Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day Two

I couldn't sleep last night....all the excitement from Day One kept me awake...that and the delicious we came in to more treats and new product and the new lace...Brenda you would go crazy. So here are the early morning photos..

I haven't figured this app out yet, so I can't write under the photos. I'll fill you in later...Di, I'm the one wearing the coral stripe blouse... Notice my two pups, they aren't happy I'm going. But I am!

UPDATE:  I'm adding the captions to the photos.....

Baxter and Sis looked so sad when I was walking out the door.  But they were soooo happy when I came home.  It's wonderful to be greated by such sweethearts. 

This is what greeted me on Saturday morning.  I totally forgot to take a photo of Friday's goodies.  I will show you one of the completed projects tomorrow.....Do you see the box standing behind all the goodies for the shaped album?  That's an old time clock case that will end up being a mini album page.  Farther down the page you'll see what Rachiel did with hers. 

While we were sleeping, Karen put this entire display together with ALL new items.  Thankfully I got their early or I'd not have gotten this photo....Trust me y the end of the day, most of the items found their way into our shopping bags. 

Karen is on the left and Leesa my craft buddy on the rright. 

Ya, that's me.....and Leesa is playing Vanna, pointing to what one lucky person has a chance to win in the drawing. 
Here's the clock I told you about.  Rachiel colored it with alcohol inks, the original color is silver.  I'll try to get a better photo today. 

A few of the shoppers. 

A few of the worker bees....humming away as they create

I'm making a mini album that Karen had on the make-it and take-it table.  I show you it tomorrow. 
Off I go, to get ready for another fun day....
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Thanks for sharing your fabulous time.
    You look very happy to be there. Lots of goodies to see, and plenty of inspiration.

  2. Hi Mary

    What a lovely smile! That just made my day - and Spike the hedgehog just came out to play for the first time we've seen him this year too. I was in the garden and just had that feeling I wasn't alone in the dark - came in, the outside lights came on and there he was - pinching food from the bird ground feeder tray, cheeky boy :)

    Wahoo, Spring could finally be on the way here :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


    Di xx

  3. Oh you look so happy Mary. Enjoy your scrapping weekend.

    Sarn xxx


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