BLUSH awww you are too sweet to give me my 5 mins of fame on your blog LOL. Hope you found everything you lost and find mine as well, I hear you, I usually find things I was looking for earlier but not what I am currently looking for-very frustrating, even my mind gets lots sometimes

  9. I lost an earring in the car today. Could I find it? Now tell me how an earring can escape from a car????


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