Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

My buddy Karen sent this photo of her puppy Molly.  Look how excited she is to be a bunny!  Molly is the sweetest little girl.  She is the official greeter at Karen's Shop and my local playground... you girls who follow Di will know what I mean by that.  So, how about hopping on over across the pond and check out this fun and very creative blog page..... Hop, Hop, Hop! 

My snippet card for today is called the never ending card....and trust me, it does go on for a bit, but it's a really fun card to make.  I saw it posted on a blog...wish I could remember which one.... an issue for those of us who have fallen off the swing one to many times!  If anyone is interested, I can write up the directions.  It's a hard to give photo  justice to this inter-active card, I find it really fascinating.... I am however easily's a great way to use snippets and as you know...I have many.  Di, email me I have a wonderful idea for the playground girls and let's just say....FIELD TRIP!

Now on to the snippet card.  The base wasn't a snippet, it is a 4 x 10 inch piece of white card stock. 
This is what the front of the card looks like.....
and then, you fold the gate fold open....and this is what you see....

next open the center folding the top up and the bottom down
And finally fold the center panel to the back and this is what you see.....

This card was fun...a challenge but fun.   Look at all the bits and pieces you can use up....

Well friends....  Happy Easter! 


  1. Hi Mary~! What a fun posting - love the cute puppy and also your sign off - grin!

    The never ending card is brilliant - I made one for my friends birthday last year, posted it on my blog but possibly before you were following. she's a crafter and it drove her nuts trying to work it out :)

    A super way to use up snippets indeed!

    Enjoy the rest of Easter, email on the way too!


    1. If you see someone skipping through past's just I go to look for your card.

  2. Oh Mary when you say it's a challenge I know what you mean. I've made two of these never ending cards in the past, I always end up trimming and trimming before I can get it to flow smoothly. I just love your colors, papers and embellishments. Brilliant card!

  3. Those cards are so much fun to make! Hope you had a great Easter!

  4. This is so unfair. Give us the details do or it will be a never ending saga! Did someone say Field Trip? I'm all ears. Hugs Mrs A.

    1. Mrs. A....if you were going on a field trip...where would you want to go? Would you want it virtual, or in real time? If virtual....I could invite you all to my neighborhood to play....If in real time....I could invite you all to my neighborhood to play....Everyone is welcome in my long as there is no running with scissors and all pogo sticks need to be stored in the garage.


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