Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Having a great time....

Congrats to the bride and groom.  The event was a long way off and then....all of a sudden it was "The Day"  Congrats to Amy and Linn.  The day was perfect.  Rain was a threat, but that morning Bridget, our 6 year old prayed to God and the Angels and guess what....No Rain!  Thanks to everyone who snapped the photos of the day....the professional photos will arrive shortly.....I can't wait. 
My babies.....(L to R)  Dan, Me, Aaron, Amy and Damon. 
My Grandsons
My Granddaughter
See, We're all crafting. Bridget was making paper puppies, Dee Dee and I were folding and tying bows.  Busy, Busy........
Amy covered these letters with bits of map pages.  Their theme was travel and the letters were perfect.  I'll show more later. 
My buddy Dee Dee and Me, along with Amy's buddy and maid of honor, Melina.  Dee Dee and I have been friends since pre-school (our kids were in pre-school together). 

Sunday, we gave the bride and groom a break....we went to the Sears Tower, also known as Willis Tower.  So, here we are....103 stories up, standing in a glass structure that hangs out over the edge of the building.  You can see forever both up, down and out.....While in the tower, my daughter text messaged me telling me a big storm was coming our way.  We looked and saw it heading our way, but thought how fun it would be to see the storm coming in......
And then a message came over the loud speaker.  "Shelter In Place"..... since this is tornado and high wind land....and as the building began to sway..... We wondered if our visit to the Sears Tower was such a good idea. 
This is what we saw as we waited for the storm to pass.  Finally, we were able to get into a service elevator and head for the ground floor.....We certainly got our monies worth on this trip to the Sears Tower....

I'll post more later.  The RV park we are staying in has very slow WIFI....and it's taking forever to load photos and upload.......I'm spoiled at home.....

Have a great 4th of July....I hope to post more later. 

Hugs to all,
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Beautiful photos Mary. So pleased the day was lovely.

  2. WOW . . . Mary . . . TERRIFIC photos of your eventful trip. The Sears Tower storm looks pretty frightening . . . especially when the tower started swaying!

    Sarn xxx

  3. OMG....I would have been terrified!!!! The pic's are stunning & what you witnessed was amazing but.....I would have been in a gibbering mess if had been there.....your very brave :) and I bet it was quite a rush! Happy 4th July!

  4. Wow Chicago is pretty, so glad to see you having a great time


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