Friday, April 20, 2012

Chocolate Anyone?

Today I'm being creative, but not in a paper way....there is a paper napkin, does that count?  I guess I could also say, I'm using snippets....Di, really pieces and parts....So, here's what the dessert is, and it's single serving, so all of us weight conscious folk can have this.  If you're a Weight Watcher member you'll know what this means.  It's a total of 3 Points Plus...Oh, Yum! 

Yesterday at our Weight Watcher Meeting, Kim talked about a 3-2-1 cake.  None of us knew what it was, but the key word cake got us all excited.  And then when she gave us the points value, we were hooked. 

Several of us went home and made one.  This is what I made.  It's chocolate, it's raspberry, it's whipped cream and it's drizzled in chocolate.  Who ever could ask for anything more.  Want to know more?  Here's what I did: 

The first two ingredients won't make sense until you read the entire recipe.  Start with:

1 box Angel Food Cake Mix - any brand will do.
1 box Any Flavor Cake Mix - I used Chocolate

Mix these two ingredients together in a large bowl.  Now...pour all of it into a sealable container.  and store.  I don't think it matters if it's stored in the cupboard or the refrigerator.  My son will laugh, he says I put everything in the refrigerator. it comes 3-2-1

In a small bowl, put 3 TBL of the cake mix.  To it add 2 TBL water.  Stir until very well combined.  I then pour the mix into a 8 oz coffee cup that has been sprayed with PAM. 

Ready for #1.... put it in the microwave on high for 1 minute. 

I layered raspberries that were crushed on top of the cake, put a dollop of Fat Free Whipped Cream and drizzled a tiny bit of chocolate sauce over the cake.  I garnished with whole raspberries. 

Can you say HEAVEN! 

Here's some ideas..... Lynda made her cake using only the angel food mix.  Patti made her's with angel food and a box of strawberry cake mix.  Anyone up to THANK YOU to Kim for sharing her 3-2-1 cake!

If you want more ideas for healthy meals and inspiration, check out my buddy Lynda's blog page.  She's a Weight Watcher buddy who's lost 70 pounds....I'm so proud of her!  You can find Lynda here

That's it from me today.  Enjoy your weekend.  I think my next post just might be from Chicago!

Hugs to everyone!
Mary AKA: GlitterGrammy


  1. Wow! That sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. Any idea how many servings you store in the resealable container?

    1. Rana. I'm not sure how many servings there are, but there are many...very many. It's the equivelant of 2 full cakes. Plenty to share. I'm thinking this would make a great Christmas gift. Cake in a jar....

  2. this sounds yummy, will try it. I must start following Lynda, I need to lose some weight too

  3. Mary, That looks amazing. Such a beautiful picture. I copied and pasted it to my blog. I am also going to send it out in email. Have a great time in Chicago. I will miss you.

    Hugs to you and yours

  4. Mary that looks really yummy, I love fresh raspberries and chocolate :)

    Have a great weekend, Luv Karen xx

  5. Oh Mary, that looks amazing and sounds super scrummy.

    Love Jules xx


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