Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WOYWW - 163 and My Sydney

Hello from home....This will be a short post, I'm up to my ears in nursing my little Sydney and between trying to get her to eat, vet visits and potty breaks...I'm trying to get my August class together.  So....here it is, my desk.  I've completed the kits for one of the cards, and hope to get the second card done tomorrow.  Here it is: 
I'll post the photos of the cards later this week.  A reminder, the class day has changed to Wednesday.  This works better for both Karen and I.  I hope it works well for those taking class.  There will be a little something special for those who attend the class.  Call Karen to reserve.  Be sure to visit her blog too.  Lots of cool stuff there.  Check out all the desks over at Stamping Ground.  I'm sure there is a lot of activity going on there. 

I'm also working on a card for my new son-in-law and I purchased the directions for a soft spine album from Paper Phenomenon (box on the chair holds the goodies I'm collecting for this project)..  Google the site if you want to see more.  Sadly, I don't have her contact info right now, but I promise to share soon.  Her albums are amazing. 

Now on to what's going on with my little one....I came home to my husband telling me that I have a very sick little girl.  For those who don't know Sydney, she's my crafting buddy, ball chasing, Doxie.  To make a very long story short, Sydney had an accident at the groomers, from that she possibly had an allergic reaction to the meds the Vet gave her, and now she is fighting acute kidney failure.  What is most frustrating is we aren't sure what caused this and we aren't sure if it will be a one time incident or if it will reoccur.  She is such an angel and is quite the little fighter.  Today was a good day, and if we can get through the night with her able to keep her food and meds down, I think we just might have a good day tomorrow.  It's been one step forward and one back all week...we need a big jump forward.  Here's a photo of her during a much better time.
Doesn't she have the most sweet little face! 
I want to thank everyone who followed me during my visit to the mid-west.  Thanks too for all the great comments and the wonderful emails.  It's great to wake up and know that somewhere out there in the big world someone is enjoying what I'm doing.  I also love trotting around the world and visiting with each of you.  It was also wonderful to come home and open gifts from Dolores, Brenda and Di....Wonderful ATC cards and ohhhh those hearts, I can't wait to make something with them... but I'll probably more than likely be hoarding them for awhile. I will show a photo next time and also link to your blog. 

A note about why I love summer and especially summer in California....Here's why:  Here's my summer breakfast:
For the Weight Watcher gals, it's ONE point plus.....That's 1/2 cup Fage Greek Yogurt, with a bit of Truvia to sweeten it.  Yummy!  It's time I get my act back together and this is a good way to start!

Off I go, Sydney needs her night time meds and then it's off to bed for this ole gal.  Let's hope we get through tonight without any medical issues. 

Have a most wonderful week.  I'll see you next week and maybe I've have a finished project to share.
Hugs to all,
Mary AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Hi Mary. Wow, a really busy return home for you - Sydney looks adorable and I so hope she improves rapidly. Sending love and hugs, Di xx

  2. Sorry to hear your dear Sydney isnt well, praying she gets better. I am trying to lose some weight too but not suceeding, will have to follow your diet vicariously lol
    Bridget #5

  3. Mom, I'm glad Sissy is on the mend. Getting her routine back in order will help with her recovery. Maybe she just missed crafting. Our *love* to you all. Amy & Linn

  4. OOOH nice looking brekkie there Mary.

    Poor old Sydney. Get well soon sweetie xxx


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